one-for-all remote £35 @ Currys

one-for-all remote £35 @ Currys

Found 30th Dec 2007
8 way 1-4-all in store at currys half price at £35

Got one of these today - amazing piece of kit.

Happy New year


I've been thinking about getting one of these. Certainly a good price, so why the cold votes?

Maybe because of past personal experiences with dealing with the seller ?

My worst Internet purchase ATTEMPT of all time was Currys and a remote control.

Took them THREE attempts over 2 months to deliver THREE wrong items - ie all NOT as published on their website and NOT as discussed on phone and NOT as agreed in writing with their complaints "system" - ie multiple assurance that they wouldn't make the same * up TWICE, let alone THREE times turned out to lies.

Never EVER EVER again going anywhere near those cowboys!

Anyone know what these are like compared to a Cambrdge Audio M1+ that you can get in Richer Sounds for 30 quid?

I had one of these remotes - it burnt out within a week, was a horrible smell coming from it and it stopped working. Just as well really, i didn't like it, the 'touch screen' thing was very annoying - in the dark of the tv room i prefer to tacticle feed a remote and know where the buttons were, this thing lights up but its difficult to just 'know' where the buttons were...personal preference i suppose.

I have one its a great piece of kit, only thing is it doesn't do everything so I still have all my other remotes as well as this one :?

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I have a cambridge Aduio amp working off this, it really is a great piece of kit - cant understand why you have voted it cold.

For £35 this is a real bargain, there even going for £60 on flea-bay.

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