One FREE course worth £395, with a selection to chose from @ Shaw Academy CORRECT LINK IN COMMENTS

One FREE course worth £395, with a selection to chose from @ Shaw Academy CORRECT LINK IN COMMENTS

Found 23rd Sep 2016
There is quite a good selection of courses to chose from. Seems worth it if you have some free time. If you click on the individual courses it tells you the schedule and what each lesson will include. There has been deals posted similar to this but this is the current promotion they are running.

The deal is on for the next 23 hours.

Please use the correct link:…175
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Cheapest is £2. Good value, but not free.

Cheapest is £2. Good value, but not free.

The link has been changed it should be…UK& which has all the courses listed for free.
Hells teeth. This offer is as old as Methuselah!
Lots more free courses on the list compared to previous times it's been offered. Good spot
dont like these. used them once. the webinars are poor and badly produced via "live" video and wont stop harassing me to resign up
good deal for a basic entry level so heat added. only problem is they really do not teach much. the end game for them is if you buy the ongoing lifetime support for a so called knock price of $395. but worth a look for nowt
How to us this course for student card?

How to us this course for student card?

Not seeing any free courses on the links...

How to us this course for student card?

You can't

You can't

so you understood that?

so you understood that?

Im assuming he was asking how to get a NUS Student Card if he signed up for one of the Shaw Academy Courses.... Like the Storybooksforchildren (Digitalsealife) Courses....
Is this the one where nobody is quite sure whether their Diplomas are officially accredited?
I use to love Shaw academy, until they start charging 19euros for the certificate. Its only a CPD certificate.
One course worth £395 ???
Current lifetime membership (deal was expiring, but now extended) is £125…ng/?product=shawlifetime-technology-ext

I've done one free / pay for certificate course, and at that time the lifetime deal was £295
expired? Not seeing any for free. Just noticed the bit about it being time limited in the OP, hadn't noticed before. Shame I'd have liked to try one see what they are like but harder to justify when you have to pay....
Seen an ad for the Photo one free on Facebook
Enrolled on a course free so why not!
If you enrol on one course, this one course is free; and if you come to 6 live lectures (webinars) on that course, in the 6th or 7th live lecture there is a prize draw of a free lifetime membership for 1 person. All other attendees who had attended all previous live lectures get 1 month of free trial membership (with access to all courses) and then £29/month. You can share your account with up to 3 friends or family members. Yes, they charge for certificates. You can cancel anytime.

(If you don't want to attend webinars in person simply click on the webinar link you get via email just before the webinar starts and let your computer play it while you are doing something else. You can watch the lecture later after it is uploaded 24 hours after the webinar.)
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