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Posted 21 September 2022

One Month Free Paramount+ with code (£6.99 per month thereafter) - new subscribers / new account @ Paramount+

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You can get one month Free Paramount + with code STARTREKDAY. You need to enter payment details for the month free trial but able to cancel straight away online within account services and can still continue with the month free trial. Please note this is for new subscribers /new account / new email etc



Current content on Paramount+

Just Watch gives a good overview of the current content on Paramount+

  • Seasons 1-4 Yellowstone (Season 5 out November 13th)

  • South Park Seasons 1-25

  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) - Season 1 and 2

  • Halo 2022 Season 1

  • Scream 2022

What's new in September

  • Love Rats - 1 September
  • The Survivalist - 2 September
  • The Smurfs (seasons 1-2) - 2 September
  • 10 Mistakes: 9/11 - 5 September
  • Danger Force (season 2) - 6 September
  • Santiago of the Seas (season 2) - 6 September
  • Footloose (2011) - 6 September
  • Son of a Critch - 7 September
  • American Gigolo (new episodes weekly) - 10 September
  • Each and Every Day - 10 September
  • Side Hustle (season 2) - 10 September
  • Wings - September 12
  • American Selfie - September 14
  • Minx - September 14
  • Unplugging - September 16
  • Girl in the Box - September 19
  • Girl in the Box: The True Story - September 19
  • Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant (seasons 1-3) - 20 September
  • Teen Mom UK (season 7) - 20 September
  • Geordie Shore: The Reunion Series (new episodes weekly) - 20 September
  • PAW Patrol (season 9) - 20 September
  • Coded: Hidden Love - 21 September
  • Going to Pot - 21 September
  • Savage River (new episodes weekly) - 22 September
  • Millionaire Holiday Home Swap - 25 September
  • Ruby - 26 September
  • Rise of the Billionaires - 27 September
  • Pearl in the Mist - 27 September
  • All That Glitters - 28 September
  • Finding Yingying - 28 September

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  1. Avatar
    Poor quality no UHD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby digital etc
    So disappointed with it. Even TNG looks better on Netflix compared to Paramount+

    Thank god s3 of Picard is still going to be on Amazon Prime.
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone know if Hardcore Pawn is on Paramount Plus? I'm sure I remember seeing it available when I had it but I could be getting mixed up with another streaming service. Thanks in advance
    according to JustWatch it's on Amazon Prime (5 Seasons) and Apple TV (2 Seasons)
  3. Avatar
    Wow, so many jaded angry people lol!
    I thoroughly enjoyed binge watching:
    Star Trek Strange New Worlds
    La Brea
    Son of a Critch
    I rewatched all of Star Trek Discovery
    It's not costing anything with a 30 day free trial, flipping awesome! 
    Many thanks Op for listing this, and much appreciated. 
  4. Avatar
    48269888-l9NN9.jpgOnly for new subscribers not returning ones
    yes is for new subscribers / new account / new email address etc

    thanks Andrew
  5. Avatar
    Free subscriptions where you can cancel immediately (with a simple button click) and keep the free period are hot in my book.

    "no UHD", Jesus, I have a 4k LCD and a 1080p Plasma, the plasma is still several times better for watching movies. To actually tell UHD content apart I have to wear my reading glasses... However, no Dolby Digital would be disappointing - I can definitely tell that apart on my surround system. But in their FAQ there are devices listed where it should work (Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV). I have a Fire stick to try out... (edited)
    What's Roky? Not heard of that before!? Tia
  6. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this offer works if you subscribe to the Paramount channel, via Amazon Prime? I presume not, but perhaps that would get around some of the quality and security issues that have been mentioned above.
  7. Avatar
    Is Yellowstone 5 on it?
    from November 13th
  8. Avatar
    Got a free Month with Walkers Crisps, it's terrible! poor content poor User Interface. With so many streaming services out there I don't see how this can exist in todays world
    For the time I had Paramount Plus it was fine. Only on launch day I found it slow and buggy but after that, not a problem
  9. Avatar
    My account was hacked on this within 2 weeks of subscribing the security doesn't seem great!
    If their security "wasn't great" we'd be hearing about a mass hack of accounts. We aren't. The hack is either at the server end or the client end. I'd you've been hacked, improve your security.
  10. Avatar
    Heat. Worth it just for Yellowstone and 1883 alone. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Cheers, gonna watch South Park
    "I'm going down to South Park
    Gonna have myself a time
    Friendly faces everywhere
    Humble folks without temptation"
  12. Avatar
    'Super Pumped' and 'The Thing About Pam' are well worth a watch, along with loads of older Showtime stuff if you didn't have Sky.
  13. Avatar
    I always mix up their logo with the Nord VPN...48278616-EK775.jpg
  14. Avatar
    Thanks op. Another account being made
  15. Avatar
    Anyone know when this expires please? Would rather not use immediately if I don't have to as I still have a few days left on a previous trial...
  16. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Just use different email address has worked many times for me with various codes
  17. Avatar
    Promo code “SOUTHPARK” also works. 
    Just tested and states not valid? thanks
  18. Avatar
    Got another free month.. Thanks mate..
  19. Avatar
    It was okay for a trial. But we barely watched it ...can only watch so much TV...it is massive in the USA...but will struggle to get a foothold in the UK...
    i have the US version...its excellent as is picture quality and content.
  20. Avatar
    Don't forget to cancel straight away! I've just cancelled and still able to watch till the 20th of October.. Happy days
  21. Avatar
    Code doesn’t work keep getting invalid token
    You need to keep trying, happened to me, gave it a few minutes after a few times and it worked.
  22. Avatar
    Thanks OP just signed up using a new email address
  23. Avatar
    Can your account be used on the US version too?
    It's a different app for USA 🇺🇸
    VPN Mexico gets Premier League footy and Canada 🇨🇦 has better content.
    Download Paramount USA with vpn and it unlocks loads of content. Free trial month codes too.
  24. Avatar
    Worth it for Man Who Fell to Earth alone
  25. Avatar
    It worked for me with the new email. Thank you.
  26. Avatar
    If I use a USA VPN, can I watch the CBS paramount plus coverage of the champions League?
    Mexico for football
  27. Avatar
    worked for me... just create aliases to get more months
  28. Avatar
    Brilliant, gives me plenty of time to watch Strange New Worlds, which is all I’m interested in  
  29. Avatar
    There is no app on any TV set/ device I own.
  30. Avatar
    Month 4 of free Paramount +. Have enjoyed some of the shows and movies. Keep it coming with the free codes lol
    Mee too.. Never seem to pay for any subs since coming on hukd..
  31. Avatar
    How is billions
  32. Avatar
    Think ive got this free with my sky package
  33. Avatar
    Worth it for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Comcerts alone
    I found a download of the deleted YouTube video, link was posted on Reddit, created an MP3 to listen in the car.
  34. Avatar
    Got it for my daughter to watch Shimmer and Shine...worth every penny I paid.

    (not a lot on there but the new Star trek is very good).
  35. Avatar
    Can you download shows to watch later through Paramount + on the standard subscription?
  36. Avatar
    This is nothing special though, Paramount is giving away a month free all over the place. At some point, there's bound to be an offer for more
  37. Avatar
    Unlinke other streaming services (Netflix (Turkey), HBOMax (Mexico ), Starz (Mexico) ) which I've been able to sign-up for using NordVPN anyone able to subscribe to Paramount+ (non USA) using VPN+Revolut/Monzo. I've tried Mexico, Canada and many Latin American locations, billing address is not an issue but debit/credit card always fails.

    For all you football fans Premier League is avaiable via Peacock TV (USA + VPN) if you have a family/friend in the USA have them register your account with cable provider for free upgrade or pay $1.99 for access.
  38. Avatar
  39. Avatar
    Hi did anyone watch the western series with Kevin costner
    Seen the first 3 episodes. Love it.