On Target Infant Toilet Training Balls £3.50  fulfilled by amazon

On Target Infant Toilet Training Balls £3.50 fulfilled by amazon

Found 12th Jan 2012
Fun for all the family well those who stand to pee at least.
Helps to accelerate the Toilet/Potty Training Process
Makes using the toilet fun and interesting
Helps to get children out of nappies faster
Promotes greater hygiene standards in the bathroom, by giving children a point of focus
Works for girls and boys
Made with Hygienilac(R), a patented antibacterial ingredient
Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks
Floats on the surface of the water, inside the toilet bowl and doesn't sink
Can help to reduce nappy expenditure
Great for children of all ages, including Dad!
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Like one review comment "My son is scared of these!"

Another reviewer recommended ping pong balls as the training balls easily get flushed away. Not voted.
I had these from amazon last year for my toddler but they flushed quite soon after having them in made it to the outside grid there our dog chewed them up
think theu are back up in price now
What a waste of money!
I had these for my son a couple of years ago and they were useless, on the funny side though........
I had many a visitor who used my toilet, fish these out and wash them, thinking they were one of my sons toys!! lol
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