One Direction Where We Are cinema tickets £10.40 @ Odeon Greenwich

One Direction Where We Are cinema tickets £10.40 @ Odeon Greenwich

Found 1st Aug 2014
At Greenwich Odeon Tickets for
One Direction Where We Are
1 adult + 3 children or
2 adults + 2 children
Normal prices
adult £15.10 child £12.60.
The website has mistakenly priced family price at Greenwich Odeon as £10.40 yet every other Odeon will costs a minimum of £48 for family ticket


Must be a glitch but I just got 4 family tickets for £2 so that's 4 adults and 12 children! I had to buy four tickets as that's the lowest it would allow but hey! They're all confirmed! I have the email receipt thanks x

I booked for the 15:30 showing x

Wow just wow...

I scored the £2 deal too!!

Loathsome. Another example of why British music is so utterly **** these days.

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I bought 1 family ticket for £10.40 that's for 2 adults and 2 kids so £2.60 each.
Blimey Dolly are you taking all the neighbours kids too lol

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I just clicked on, i bought a family of 4 premier seating tickets for £10.40
The standard seating is as you said costs just £2 for 4 tickets lol

Complete bargain. Makes me laugh, people only voting cold because they don't like 1D/Simon Cowell. A deal's a deal in my book. Brilliant find OP, I wish it was near me. Thanks for sharing xx

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Thanks for that Hocka, first time i tried to share something and i get cold voting makes me want to not bother in future xx

This does work for other cinemas as well. Have a play around with dates and time to get it cheaper. Managed to get tickets for the Metrocenter for £2 bargain. Cheers OP

The least I could buy was the four family tickets as it wouldn't let me buy any less! Looks like I'm going to be a very nice auntie and take my nieces, nephews and cousins xx

Do you think these tickets purchased at this price will be valid?

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Yes 100% they have done the same mistake at Cineworld Bexleyheath before the price paid is correct at time if purchase.
Maybe they dint like One Direction either lol

Ohhh wow! Then this was definitely an awesome deal! Xx

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Price has changed to £12.60 each now from £2.60 so family tickets costs £50.40 not £10.40 lol
If anyone picks your tickets up let me know you got them ok

Can you pick up from any Odeon or will it have to be the North Greenwich one? Xx

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No idea maybe any Odeon, i just got mine from the staff on desk as machine would not issue them and all ok with price £2.60 on each ticket lol
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