On a tight budget for valentines? A more thoughtful gift (maybe) and its free! Book of Love Coupons...x

On a tight budget for valentines? A more thoughtful gift (maybe) and its free! Book of Love Coupons...x

Found 5th Feb 2012
I was browsing the web trying to find the perfect gift for my hubby for valentines, as not only is it valentines day but it is also our wedding anniversary too! I stumbled across a freebie! Basically it is someone who has created their own 'Valentines Coupons' that you can print off. Their are some which already have different things written on such as '1/2 hour massage' 'Breakfast in Bed' or the lady has uploaded some blank ones, so you can write whatever you wish on them. I personally think this is a great idea! You could each have a set of coupons and redeem throughout the day! You can either be romantic, or spice things up a little....but either way its all free....love really dont cost a thing! :o)


great idea heat

Aw thats so cute! Will be printing this off asap. Thank you. Great find

Wow really impressed with the coupons and you have some really good ideas.


Hot! This will go down brilliantly with my Asda Smart price Valentines day card for only 7p

What a lovely idea! Very sweet! Will give it a go and have some heat for sharing this with us!

Nice idea

lovely idea thanx


One year I gave my Dad a Father's Day cheque book (along with a proper present). He loved it (as did my Mom, who borrowed a few cheques). They had great fun filling them in with things for me to do lol

Good idea thanks very much

will go well together with tesco value print yourself card http://****

Just what I was looking for! Big thanks!

Just printed mine off. Thanx.

you can't buy love, but you can rent it for a while :-D

who said romance was dead!


who said romance was dead!


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sites selling the same for 8 quid plus … sites selling the same for 8 quid plus delivery...!!http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/thespottedsparrow/product/love-voucher-book

Ooo nice spot! and these coupons are free...bonus

Superb! Great find thank you. All 8 of mine say "Watch Match of the Day" :o))

printed, brilliant idea!

If you want to make it more personal, you can make it yourself. Doesn't take much time at all.
I had make these when I was very young at school every year for mothers and fathers day. Each coupon would represent a chore that I need to do around the house.

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Great idea!


I'm now getting an "unspecified security risk" though when i try and open my documents

will give it a try
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