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On-One Enduro Helmet Bundle £30
Found 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017

Admit it you have a fetish for that cap which looks good on or off the bike


Ah makes a change, this ones a fiver cheaper than if bought individually. Had found with Planet X, that bundles were cheaper if you took the extra couple of minutes to add the items to the basket separately.


Just going to have a look and confirm that they aren't cheaper if added individually.

On One enduro and Xc Mtb helmets £20 + £3.95 postage  @ On One
Found 11th Oct 2016Found 11th Oct 2016
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yes agree, it looks like a good deal but the company (on-one & planet x) have really poor customer service and as i said before they make you pay to return anyting. spend a but more and buy from a better company.


That's illegal and you could have used card chargeback to get a refund.


Seems you get what you pay for. Generic product of Lidl/Aldi cycling brands quality. Good for the price.


Terrible company to deal with. Ordered one of these on preorder for July.. took until September to deliver. Customer services didn't seem interested and kept giving me the ' it'll be with you within 2 weeks' excuse. Helmet is really uncomfortable. So be prepared to add extra padding. And even then it's not that great. Next time I'll try at a local store before I buy a new lid.


​yes. on one and planet x have a strange returns policy were you have to pay to return the item. I was bitten by this last year and it was their fault as they sent the wrong item but I still had to pay to return it and be out of pocket. never again.


​ to Darren the chap who messaged me, I can't rely because your pm is disabled!


Final closeout sale (until the next one...). Their prices, discounts and vouchers are up and down like a yo-yo with few actual reductions. Really cynical in their marketing and pricing in my opinion. For example, some of the tyres in their final closeout - have previously been as low as £4.99 - but are now rather more. Add in the postage charge (previously free) and poor customer service and there are few actual bargains despite the "we're your best mates" messaging.


Probably a bit harsh to say avoid, just don't blindly go filling your basket on the premise that its a "sale". If you like, treat it the same as Halfords, their bikes are rarely really on "sale" as they inflate their RRP, but every so often, you can stumble on a proper deal like the Vengeance that was on offer the other month for less than £200 due to a pricing error ;)


PX sales are a joke. Used to order from them all the time 4-5 years ago. Went downhill in my opinion. Usually find better value ordering from Wiggle/CRC/Tredz/Westbrook or Rutland with vouchers and/or Quidco.


Yeh, It's £5 per lens.


Aye Tacx are a reputable brand, even their basic turbo is likely to last (the £75 one...not the posted one!). I've got a spinning bike just now, it's a little noisy but saves faffing about with wheels. Still, this takes up a lot less space!


Cant go wrong with Tacx. I was tempted the other day to get the Tacx T2000 i-Genius, It was on Amazon Warehouse for £200. I used to have an i-flow.


I live in Scotland, its been sunny for a while now, that must be summer over, surely?!


winter is coming???? let us enjoy the long-time-hidden-away sun for a while please


most seem to be dearer, tbh if I was buying one I'd spend a little more on this http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/tacx-blue-twist-t2675-turbo-trainer/rp-prod138153 but for the price of a meal out, you could probably do worse than the posted trainer


Yes the White XC is still available: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/HEOOXC/on-one-xc-mtb-helmet


....sorry, I should say the black enduro one is, the orange/white XC one is currently still in stock


OoS now BTW, in both sizes. D


Yup, nice one OP. Ordered one for me and a mate in anticipation of a trip to the Alps.


Ordered. Thanks OP!

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Jobsworth 18pc Bike Toolkit £19.99 @ on one bicycles
Found 19th Jun 2015Found 19th Jun 2015
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Yep got this for my son and it better than a set I had fro. Edinburgh bike atvtwice the price.


I have this (branded as something else). I have changed the entire drive section of my groupset with it and not had any issues (cassette, bottom bracket, crankset, dérailleurs)...


This is part of PlanetX but its blocked and this is ok weird. Oh looks good and invaluable .


Jobsworth is their own brand and as alluded to above they are generic tools offered by all sorts of people with different logos on. That isn't to say they are bad tools however. I've got a few Jobsworth branded items and they've all been perfectly good enough. Worth looking at their slightly more expensive ones if you do a lot of bike maintenance as they have grippier comfier handles, etc.


Can't vouch for quality but this company is usually OK. Probably worth a punt if you need the tools.

Agu Rhy ll MTB Shoes £18.94 delivered at OnOne
Found 10th Jun 2015Found 10th Jun 2015

The dearer shoe is a bit nicer... http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/SHAGTQMTB/agu-torquay-mtb-shoe?utm_source=The+Planet+X+and+On-One+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=0d6baa3dd1-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_561486488b-0d6baa3dd1-273029165&mc_cid=0d6baa3dd1&mc_eid=a68bc09cda


Hey thanks for getting back , this ratio wouldn't have been for me despite the good price on the triple setup I'm not usually fussed about the middle and granny rings but as I like to ride my MTB like a boss :) I always have a 48T on the big ring( the extra 4 teeth compared to the 44T makes for all the speed). I could go 50T but then the ratio's get awkward for the derailleur not to mention the cost of a 50T ring on it's own. Woollyhat shop in Biggin hill do rings and other bits quite cheap anyway thanks again


44 32 22 i believe , i have the exactly same set up on my Cannondale Badboy which has just worn out so perfect timing


Not as good on discount % or final price, however, I have personally had more luck with Shimano gear over the years; http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/shimano-deore-m590-9-speed-triple-chainset/rp-prod40496 Also, the following sentence isn't true; "Should fit most 9 speed bikes - It won't fit 7 or 8 speed bikes, as the chain rings will be too narrow for the chain." A 9 speed chain won't work on 7 or 8 speed setups...but a 7/8 speed chain will work on a 9 speed setup. I say this having upgraded my 24 speed Marin Muirwoods with that Deore 9 speed chainset. Chain pickup is v.smooth - certainly better than on my previous 8 speed (Truvativ) chainrings.


wow awesome price gutted I missed this voting hot anyway


Ahhh.. just wondering what were the triple chainring tooth ratios?


Received mine today, seems pretty good quality. I ordered a large in black when I'd normally go for a medium and it fits nicely. Pity there are no yellow left in stock, as I'd order another. Thanks OP!


They only had one medium left in black, which I purchased before posting the deal. Just had an e-mail to say they can't find it and can offer me either an account credit for next time or a refund. Gutted. :(


I'd be interested to see what people think too. I'm afraid that it seems that you can have any two from: 1) Waterproof 2) Breathable 3) Cheap Yet to find something that ticks all three, I'm afraid :-(


[img]Red Level Arm Warmers[/img]Red Level Arm Warmers pretty good price too


Good deal, alright calm down calm down

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evo Folding Tyre 26' - £14.99 - OnOne
Found 4th Apr 2015Found 4th Apr 2015
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Ordered some spiked winter ones while they are cheap.


Good spot and a great tyre. Personally I'm going to buy the following: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/TYSCRALFEVO/schwalbe-racing-ralph-evo-folding-tyre Loads of other in sale - have fun!


Yes, they are. I often use On One \ Planet X and have done for years and have never had a problem.


Top tyres these


I'll bet they're not 14.99...not looked and shoot me down in flames but on one are terrible for advertising prices t at don't exist

Agu Torquay MTB SPD shoes £24.99 @ on-one.co.uk
Found 7th Mar 2015Found 7th Mar 2015
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Just as an update. Got the delivered rain week. Very good quality for that price. Size wise I normally wear 44/45, ordered 45 and they fit well, no issues there. Recommended


Ordered pair of these this weekend. No idea how they are size-wise but will give it a try. For this price you cannot get anything close to these, at least of the paper. The cheapest I could find were 75 Euro so 25 quid seems like a bargain


Great price. Good find


If they inner part of the pedal has a spring mechanism then they are probably single sided SPD pedals pedals, can't remember the Shimano model. If you got shoes like these you would need to purchase Shimano cleats but they would work fine.


Cheers for the reply there not for reflectors, I find myself turning the pedal with my foot to the preferred flatter side. There half decent pedals think there shimano's it's a gt aggressor xc1, avid juicy 3 etc I will probably swap them for some better pedals ie the shimano ones with the clips already

Agu Rhy ll MTB Shoe £19.99 @ OnOne
Found 7th Mar 2015Found 7th Mar 2015

Better to add £5 and take AGU Torquay from the same store


Comment hahaha you know what I mean...


SPD should be ok with any spd pedals.


Might treat myself to some, someone else posted some similar ones just need to work out which ones and see if compatible with my pedals


But a pretty price(_;)




Saw these a few weeks ago. Never ridden less than 23c, current trend is 25c on road bikes, but happy with 23c myself. I ride 30c on my CX for commuting, just built a road bike for the Mrs (her first) and went for 28c for comfort and stability. Thing with these ones I would worry about the road buzz and bumps and they are perhaps the perfect size to fit in to some poorly aligned grid gaps :(


Thanks for your help!


Thanks op found some other tyres I needed from the site


As stated 20mm is a bit narrow for all but the smoothest roads. Additionally these must be several years old since Vittoria upgraded the canvas from 290 tpi to 320 tpi 7 or 8 years ago.


Erm... It is a track bike meaning it should have no gears, no free hub. It is essentially a fixie so brakes would basically be useless.


change the front fork, stick a brake on it & jobs a good un! #SexyBicycle


Erm, I'd say the iPhone 6. But the phone or PC you're currently using is probably more of a rip off than this bike.


That's happened to me a few times... I got no idea why!!!


sure i posted on here , its gone though :|




Jacket OOS but am gonna order some other Planet X stuff at those prices, IME their own brand stuff is actually really rather good (better than Wiggle's DHB, up there with the branded Italian stuff I own too much of as well).


I'd agree Mario stuff was a wee bit large. Quality is OK though.


Min order value for free delivery is £50 now, not £10.


It's OOS now except for XL size but heat OP for alerting me to the fact there are many great deals on the on-one website just now!

Up to 71% off Merino Wool clothing at On-One. Cardigan £19.99
Found 9th Oct 2014Found 9th Oct 2014
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Marino wool is murder. Please google it and try to use synthetic materials. Marino wool is not from Australia traditionally. It's just farmed in Australia because their animal rights are non existent and its a cruel trade. Please google it. Thanks


Socks are back on too at £5.99 for a pack of 3.


Are these 100% merino or a blend. If a blend what %


http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CLOOMCLST/on-one-merino-core-long-sleeve-t-shirt-160g#reviewstab "On-One Merino Core Long Sleeve T Shirt 160g" any one bought one of those?


Worst company I've ever bought anything from, bar none, when it comes to customer service. Never again.