One for all Kameleon Remote Control 8 in 1 for £17.99 @ Play.Com

One for all Kameleon Remote Control 8 in 1 for £17.99 @ Play.Com

Found 30th Nov 2011
Futureproof! Fumbling around for the TV remote is one of modern life's greatest irritants. And, with the advent of so many other remote controlled devices - VCR, DVD, CD, Satellite - couch potato life gets harder all the time.
Thankfully, you can now put an end to multiple remote misery with the sleek and sophisticated Kameleon 8-in-1 and its little brother, the 5-in-1. These ingenious wafers of hi-tech jiggery pokery are universal remote control units that can operate up to eight - yes, eight - entertainment appliances at once. From your TV and VCR to your DVD, CD, Audio, satellite and cable, these gorgeously svelte, touch sensitive remotes do the lot.

Kameleon 5-in-1Ergonomically designed to fit snugly into all manner of mitts, the Kameleon impresses the very second you pick it up. Built-in motion sensors activate an ultra cool, electro-luminescent display panel that resembles something from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (Picard era; Kirk's toupee would quiver at the sight of this Primary Directive busting baby). In fact, even when you're not using it to operate things, the Kameleon doubles up as a pretty nifty pretend Tricorder (we really should get out more).

Best of all, an ingenious 'no clutter' key system means that only the keys of the active device are illuminated at any one time, so you won't see a profusion of confusing FFWD/RWD keys when you're operating your TV! To infuriate your friends further, certain keys even have animations. And just to hammer the final nail in the coffin of other remotes, the Kameleon is also future-proof. A built-in modem enables it to be updated with new device codes via phone or internet download.
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Looks decent if i didn't already have the logitech 650 i would buy one
slightly more expensive, but so much better logitech 600 And i'm sure that there are some codes that make it even cheaper
I've been a Kameleon user for years, but have now switched to a Harmony. This generation of Kameleons are EPICALLY bad! List of problems with this exact remote;

1) The oddest shaped remote you will ever have the displeasure of holding. The batteries have their own track, which makes a really large bulge down one side of the remote, so it's properly uncomfortable to hold.

2) The back is made of a thin metal, and it had really sharp edges. You may be thinking "well I don;t have kids, what do I care?" - Well I don't have kids either, but after you've been jabbed in the legs with it a couple of times, or drop it on your foot, you'll appreciate what I'm saying.

3) It buzzes at about the noise level of a jumbo jet taking off. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but here's a real world example - Anyone that has an original XBox 360 Phat from around 2007? You know how irritatingly noisy the fan is? This drowns it out with no problem. It's very much akin to having your mobile phone near a speaker when you get a text. Only louder, and constant while it's illuminated.

4) It EATS batteries. A brand new set of Duracel's will last a fortnight in it. But you're thinking you have rechargeable batteries, so you don't mind. Well, be prepared to charge them constantly, because if they're even a little bit worn, they won't last more than 10 days. Oh, and did I mention that to replace the batteries you have to unscrew a metal bung? Can you imagine how irritating that is every couple of weeks or so?

Okay, those are just the things that immediately spring to mind, I'm sure there's more.. Like I said, I'm not a Kameleon hater, I adore them! I've had the last 2 generations, loved them, and would never have jumped ship - It's why I bought this one! But this is a hoorible remote, and you should avoid it at all costs! If anyone still wants one, PayPal me a fiver for postage and you can have mine - Used for only a few weeks. Otherwise, it's going in the bin where it belongs!
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