One Hour Photo (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play
One Hour Photo (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play

One Hour Photo (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play

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Great film, perhaps a bit overlooked too. One of Williams's great performances.

Middle aged Sy Parrish works as a technician at a one hour photo lab located in a SavMart store in a suburban mall. Sy is a lonely man, never having had any friends. He knows much about his customers through the photographs they have developed. But he knows more about the Yorkin family - specifically Nina Yorkin and her adolescent son Jake Yorkin, the two in the family who drop off and pick up the family's photofinishing - than anyone else, the family about who he is obsessed. Nina's husband, Will Yorkin, is incidental to his obsession since Sy has only seen him in photographs. Sy's obsession includes fantasizing about being their favorite "Uncle Sy". He has even been making an extra set of prints for himself of all of their photographs since Jake was a newborn. After an incident at work and after Sy finds out more about the family through a set of photographs, he decides to right the injustices he sees in the only way he knows how. His actions demonstrate his true mental state.


really crap film.. i think he was on drugs at the time he made this ****!

Haha. I agree, poor. I saw it on a date, so we had something to take our mind off the film!

£2.99 is about right for this load of tripe

its also been this price for yonks

painful to watch

Generally favourable reviews from both critics and the public.

Original Poster

Better delete this one then! Personally I loved the film... but perhaps it wasn't 'Hollywood' enough for most

I liked it, good to see him play an evil role for a change, and he did it well

Great film, superb performance. Strange choice as a date movie I must say.

Good film. Not for Saturday night popcorn munchers ... stays with you for days afterwards
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