One Summer - The Complete Series (2 Disc Set) [1983] [DVD] £5.98 delivered @ Amazon

One Summer - The Complete Series (2 Disc Set) [1983] [DVD] £5.98 delivered @ Amazon

Found 10th Mar 2010
Sharply observed and written with both sympathy and a sense of humour, this critical and commercial success was created and written by the reknowned Liverpudlian playwright Willy Russell. This is the first time that this long-anticipated series has been release on DVD.

This is the story of two Liverpool youths who go to the valleys of Wales to enjoy a peaceful life. They come from the Liverpool of 1983; a tough gritty, uncompromising city a long way from the magical days of the Beatles. For the teenagers, Billy and Icky, things are getting a little too close for comfort; like brushes with the police, the spectre of unemployment and the attentions of rival gangs. However, they don't find the calm idyllic life they expect. They have people like Kidder to contend with - a strange man, a loner who could very well change their lives.



wasn't that posted earlier today?

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wasn't that posted earlier today?


It`s £5.47 at Tescos...still Heat for finding it....

I bought this a year or so back for £6.99. Gotta say it hasn't aged very well, but once I adapted to the woeful picture and sound quality I enjoyed it as much as I did back in the 80's.

Good spot, heat from me :thumbsup:

Good find - really enjoyed this.
"Chips and rice with curry, twice" :-D

I've got a couple of official Yorkshire TV VHS tapes of this, this will make a nice upgrade.

Icky & Billy! no way! blast from the past!:-D

I watched this in the 80s,brilliant!!!! Not sure how it would be watching it now but loved it then and liked david morrisey ever since. It realy has stayed with me for years,moving.

is this the one that one of the guys goes off to join the army in the end?
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