One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 Universal remote HALF PRICE £9.49 @ Sainsburys

One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 Universal remote HALF PRICE £9.49 @ Sainsburys

Found 2nd Jan 2015
I have a lovely little LG blu-ray player - it's great in every way EXCEPT the remote is horrible! Too small, creaks, rubbery buttons etc.

Spotted this seems to get decent reviews. I bought instore it's the same price online.

I've been through the universal remote loop before including touch screens, programmables, and code-input types. Returned to original remotes as these always seemed more trouble than they're worth, but I felt this is worth a punt it feels nice in the hand.

I like the idea of "wide angle" if that means it's less directional. Interested to see how it copes with my main amp as it's a primare brand which is not a common - and furthermore each command requires to two codes in sequence which has foxed other universal remotes.

I'll give a quick honest appraisal once I've tried it.

Product Dimensions: 31.7 x 15.5 x 3 cm ; 200 g
Boxed-product Weight: 240 g
Batteries 4 AAA batteries required.
Item model number: URC7140
Average Amazon Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars See all reviews (138 customer reviews)

Ultra wide angle: possible to operate all Essence universal remotes at just about any angle.
Operates up to 4 devices: TV (LCD, LED, Plasma or Projector), DVB-T/SAT/Cable, and DVD, BluRay, VCR or Media Player and Home entertainment system
Combi Control: Control your TV and set-top- box as if they were one.
Easy set up via Simple set
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Looks a good price as its £14.99 on amazon and even more at argos,i have a OneForAll not this one but something similar and its very good for the money.

The learning function i well worth having if you have some obscure equipment,basically it just means you can copy any buttons function from your original remote onto any button of your oneforall very easily.
I bought one of these from Sainsbury's last year (at this price) and am very pleased with it. The codes provided cover a wide range of brands but the learning function allowed me to change the volume controls on the pvr from the pvr volume to the TV volume. This means that I can operate the pvr but not have to switch to TV mode to alter the sound.

Some of the buttons lower down are a bit awkward to use but the feel of the buttons is positive and nice to use.

Voting hot.
Spent a couple of hours messing with it and gotta say I'm chuffed to bits.

With batteries in it's got a nice weight and balance. Feels decent quality the buttons are positive and the cheap looking silver buttons feel much nicer than they look! Much better than the horrible LG / Samsung remotes it's replacing.

It's fairly powerful I can operate components bouncing off opposing walls 10 foot away. That'll do me!!

I agree the lower down buttons are difficult to use as transport controls so I remapped the transport buttons around the circle. Learned some keys from amp and TV "on top" of the DVD so easy control of three components at once.

It took the volume from my amp but not the +/- channel - doesn't work quite right - as expected. That's more down to the amp to be fair but if you have one of those weird or rare components maybe that'll come up.

Couple of things ppl might like to know and nowhere on contents : FACTORY RESET is code 981. Soft reset 980.

The thing also has extra features that are not listed in the packaging either! So if you buy one go…tml and grab the PDF which shows how to set up macros and a couple of other things.

Pro Tip : DO use fresh batteries when in learning mode. I was tearing my hair out for two hours as the thing reported it was learning commands (blinking LED twice) but acting flaky. Popped some new batteries in and VOILA!!

It's a keeper for me - bargain IMO!!
bought the one for all URC7140 for an old Tevion TV, it's like 7 years old!
The code for this tv wasn't in there, none of the Tevion codes worked.
So I did the search, multiple times.
The remote still isn't linked to my tv.
So I tried to the learn the remote bit, and it's still not working.
So I tried the factory reset from a post above, and then the search, and then the learn.
And then the reset, and then the search, and then the reset, and then the search, and then the reset...

I just don't have anything positive to say about this product as of now.
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