One For All Kameleon URC 8305 5 In 1 Remote Control - PLAY @ £17.99
One For All Kameleon URC 8305 5 In 1 Remote Control - PLAY @ £17.99

One For All Kameleon URC 8305 5 In 1 Remote Control - PLAY @ £17.99

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on amazon at £49.99, maplin at £34.99! great buy!!!! i've had my one for a while and am very pleased. Not much else to say except a great deal!

a play.com description:
The high-quality brushed aluminium finish makes it robust, sleek and expensively elegant and there has never been a remote control so easy to program. Thanks to the Kameleon Touch Panel technology, only the keys you need to operate your chosen device are highlighted. With its comprehensive range of device codes, activation by touch alone and tactile buttons, the Kameleon is a joy to operate. Ergonomically designed to fit snugly into all manner of mitts, the Kameleon impresses the very second you pick it up.

Built-in motion sensors activate an ultra cool, electro-luminescent display panel that resembles something from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (Picard era; Kirk's toupee would quiver at the sight of this Primary Directive busting baby). In fact, even when you're not using it to operate things, the Kameleon doubles up as a pretty nifty pretend Tricorder (we really should get out more).

Best of all, an ingenious 'no clutter' key system means that only the keys of the active device are illuminated at any one time, so you won't see a profusion of confusing FFWD/RWD keys when you're operating your TV! To infuriate your friends further, certain keys even have animations. And just to hammer the final nail in the coffin of other remotes, the Kameleon is also future-proof. A built-in modem enables it to be updated with new device codes via phone or internet download.

These really are the ultimate in remote controls and no home entertainment anorak should be without one. Blipping marvellous


Sounds a great price for a Kameleon, but having had 3 one for alls including an earlier Kameleon and the 'clever' touch model before that too, I definitely recommend people checking if the Logitech Harmony remote models wouldn't be better suited to their needs. I know I and friends now wouldn't be without our Harmonies! Going to cost you twice as much for a Harmony 525 but for something almost anyone could use (once it's been set up/programmed correctly) that s/be a big saving on time and convenience. Consider them anyway!

I agree pay a little more and get a Harmony. you won't regret it.

I have one of these and do love it .. however they no longer do the internet downloads for updates and instead you need to ring them.
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