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Posted 27 May 2023

One by Wacom pen tablet with pressure-sensitive pen, compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook Small Black / Red - £29.87 @ Amazon

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The responsive, ergonomic, pressure-sensitive pen gives you a natural feeling when sketching, drawing or annotating . Resolution : 2540 lpi
Chromebook users can upgrade and accessorise their existing device with a One by Wacom tablet – a seamless plug and play connection, reintroducing handwriting for effective remote study
One by Wacom interactive remote learning is effective as being in the classroom to our new free three-month educational software trial of Collaboard, Explain Everything, Kami, Limnu and Pear Deck
The small One by Wacom tablet only takes up a tiny amount of your desk, but still gives you enough space to create. It also fits easily into your bag
Colour: Black, System requirements: PC: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, Mac: OS X 10.10 or later; ChromeOS, Standard USB-A port
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  1. anonyy1's avatar
    This any good
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    Obviously it's a lot cheaper than a drawing tablet / iPad but essentially you're drawing blind on these and that really doesn't help the drawing experience. It does tell you where you are when hovering over the tablet but that's never going to be as good as seeing your design and drawing on the same surface.

    We upgraded to Xiaomi Mi pad 5 and smart pen soon after buying this pad so essentially wasted £40 as it's sat in a cupboard since.

    Appreciate there's a hell of a price difference (£400 vs £30) but thought I'd share our experience.
  2. ShapedRogue's avatar
    Good for osu
  3. solid's avatar
    Any idea if this is compatible with iOS -- looking to connect with an iPad
    nadiala's avatar
    So, I tried an old Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 (I think?), connects to computer via micro usb cable.
    That’s a no go, the light didn’t even come on and obviously no drawing apps worked.

    I actually found some Wacom apps in the App Store. Inkspace and Bamboo Paper. None worked with graphic tablets we have.

    And then I tried connecting Wacom Intuos with Bluetooth, connected by cable - nothing. Not in both Wacom apps, not in Procreate.
    Connected Wacom Intuos to iPad by Bluetooth. It connected with no problems, but did NOT WORK. Not in any of the drawing apps I mentioned above.

    Also, there’s this - (see screenshots).



    So, whoever wanted to connect a drawing tablet to iPad - either chose from these ones showing as an options. Or (not an ipad solution), some of these graphic tablets can be connected to android phone or tablet. So, search which ones are able to do that and get a cheap android (good specs, but older, second hand/ refurbished) device just for drawing.
    But that second option sounds like too much faffing around and too many separate “if” purchased. It’s good when you already own one of the things needed, not when you need to buy both

    This Huion one according to replies on Amazon, can be connected to iPad Pro with iOS 13 (or later I presume), and is with much bigger surface/ drawing area (that also means that the tablet itself is much bigger, though).


    And Huion graphic tablets are also very good, my son was using his for years until he dropped the pen right on its tip and the pressure sensor broke. And pen replacement on this old Huion he had (I think it was H610, the very first one) now cost the same as you can buy the whole tablet with a pen. Nevertheless, he tried (without consulting me first) from 2 different sellers on eBay and luckily both cancelled and refunded as it was out of stock. So, he just upgraded the whole tablet.
    So, no this one and majority of other graphic tablets will not work with iPad, unless stated otherwise. Just search which tablets can connect to iPad. You can usually pick them up fairly cheap refurbished or used from eBay or Vinted. (edited)
  4. josephobrien2000's avatar
    Anyone know if the pen is compatible with intuos?
  5. gemz82's avatar
    Had a predecessor (Bamboo) and loved it, it's just no longer compatible. I got one of the display ones a couple of Christmases ago but I find the cabling situation is a right faff - and it needs plugging into mains. I'd sooner go for this in retrospect.
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