Omron R3 Wrist Blood pressure monitor only £11.25 @ Tesco instore

Omron R3 Wrist Blood pressure monitor only £11.25 @ Tesco instore

Found 9th Jan 2014
Spotted tonight at Tesco in Cardiff.

RRP £45
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are these any good

are these any good

Omron are generally very good BP monitors and most models are certified by the British heart foundation. Might be worth doing a search for product reviews on Google.
I've got a cuff (wrist), one, doc told me to get a 'proper' one with an arm sleeve as the cuff type cannot be relied upon for accuracy. The couple of times I compared the two, the results weren't miles apart. I still have the cuff one somewhere but only use the 'proper' one now.
I have the kinetik 1 that I got from co op pharmacy for under £10 and they are excellent not sure about the wrist ones though. Definitely worth investing in
Which Tesco store was it?
I am a hospital doctor. IMHO, get an upper arm BP monitor, far more accurate than the wrist ones. Omron basic one at Amazon is £18 at this moment, though I have seen that cheaper. Well worth the difference.
I have both an upper arm monitor and another Omron wrist type one (the R9???) that Boots were selling quite cheap a few years ago. The write one consistently reads a lower pair of figures that the upper arm one when following the full instructions - I even took one back to make sure it was not poorly calibrated.

That said however, they are "in sync" whenever I have bothered to check so the wrist one is consistent if not accurate and I use it to track the differences in my blood pressure over time. Plus my model comes with a USB interface (extra ££ for the custom cable) that I can export CSV data from and pull it into the Withings portal to align with my Wifi scales - sad huh?

So - summary - get one to track changes but perhaps don't expect it to match your doctors measurements.…rs/

Wrist devices are subject to errors that are not presently evaluated in the available validation protocols. The most important source of error with wrist devices is the position of the arm in relation to the heart. A wrist device may fulfil the accuracy criteria of a validation protocol when strict attention is paid to having the wrist at heart level but in home use this may not happen and as a consequence the measurement can become inaccurate. For this reason validated upper arm devices are recommended in preference to wrist devices.
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