One For All Remote Essence 4 £7.60 @ ASDA instore.

One For All Remote Essence 4 £7.60 @ ASDA instore.

Found 14th Jun 2017
Priced between £13-£20 depending on where you look. but ASDA in Pembroke Dock, currently have this at £7.60.

Its a good universal remote for 4 devices, TV, SAT, DVD & AMP but it can learn up to 100 commands too.

Ive found it godsend to replace a Humax 1100s remote and the ability to control AV Volume too..

Its no harmony but its not £50+ either and its very good for basic controls as well as some menu controls etc..

To give you an idea, I currently have it running with a Samsung KS7000, Humax 1100s & Yamaha AV Receiver, I had to teach it a few buttons but now it controls all that they do in a way I want..

note: cannot control XB1 as far as i have seen.. will keep researching this.

Anyway its not on any special sticker or clearance section, so I suspect its national.


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I got one of these for a friend and was surprised at how good it was, made me think twice about replacing my harmony 650 which eats batteries like they are going out of fashion
I have this remote. Brilliant little device, I control my TV, surround amp, and TiVo box with it. Have never used a harmony remote but don't really see the need for spending big money on a remote control when you can get one of these that does the job imho just as well.
Picked one up from Asda in Sandal/Durkar on Fri. Didn't show offer price on shelf but scanned at £7.60. Cheers OP!
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