One Punch Man Collection 1 (Episodes 1-12 + 6 OVA) Collector's Edition Blu-ray £34.99 @ Zavvi

One Punch Man Collection 1 (Episodes 1-12 + 6 OVA) Collector's Edition Blu-ray £34.99 @ Zavvi

Found 14th May 2017
Just browsing and found the cheapest preorder price for this, currently on Amazon it's 48 pound. For the price of what it's included it's quite a bargain for 34.99.

Fellow anime fans know about this show, for those living under rock we are introduced to Saitmia a hero who after three years of intense training has literally become invincible. We see his antics and having power destroy opponents with ease and has become bored, is looking for opponent that can give him a challenge.

Comes out July 3

Also same price on…htm
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onnnee punnnnnnnnnnnnnchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
is this dubbed?

is this dubbed?

Yeah its dubbed
never watch anime dubbed
According to the Amazon page it says "Language: Japanese" So like most Anime, this will be subbed and dubbed.
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never watch anime dubbed

Only way I can watch it I love anime but just can't watch it subbed

never watch anime dubbed

Ugh.. another one of those people.

The OPM Dub is far superior to the sub.
It depends subbed forces you to pay attention and you learn names quick of characters. Though need to multitask which keep annoying for some.

Dubbed obviously been in English it resonates more with you and feels familiar.
Poor dubbing can kill a show
I've seen both the Japanese and English language versions of One Punch Man and I prefer the Japanese Language version over the English Dub.
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