ONE FOR ALL SV 1715 Wireless TV Sender Currys £34.99

ONE FOR ALL SV 1715 Wireless TV Sender Currys £34.99

Found 25th Dec 2014
Good price. I almost ordered on eBay at £10 more.

It's ultra high frequency too.


This is scary only I want something that's HDMI

Poor.... 2.4ghz interferes with wifi (or vice versa), can get a 5.8ghz kit for this money...

Bought one of these a while back and took it back the next day. Useless picture quality even over just 15m with just a plasterboard wall between the sender and receiver.

Who still uses these? I remember the days of crappy picture. One for all is rubbish from aerials to remotes etc. Never had any luck with there products.

They should be called one for NO ONE. Cheap crappy products, This might work if the sender and reciver are next to each other but then again so will a normal cable.

This is awful I got this last week instead of a magic eye an it was like having an aerial on top of tv from the 80's. Awful, could be a fiver if still say avoid!!
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