One Foot In The Grave - The Complete [12 Disc Box Set] £29.99 WHSmith

One Foot In The Grave - The Complete [12 Disc Box Set] £29.99 WHSmith

Found 11th Feb 2008
Disc One - Series 1:Forced into taking early retirement, Victor Meldrew optimistically tries to adjust to years of leisure with his wife Margaret. If only events - coincidences, misunderstandings, bureaucratic inefficiencies and sheer bad luck - didn't conspire against him.- Alive and Buried.- The Big Sleep.- The Valley of Fear.- I'll Retire to Bedlam.- The Eternal Quadrangle.- The Return of the Speckled Band.Discs Two and Three - Series 2 and 1990 Christmas Special:Life continues to throw more slings and arrows at Victor as he and Margaret move to a new house. Next door, the cheerful but terminally boring Nick Swainey seems intent on disturbing Victor's peaceful retirement, while on the other side Patrick and Pippa's lives are made a misery from the moment they first meet the Meldrews.- In Luton Airport No-One Can Hear You Scream.- We Have Put Her Living In The Tomb.- Dramatic Fever.- Who Will Buy?- Love And Death.- Timeless Time.- Who's Listening (1990 Christmas Special).Discs Four and Five - Series 3 and 1991 Christmas Special:The third series saw Victor Meldrew and the regular victims of his chaotic retirement settled as an essential part of the nation's viewing. Around 16 million viewers would regularly witness the Meldrew principle in full flow: whatever can go wrong always does and usually it spells disaster for Victor.- Monday Morning Will Be Fine.- Dreamland.- The Broken Reflection.- The Beast In The Cage.- Beware The Trickster On The Roof.- The Worst Horror Of All.- The Man In The Long Black Coat (1991 Christmas Special).Discs Six and Seven - Series 4 and One Foot In The Algarve Special:Is it a personality defect, bad karma or sheer rotten luck that sets Victor Meldrew apart from the human race? Anything that can go wrong - and quite a things you wouldn't think possible - invariably befall our hero. Not that he accepts each setback phlegmatically...- The Pit And The Pendulum.- Descent Into The Maelstrom.- Hearts Of Darkness.- Warm Champagne.- The Trial.- Secret Of The Seven Sorcerers.- One Foot In The Algarve (A Classic Christmas Special).Discs Eight and Nine - Series 5 and 1995 Christmas Special:It's not as though retirement has given Victor Meldrew more leisure time. He just has one more opportunity to complain bitterly, to let inconsequential matters get to him, to drive his wife Margaret around the bend and to look up new illnesses in his medical dictionary.- The Man Who Blew Away.- Only A Story.- The Affair Of The Hollow Lady.- Rearranging The Dust.- Hole In The Sky.- The Exterminating Angel.- The Wisdom Of The Witch (1995 Christmas Special).Discs Ten and Eleven - Series Six:The grim reaper finally gets to Victor Meldrew. He may not arrive in the form of a strangely-shaped unordered parcel, as a workman with the intellect of an orang-utan, or even as Meldrew-fixated, ex-neighbor Patrick, but he better be prepared to listen - Victor might have a few complaints to make...- The Executioner's Song.- Tales of Terror.- The Futility Of The Fly.- Threatening Weather.- The Dawn Of Man.- Things Aren't Simple Anymore.Disc Twelve - The 1996 and 1997 Christmas Specials:In these two feature length episodes Victor reaches new heights of frustration, despair and exasperation - dragging Margaret and anyone else in the vicinity into the maelstrom with him. Featuring many viewers' favourite scenes - including the Meldrew 'Surgical Support Recycling Centre' and the indecent exposure identity parade - these are priceless episodes from a magnificent series.- Starbound.- Endgame.

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