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Shimano Deore M590 HT2 175mm crankset/chainset £49.99 @ on-one
Found 10th Jul 2011Found 10th Jul 2011
Shimano Deore M590 HT2 175mm crankset/chainset £49.99 @ on-one
only 4 (3 black 1 silver) left sorry should have posted before, still a chance for a few to grab one this is cheapest by about £8 (CRC is very expensive for this for some reason 7… Read more

sorry expire button doesnt' work for me any more.. congrats anyone who got one.. retail boxed too!


sorry, so why is this such a good deal? the Deore BB included is worth about £15 the chainrings are worth around £35 (2 steel and one alloy I THINK) so you're getting the cranks almost "free" the next cheapest HT2 crankset is £95 SLX Note Deore cranks despite name are not actually Hollow!

Half price Schwalbe MTB tyres (Nobbly Nics £19.99 57% off) @ On-One Bikes
Found 15th Jun 2011Found 15th Jun 2011
Half price Schwalbe MTB tyres (Nobbly Nics £19.99 57% off) @ On-One Bikes
Half price or more (i.e. less!) Got hot last year, looks like they have stock again at same prices Nics are £42 @ wiggle

I have the Nobbly Nics and they are pretty amazing tyres. Good review here: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/components/tyres/mountain/product/review-schwalbe-nobby-nic-30817/


the nobby nics are an excellent tyre for xc/all mountain. not sure about the inflated RRP though! but still a great price at £19.99


They've also got some puncture resistant road tyres from £9.99 with free delivery which looks a great deal.


so many bike web sites i havnt seen before coming up today


Not used Schwalbe tyres before. Can anyone give me a comparison to the Specialized Captain Controls ?

Avid ELiXIR 5 Disc Brake - £64.99 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Found 26th Apr 2011Found 26th Apr 2011
Avid ELiXIR 5 Disc Brake - £64.99 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Elixir 5 offers the same ride quality as higher-end Elixirs, in a simpler package. With features like our modulation-enhancing TaperBore Technology, powerful two-piece caliper desi… Read more
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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Folding Tyre - From £19.99 @ On-One Bicycles
Found 31st Mar 2011Found 31st Mar 2011
Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Folding Tyre - From £19.99 @ On-One Bicycles
This is a cracking tripple compound tyre Triple Nano Compound Colour: Black, Black/Silver, Black/White Weight: 520g (26x2.25) Its not a cheap tyre but if you read the reviews y… Read more

Thanks to the other deal on HUKD from vladimpala that lead me to the site, (if your wondering why the name appears at the bottom of the link forgot to finish it off)

Smart Lunar 35 Lux Front Light - £14.99 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Found 30th Mar 2011Found 30th Mar 2011
Smart Lunar 35 Lux Front Light - £14.99 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
67% off RRP £45 - selling for £32 on Amazon. * 35 Lux output from a single high-power Japanese LED * High, low and flashing modes * Up to 5,12 or 18 hours run time in … Read more
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Yeah LostBoy, I have the same problem with two identical lights from dx, annoying but other vice those lights are good, just need to check them every 5 min or so as they keep coming out of the blinking mode.


Hot deal, just ordered one, thanks OP. Also tried this Deal Extreme one, was blown away by the brightness and the strobe mode. Looked pretty good quality and came with a bike mount but looks like the vibrations have taken their toll on it as it now switches mode when cycling. Still a great torch though.


Agreed tried deal extreme quality was poor and run time was one ride, this is just what I needed


Furry muff. I always carry a spare battery, been caught by that one before, but only once.:p


Ordered mine Tuesday night, dispatched yesterday, arrived today. Lights from Deal Extreme may be brighter and cheaper, but I want a bike light not a torch. A 35 minute run is no good to me, and I like the flashing mode for around town. Also don't want to have to remember to recharge batteries every evening. I've tried that approach and there is always a time when you forget and your light dies (very quickly) when you are only half way home. Still, each to their own :)

RockShox Recon Silver TK Coil 100mm Fork With Lockout - £117.45 @ On-One Bicycles
Found 27th Mar 2011Found 27th Mar 2011
RockShox Recon Silver TK Coil 100mm Fork With Lockout - £117.45 @ On-One Bicycles
Unmatched in its class for stiffness, performance and value, the Recon Silver makes high-end features accessible to everyday riders. Incorporating external rebound adjustment and t… Read more
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I wouldn't have thought you would notice much difference between the Juicy's and SLX to be honest. I've had three different sets of Hydraulic Disc brakes, Giant MPH, Hayes Stroker's and Shimano Deore. They all seem much of a muchness to me.


Ok, thanks both of you. I will stick with my current fork and probably use this money to upgrade my Avid Juicy 3s to Shimano SLX brakes.


It would but it's not much of an upgrade. The Dart range is the bottom of the range so ignore that. This Recon is fairly basic with no motion control damping and it's also fairly heavy with a steel steerer. It won't be a noticeable improvement over the Tora so I would recommend holding off as you'll see higher spec forks at this price point over the year.


Its better. Dart is basic, then its tora, then its recon, then reba I think. Revelation might be in there somewhere too :) been a long while since I bothered staying up to date with these things,


Hey guys, I just posted in Rockshox Dart 3 thread to ask whether it would be an upgrade to my RockShox Tora SLite 100mm that came with my Specialized Rockhopper Comp 2009. I was told that it would be downgrade indeed and I should stick with what I have. Now, how about this one? Is this an upgrade compared to RockShox Tora SLite 100mm? Thanks

Bike Light Set - £15 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Found 13th Mar 2011Found 13th Mar 2011
Bike Light Set - £15 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Can't vouch for the front light, but have one of the back lights, and it is awesome! Absolute bargain! Go to deal button doesnt seem to work, link; http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/LIS… Read more

I've just received the 10 Lux set from Planet X at £9.99. Both front and rear lights are blinding. Great for the price, but still to test them out on the bike for functionality and usability.


Sorry teerex, didnt notice your post from yesterday. Cheers for the heat guys, I never expect bike stuff to go hot on here, but glad a couple of you noticed the value in this. The 35 lux front interested me too, anyone got one? Is it bright enough to light an unlit road? Cheers


Or get the Smart Luna 10 from planet-x bikes @ £9.99 - search for post from yesterday.


great price


I have the back light and it really is AWESOME for the money! Some of my mates have paid 10 times as much and this is still brighter. HOT!

Smart Mini-LED Light Set @ On-One (3 Sets For £14.97 Delivered) Or £4.99 + £2.50 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
Found 10th Mar 2011Found 10th Mar 2011
Smart Mini-LED Light Set @ On-One (3 Sets For £14.97 Delivered) Or £4.99 + £2.50 Delivered @ On-One Bicycles
I know its getting light...... But cheap nice lights! 4.99 each but the site says 'free uk delivery' but you have to spend over 10 pounds. I suggest 3 sets of these lights! "The … Read more

Wait a sec "The perfect lights to be seen when riding, walking or climbing" Climbing??? I always find when I am traversing a serious rockface, visibility is vital!


not bad shame it doesn't take a AAA battery or you could use rechargeables




Lol i learned my lesson :)


Erk. Frankentitle alert!

On-One Short Sleeve Jersey £10 @ On-One Bicycles
Found 2nd Feb 2011Found 2nd Feb 2011
On-One Short Sleeve Jersey £10 @ On-One Bicycles
Seems like a great deal to me, lots of size available! Not sure how much postage is though. Enjoy! Link: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CLOOROSSJ/on-one-short-sleeve-jersey

Cheers, but only got following sizes in stock at 22.35pm on 2/2/11 Large X Large XX Large

On-One Singlespeed Converter Kit with 16t Sprocket / 16t £2.99 @ On-One Bicycles
Found 12th Jan 2011Found 12th Jan 2011
On-One Singlespeed Converter Kit with 16t Sprocket / 16t £2.99 @ On-One Bicycles
It is a bike nerd offer, but what a deal! I bought 3 to replace the gears on my commuting bikes, preventing the winter mud doing too much damage. Gears, who needs em! Were 19.99 pr… Read more

Just to note. I just had mine delivered and it includes 2 more thin 'Wear Spacers'. to ensure a snug fit. They normally cost 1 -2 quid on thier own and are super handy... This deals chilliness is a mystery to me! I paid 15 quid for some of these last month and I thought.. Bargain!


? My knees...


Indeed, but hey.. Awesome isn't easy 8)


Single speed indeed! What you need is a Rohloff. ;) Hot deal though. :)


heat added

Half price Schwalbe tyres @ On-One
Found 30th Dec 2010Found 30th Dec 2010
Half price Schwalbe tyres @ On-One
I know there are a few MAMILs on here (including myself), so here's a deal for y'all: Until January 1st we're offering a range of premium Schwalbe folding tyres at a massive 50% o… Read more
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yep shouldn't be expired. tyres seem to be late in. no snakeskin 2.25 nobby nic, waah. have to order two for £50 from merlin i think? slightly odd selection of sizes, watch that.


why expired, its still on until the 12th i think. Anyway bought a some rocket rons - excellent tyre.


Decent tires for a good price. Heat! :D With regard to getting on tough tires like Marathon Plus I've done lots at work on difficult rim combinations and have never used levers (just thumb power) or punctured the tube when fitting. It's best not to use tire levers as you can damage the tube\tire\rim. ...sorry if my post sounds like i'm being a smartarse or somthing but just trying to help :) Here's a few tips for getting tyres on: -Very small amount of air in tube so it just about holds it's shape -Start at the valve and work around to the opposite side -Most useful tip with really difficult ones is to make sure the tyre is sat in the middle of the rim profiles as it curves inwards and effectively gives a smaller circumference to get the tyre around. -As a last measure to prevent the tube from getting caught between the tire and rim when inflating I also pinch the tyre from both sides all the way round then roll the wheel\tyre on the ground whilst applying a small amount of force. Hopefully that helps at least one person :)


I cover about 5,000 miles per annum commuting. I have used Specialized Nimbus for years and recently on my second set of Hemispheres which suit me more as they are slightly wider. Bothe types last for ages with no punctures.


I have the Marathon plus ones on my MTB at the mo and they are excellent! I haven't had a puncture in ages whereas I used to get them every week before my oh fitted these on my bike. I have also done a mtb challenge with them on and they are excellent all rounders I would say. Thanks op, heat added.

 Pompino Road Sport Bike, £399 (from £599) @ On-One
Found 16th Dec 2010Found 16th Dec 2010
Pompino Road Sport Bike, £399 (from £599) @ On-One
None of this 21 gears and rear suspension on a £50 bike from Sports Direct rubbish. This is a very good FGSS for decent money. Normally £599, certainly comparable to Langsters, Ch… Read more

Deal link playing up http://on-one.co.uk/i/q/CBOOPMPRS/on-one-pompino-road-sport

On One Cycling Clothing, Shirts and Riding Tops
Found 3rd Oct 2010Found 3rd Oct 2010
On One Cycling Clothing, Shirts and Riding Tops
Lots of lovely cycling clothes, including some visually shocking Hawaiian shirts for only 4 pounds. So if you are brave or blind, its a bargain. Also Short sleeve Jerseys £10 Lon… Read more

Hahah that sizing page is awesome.... I hate it when smalls are American small, and fit me like a tent


it's yorkshire sizing ;) i dunno but i've ordered a small cream wool one, fingers crossed it fits .. can't see anything else i'd really wear, but they have great deals on some bike parts like bars and frames.


Looks like a a nice top but the size guide is a bit random, missing things like chest size etc! http://www.on-one.co.uk/help/merino-size-guide/ However, wIth only the underarm to underarm measurements on the website, it makes me think that the cut is a little on the odd side. XS S M L XL XXL Underarm to Underarm (cm) 41-44 44-47 47-49 49-52 52-54 54-56


these the wool tops you're talking about? http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CLOOMER/on-one-100-percent-merino-wool-ls-top i don't know, is 27.50 a good price for them? This is a good price for merino wool cycling jersey. Normally about £35 for a cheap one.


got some hawiian shirts for a stag do a couple of years ago 10 blokes walking round tenerife top nite

Fox Float 150 RL Suspension Forks / Black / 15mm QR £334.99 @ On-One Bicycles
Found 1st Aug 2010Found 1st Aug 2010
Fox Float 150 RL Suspension Forks / Black / 15mm QR £334.99 @ On-One Bicycles
* Weight: (9mm open drop-out) 3.39 lbs / 1.64 kg (1 1/8" steerer) * Travel: 6 inches (150 mm) * Adjustments: Lever actuated lockout Air spring pressure Re… Read more

If you vote cold, please post your reasons and where you can get the same product cheaper.

Fox 32 Float 140 RL Suspension Forks- White @ On One £349.99 delivered
Found 19th Jun 2010Found 19th Jun 2010
Fox 32 Float 140 RL Suspension Forks- White @ On One £349.99 delivered
With its improved, lighter weight chassis outside and race proven open bath damping system our 32 FLOAT 140 RL is the benchmark for light trail bike performance and reliability. Ov… Read more

Am considering some myself to replace my Rockshox Recon but mine are only 130mm travel and not sure what the extra 10mm will do to the geometry on my bike.


nice find

Kenda Nevegal Folding MTB Tyre 26x2.1in HALF PRICE £14.99 Delivered @ ONONE Bikes
Found 31st May 2010Found 31st May 2010
Kenda Nevegal Folding MTB Tyre 26x2.1in HALF PRICE £14.99 Delivered @ ONONE Bikes
Very well reviewed Bike Tyre. Half Price from On-One @ £14.99 delivered - Around £25 elsewhere. Kenda Nevegal Folding MTB Tyre/ 26x2.1in £14.99 50% off £29.99 free UK delivery … Read more

thanks for confirming i've ordered the right tyre :) you can never trust the pictures on websites either, since many use the same pic for all options. just a bit more about the rubber - i prefer NOT dtc for front tyres because there is less wear on the front and you need the centre line grip there. on the FRONT wheel this would be a safer choice: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=28191 (100% StickE) update: good service from on-one, delivered in 2 days, would use again. as described. not retail packaged. cheers OP. because i'm sad enough to weigh it i can tell you these 2.1 Nevegals weigh 640g, a whole 90 more than the 550g listed. ok looked this up - this is actually normal, it's on-one's dodgy website info again :/ bargain though for £15, maybe worth stocking up if you like the tyre. presumably at this price all this week.


Cheers for that! Mine arrived a couple of days ago & I can confirm that they are DTC. They have "Dual Tread Compound" plastered on the sidewall of the tyre (on the pic above its the writing third up from the bottom with yellow circles either side - youll have better eyes than me though if you can make it out on the pic). "Dual Tread Compound (DTC) is the ultimate compound to have in a tire. The center tread of the tire has Kenda's L3R Pro compound and the sides or cornering knobs have STICK-E compound. The benefits are numerous - Great center tread life, and great cornering control and grip". From here ]http://www.kendausa.com/bicycle/technology.html


that's £5 less than the last one (1.95 Lite) i bought from CRC, so good deal. shame no one has the Kenda SB8 for less than £25 ... these are DTC.. i think? this is important if you want to use it on the rear as a soft rubber all over will wear very fast. this site is never very clear though so i wouldn't be surprised to get something else.. these are good all round lightweight XC MTB tyres. NOT a great choice for those who ride mostly on road though, too knobby. the maxxis ignitor 2.35 for the same price is a good deal too, if that's what you need. actually better since its £10 less than anywhere else i can see. but here on-one fails to state the rubber type :/ i don't think there's a single product on on-one where i haven't had to phone them to ask what something is. http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/TYMAIG/maxxis-ignitor-folding-mtb-tyre-26x235 a pretty specialist tyre don't buy without checking reviews etc.


Not sure I'd recommend Halfords........ Ask around & see if theres a local "bike man" working out of a garage with a good reputation - they often only advertise by word of mouth. If keen to DIY & save cash (& learn about the bikes as you go) then this is a good instructional site ]http://www.parktool.com/repair/ May also be worth registering on one of the bike forums for some "expert" advice. Heres a starter for 10 ]http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/ I'm just a novice myself so wont give any specific advice - I dont want you & your wife's tragic demise in a freak bike accident on my conscience :thumbsup:


hmm k was hoping to pay a bit less than 100 quid or so :) (got the wifes to do as well!)

ON-ONE Ti 456 Titanium MTB frame  only bargain at £799.99 + £15 P+P
Found 20th Oct 2009Found 20th Oct 2009
ON-ONE Ti 456 Titanium MTB frame only bargain at £799.99 + £15 P+P
This won't be for everyone... I understand some people will think you should get a complete bike for this money. So only really for MTB fanatics! I bought one and was tempted to… Read more

I'm in search for an On One 456 Ti frame. any ideas where i might find one? Thanks!


I only just noticed your reply and you've probably got the bike by now. They will all be competent bikes at that sort of price and its easy to get hung up on which bike is better. Its really going to be a question of the shop letting you cycle around the block on all 3 to see what feels good to you. I'm sure theres not going to be a noticeable difference on the spec of any of them - whats more important is how the frame and riding position fits to your body dimensions. If they all feel the same then smaller things like how the grips and saddle feel can swing it towards one bike - but they can be swapped out later at some cost. On resale value (which wont affect you too much on ride to work) the Specialized will work out marginally better as they have a brand known to more people and have always put together a good package - just my personal opinion. Good luck - make sure you have bought all your Hi-vis and waterproof clothing, locks lights helmet etc in your voucher - you may as well while your getting the discount.


Apologies for hijacking the post in advance but you all seem to know your bikes well. Am looking at a hybrid commuter with the possibility to take it off road a little. Am stuck between the pinnacle mean streak 3.0 (on sale at 549), specialized sirrus elite at 650 (this years) and the Trek 7.6 FX at 699 - I will be buying the bike from Evans as part of the cycle to work scheme. Any advice? Thanks, J


I should introduce you to my husband!:-D


He said "This won't be for everyone... " I am hardtailer and I realised all full sussers coming back to hard tail world!!! It would be nice to have such frame but need to get all the high end bits not to ruin it with additional weight... have fun and donot fall of the north shore :)

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