One free copy of The Week (magazine)
One free copy of The Week (magazine)

One free copy of The Week (magazine)


I know: should have been in Freebies, but don't know how to move it over (webmaster?)

Found this voucher in an old-ish copy of one of the woman's magazines (think it was Grazia or Look) dated end of march of this year.

Just tried using the code and it's still valid.

They will also try to "sell" you 3 issues of the mag for a Pound, but you can always just say no (like I did)..

Don't know when this code runs out.

FEW OF US HAVE THE TIME to read one newspaper from cover to cover, let alone the hundreds of newspapers and magazines published in the UK and overseas every week. Britains daily and Sunday newspapers contain a staggering 5,800 pages. Almost ten million words. Each week.

So, keeping up to date with whats happening and understanding all the issues behind the headlines is difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately the answer is now at hand

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i cant find the link where i can order the one free copy, i jus get the page for the 6 'free' copies.can you post the link where i can put this code please
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