ONdaily 700 Connected Watch reduced from £69.99 to £25.99 @ Decathlon

ONdaily 700 Connected Watch reduced from £69.99 to £25.99 @ Decathlon

Found 19th Jul 2016
A word from the Product Manager Using a smartphone when doing sports is not always easy:
- it is not always easy to access (in a pocket, armband, backpack, etc.)
- particularly during sports use (gloves, sweat, condensation, movements, application in standby mode, etc.)
- in addition to the high risk of damaging it (in the hand, in the rain, with the handlebar, etc.).

Thanks to the ONdaily 700 connected watch, you can now take full advantage of your sports activity while using a smartphone.
LIVE MIRROR (mirror function) Practice your sport more easily while viewing the sports information of your smartphone directly on your wrist!
- View and control your sports application (speed, distance, pace, etc.) in real-time using your watch
- Control the music on your smartphone directly (start, stop, next).
ACTIVITY TRACKER (measurement of your daily walking) Motivate yourself to move: your ONdaily 700 connected watch can be transformed into an activity monitor!
- Set yourself an objective
- Count the number of paces you do on a daily basis, as well as the distance covered and calories expended during your everyday walking,
- Monitor your weekly statistics (number of paces, distance covered and calories burnt) - Analyse your data directly on Decathlon Coach.
MULTI APP (multi-applications) Use your favourite sports application!

Your watch works with several applications* under Android or iOS: Decathlon Coach, Strava, Runkeeper, etc.

*The list of compatible applications depends on your operating system. For more information, go to: start.geonaute.com
Long-term battery life No need to recharge your watch every day, thanks to its battery life of 4 to 6 months.
You can even change the batteries yourself, without tools (CR2032 battery).

The watch this supplier with 2 CR2032 batteries, that is, 8 to 12 months of battery life.
Smartphone compatibility Connect your smartphone* to your watch using the Bluetooth Smart technology.
*List of compatible smartphones: start.geonaute.com
Decathlon Coach Thanks to the free and exclusive Decathlon Coach service:
- Personalise the information that you wish to see on your ONdaily 700 watch
- Select and follow your training plan put together by our Coaches
- Following your progress by analysing and comparing sessions
Seal Don't worry about running in the rain!

IPX7: splashproof watch.
Dimensions and weight It is suitable for everyday use, because it is ultra lightweight and as thin as a conventional watch.

Weight: 44 g / Thickness: 13 mm / Diameter: 46mm
Heart rate monitor In order to manage your effort levels more effectively, connect a bluetooth 4.0-enabled heart rate monitor belt to your smartphone: you can view the information of your heart rate monitor belt directly on your ONdaily 700 watch.
After-sales service Geonaute devices include a 2-year warranty.
If you have any questions, go to the Geonaute SUPPORT website support.geonaute.com . You will find tips to make effective use of your device: instructions, frequently asked questions from our users, and video tutorials. In order to provide the best support, the Geonaute assistance team is available 24/7 to answer any additional question you may have.
Spare parts Geonaute spare parts are available within 2 years of your product purchase from the Workshop in your nearest Decathlon store.
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Was tempted to buy this to connect to my strava.
Unfortunately for me it says it only works on the IOS version of strava
Try ringing up the store direct, I called Glasgow's store and the manager reserved and sold me the display model for £21.99. Haven't used the watch yet but looks a bargain. Cheers OP.
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