One For All - Full HD Indoor Aerial - only £14.99 instore/online @ Sainsbury's

One For All - Full HD Indoor Aerial - only £14.99 instore/online @ Sainsbury's

Found 4th Sep 2014
Seem to be about £30 elsewhere.

Update - Available online:…744
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Picture of product?

Picture of product?

I submitted a photo of the aerial with the receipt. Not sure why it's vanished...
Just to be clear these do not work down in Portsmouth. Once you get out of this bowl shaped city up onto the hills they do work ok though.…744

is this it? available online too.
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freeloader2 is this it? available online too.

That's the one...
never seem to work tried a few indoor if you live next door to transmitter or on top of a hill.Next best solution get a full size outdoor arial and put it in the loft.
might give this a whirl with the free youview box we got a while back.
not great reviews

not great reviews

reviews seem 50/50. 6 out of 13 were good. this could potentially save. would save me 45 pounds as here would cost me 65 minimum to get an external one fitted. would have to sacrifice and only have one feed with this though.
I was nearly put off by the reviews... Working well for me.
In my experience these work pretty well and i get a good reception on most of the freeview channels. This is the cheapest i've seen them . Heat.
As it describes, crystal clear picture!
There's no such thing as a Full HD aerial. Its about signal strength and quality, not image resolution. Not doubting if product is good but misleading product description - jumping on unnecessary jargon bandwagon.
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there's some cheap add on items here…r=1

I ordered one with one of these…tml as still £3 cheaper than delivery as I pass sainsburys on my way to work.
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As some others have said, I have also tried several indoor aerials in different houses and all have been rubbish.
Bought this and managed to get 8 channels... so plugged my wire circle snapped off a seventies TV back in and got 28 channels, make your own mind up on this product.
Hope it works for some.
Newer model than the sainsburys one :P

Newer model than the sainsburys one :P

This is a Saintsbury one... Or is there another?
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