On the Beach (DVD) Nevil Shute  Australian Version £4.50 delivered @webuy.com

On the Beach (DVD) Nevil Shute Australian Version £4.50 delivered @webuy.com

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Found 27th Oct 2017Edited by:"jasee"
CEX seem to have about a dozen in stock at the moment.
What happens after a full scale nuclear war which pollutes the Northern Hemisphere and those in the South have only a short time before It pollutes the Southern Hemisphere.
Not very faithful to the book, this version is better (by far, I think) than the classic Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner version. Normally 'remakes' of films are not good. This isn't a remake, it is a totally retold version about three hours long! Originally a miniseries. Full of poignancy, and good music. Unbearable to watch at times. This will be a sad end to this world if it comes to this, but it seems we are heading there. Maybe it is always inevitable, why haven't we heard from any other intelligent species in the Universe?
Cheapest at CEX (with £1.50 postage) This seems to be the original Australian version, I will add information here when I get it. There seem to be two undated versions, one marked 2000 and one 2005, which seem to have additional features. I have also ordered the 2005 version (from Amazon). I will give more information when I get it.
I've now got all the versions: all three versions are the same, only the cover is different.
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