One Day Only! Half Price Steam Generator! @ Russell Hobbs - £49.99

One Day Only! Half Price Steam Generator! @ Russell Hobbs - £49.99

Found 29th May 2014
Seems a good deal for a Russell Hobbs Steam Generator, normally £99 now £49. ONly catch its only for today!
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Thank you x
only today is not really a catch lol

as lots of deals on here only last a few seconds haha

have some heat
Was at a lower price at BHS (£40), but none in stock now.…405
What's the warranty on this?
I had to chuck one of these out just after the warranty expired. The ceramic baseplate peranently charredand routinely stained clothes when some of the charred material transferred to the garment being ironed. Replaced with a Bosch 4 years ago and never looked back.
Shame, too late for mothers day, too early for Christmas and I have no idea when her birthday might be.oO
I've got a Bosch one of these Sainsburys were knocking them out at £50 a pop. Best type of iron there is by a long chalk (for home use obviously).
anyone know likely delivery charge to Northern Ireland?
Shows £99 on site. Is there a 24 hour code?
This overheats to quickly and end up soaking the clothes because it just leaks all the time would not recommend at all.
Bought this well over a year ago, changed the lime scale filter and have been cleaning the base plate every few months as per the instructions. Haven't had a single problem with it and it still irons perfectly. In my opinion, a great deal at this price.
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