On The Waterfront: Bw/1954 £2.99 Delivered

On The Waterfront: Bw/1954 £2.99 Delivered

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Found 8th May 2007
Here's a film that's a real contender, Brando at his powerful best, a great supporting cast including Karl Malden and Rod Steiger and a director who had already given Brando one of his best roles in "Streetcar Named Desire", Elias Kazan. Brando plays Terry Malloy, an ex-boxer who makes a living working for boss Johnny Friendly on the gang-ridden waterfront. After Terry is forced to lure a fellow worker to his death he becomes grief stricken and sick of his life, he sets out to put everything right but finds himself the lone voice prepaired to stand up the gangs. If you've not seen this classic before than watch out for the scene of Brando and his brother Charley (Steiger) in the car, the " I coulda been a contender" speech is one of the greatest moments in cinema.
Special Features
Interview With Director Elia Kazan
Contender: Mastering The Method Featurette
Richard Schickel & Biographer Jeff Young Commentary
Video Photo Gallery
Fullscreen 1.33:1
Languages- English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Subtitles- English, French, German, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Hindi, Turkish, Danish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Spannish, Italian
Region 2/PAL/Black & White
Running Time 103 Minutes

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