One Foot In The Grave DVD Complete 1-6 £13.99 @ The Hut

One Foot In The Grave DVD Complete 1-6 £13.99 @ The Hut

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After being replaced by a machine Victor Meldrew is made redundant and given an early retirement. Retirement should be a time for relaxation and leisure but not for Victor and his long suffering wife, Margaret, it isn’t! This collection is compact with every series of the fabulous sitcom and all of the hilarious specials! So sit back and laugh till you cry with this selection of mishaps and misfortunes. -M.F.

Series 1:

1. Alive and Buried
2 The Big Sleep
3 The Valley of Fear
4 I'll Retire to Bedlam
5 The Eternal Quadrangle
6 The Return of the Speckled Band

Series 2:

1. In Luton Airport, No-One Can Hear You Scream
2. We Have Put Her Living In The Tomb
3. Dramatic Fever
4. Who Will Buy?
5. Love And Death
6. Timeless Time

Series 3:

1. Monday Morning Will Be Fine
2. Dreamland
3. The Broken Reflection
4. The Beast In The Cage
5. Beware The Trickster On The Roof
6. The Worst Horror Of All

Series 4:

1. The Pit and the Pendulum
2. Descent into the Maelstorm
3. Hearts of Darkness
4. Warm Champagne
5. The Trial
6. The Seceret of Seven Sorcerers

Series 5:

1. The Man Who Blew Away
2. Only A Story
3. The Affair Of The Hollow Lady
4. Rearranging The Dust
5. Hole In The Sky
6. The Exterminating Angel
7. The Wisdom Of The Witch (Christmas Special episode)

Series 6:

1. The Executioner's Song
2. Tales Of Terror
3. Futility Of The Fly
4. Threatening Weather
5. The Dawn Of Man
6. Things Aren't Simple Anymore


good find op, heat added

Loved that programme!
Heat from me

Victor Meldrew should do a Bobby Ewing and re-apear in the shower, and his death was all a dream by Margaret.


lol I've been watching all of these on YouTube over the last couple of nights, really funny show X)

Oh come on...where's the - I don't believe it! Heat ♨️


Delivery guaranteed for Christmas 2015.

Great show and a good price-thanks.:)

Some really funny episodes, I remember the one with Ray Winstone living in their shed that mad me laugh.

A great and massively underrated classic sitcom at a bargain price. Because it was shown on prime time BBC1 rather than late night BBC2 it was perceived by many as a standard, catchphrase-based middle class sitcom but it has some really dark and morbid undertones. Just look at some of those episode titles!

Funny show

Probably my favorite sitcom of all time, on par with my other favorite, Father Ted. Both shows are so well written X)

Didn't realise there were so many episodes! Great show back in the day, heat

Loved watching this, dads army and yes minister as a kid. Best sitcoms ever made

£15.30 on amazon plus you can use it with prime

I don't believe you!


£15.30 on amazon plus you can use it with prime

Not sure how posting more expensive options helps oO

No "One Foot in the Algarve"? :-(

not a fan of it but heat added. good deal for fans

good price, but it's missing a few of the Christmas specials


No "One Foot in the Algarve"? :-(

It is in there - it's included on the series 4 DVD I believe.

The pop corn, cop porn episode makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Slightly confused here. The Hut's set says 11 discs whereas Amazon's set states 12 discs (?). Is this correct?...are there different versions out there with different episode listings?

i'm a man from the future i stream my tv shows but this is still a good price

Ordered mine on zavvi for £13.99 last week, expecting it today, glad my price wasnt beat (zavvi is £18.99 now).

super great loved worth buying

Favourite ever scene X)



Ordered mine on zavvi for £13.99 last week, expecting it today, glad my … Ordered mine on zavvi for £13.99 last week, expecting it today, glad my price wasnt beat (zavvi is £18.99 now).

You should have been here a year ago:…966


You should have been here a year ago: … You should have been here a year ago:

Still worth it at this price nearly 24 hours of comedy gold!
BTW NOTICE TO ALL WONDERING: It contains every christmas special (including one foot in the algarve) mine came today from zavvi, seems great so far!
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