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Posted 31 October 2022

One-way Road Trips for £5 with a camper van @ Indie Campers

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Please read below all the essential information for this offer. If you have any further questions, contact us here indiecampers.com/con…act

Form link: docs.google.com/for…orm

If you are interested in more than one offer, submit more requests (you get ONLY ONE CHOICE PER SUBMISSION).

How does this work? (Terms & conditions of the campaign)

1. The traveller needs to complete this form by choosing one of the available offers and fill in all the essential information requested.
2. The traveller can book more than one trip if interested by filling out the form again.
3. The traveller understands that the number of offers is limited and that by filling in this form he is not automatically guaranteed a trip for £5 per trip.
4. The trips are pre defined on pick up and drop off destinations as well as on nights available and mileage.
5. Additional nights outside the specified time frame of the offer can be purchased at the current prices listed on our website (subject to availability).
6. The traveller understands that the trips are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
7. The traveller, after completing this form will either receive an email confirming the reservation (and a link to pay the £5) or an e-mail informing you that the trip is no longer available.
8. Payment must be confirmed within 24 hours of receiving the email. If the traveller does not pay in time, the availability will be passed on to other travellers interested in the same offer.
9. If the payment is successful, the traveller will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail with the travel details.
10. There will be no pick-up and drop-off on 24th & 25th & 31st of December 2022 and 1st of January 2023 .
11. The traveller understands that the fuel costs and extras requested are the responsibility of the traveller.
12. Extras may be purchased at the current prices listed on our website (subject to availability).
13. If the included mileage specified in the offer is exceeded and no extra mileage package has been purchased in advance, the current prices listed on our website will apply.
14. The traveller understands that if he doesn't pick-up the vehicle on the date agreed, the booking will be considered as a "no show"or the traveller cancels less than 5 days before the pick up date the cancelation policy that will apply is: the traveller will be automatically charged £250 using the same payment method that was used for the payment with the agreement of the traveller.
15. The "Basic" protection plan is included. The traveller can upgrade the protection plan at their own expense at current prices specified on our website.
16. The traveller understands that the security deposit in the credit card still applies. The deposit is mandatory and will be held in the Pick-Up location, the amounts are:
Basic Protection Plan=£2000
Premium Protection Plan: £500
17. The traveller understands that the responsibility to make sure that the deposit can be held is his and failure to retain the deposit will result in the application of the cancellation fee stated on the 14.
15. The traveller understands that all the articles stated on indie campers Terms and Conditions, not modified by this terms and conditions, will still apply: indiecampers.com/ter…ons
16. Damages to the vehicle will be charged under the Terms and Conditions

More info about our motorhomes can be found here: indiecampers.com/rvs
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  1. Avatar
    I have done this multiple times in aus/ us using Imoova.com would recommend trying them
    How does the insurance work out with them? I've looked and it would appear there's quite a bit not covered by the insurance you take out with them. Can you get insurance separately to cover for this? I'm just concerned that what may seem like a cheap trip could end up very expensive if some crashes into you as seems to suggest that your not covered irrelevant of blame
  2. Avatar
    Price of diesel for the trip is going to be pretty substantial for a piece of fibeglass on wheels doing not much mpg.
    Prices are high in some US states, but generally they pay peanuts compared to UK prices. Also bear in mind that US MPG is based on US gallons - scews the figures quite a bit.
  3. Avatar
    Any route to get out of uk available?
    Sure is. There's a need to return a lot of boats to the French coast...
  4. Avatar
    FYI, only basic protection plan is included which means a €2k deposit, otherwise its from €20 a day for premium protection, bringing the deposit down to €500

    48569877-kLKSu.jpg (edited)
    I would hazard a guess a deposit is just needed to make sure you don't drive off. Even if you wreck the vehicle, the deposit is returned.

    So if that's correct, just buy excess insurance here before you go - don't pay this crazy price for 20 a day.
  5. Avatar
    Nice deal for £5, but then the £2k deposit is eye watering. Imagine when you take it back and they inspect it, "yeah mate there's a scratch there, it wasn't there before. That'll be £2k for the repair"
    My brother has an RV in the US, and he wouldn't trust his own family to drive and deal with all the "protocols" as he described them, to stop it from getting trashed, hence the deposit I guess, its someone else's vehicle you're driving...
  6. Avatar
    I called customer services, they are confirming trips in next days apparently!
  7. Avatar
    Seems like a lot of the US ones are actually just in a roof tent rather than a camper. That could get pretty old quite quickly on a 3000 mile drive
  8. Avatar
    I wasn't expecting to hear back but I did... currently at Gatwick on my way to pick up the rental!
    Let us know how the trip goes, hope you have a great time
  9. Avatar
    Nice way to reposition your fleet with virtually no cost
  10. Avatar
    The traveller, after completing this form will either receive an email confirming the reservation (and a link to pay the £5) or an e-mail informing you that the trip is no longer available.
  11. Avatar
    This is very clever, presumably they are getting people to slep the vehicles back to their actual owners... Some of those distances to be covered are quite intense though?
    Yep and the US interstates are boring
  12. Avatar
    and how are you supposed to return from this "one-way" excitement
    Book another of course.
    Always suspected Elon wasn't that bright.
  13. Avatar
    Be aware of the £250 penalty if you can't go
  14. Avatar
    I’ve done these several times in Canada, USA and NZ. Absolutely amazing way to travel on a budget
    Some of the ones in NZ I remember would even pay your fuel for you!
  15. Avatar
    They've been doing this with cars in North America for decade's. People relocate, have a removals company move everything, they jump on a flight and pay a company to get their car over to their new location. Me and a mate got half way across Canada for the price of the fuel. We ended up being put up for the night be the lady who's car it was - I still remember the downstairs beer fridge we were given free reign over!
    If you still remember it you didn’t make good use of it.
  16. Avatar
    There are going to be towns full of these people because they forgot to book a return (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Place your bets

    San Francisco -> Miami | Wrangler | Travel between 07/11/2022 - 20/01/2022 | Nights: 18 | 6330 km included
    What a road trip!!! (edited)
    Beat that 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles"!
  18. Avatar
    Yet anti-EV ranters post they won't pull a caravan on every EV thread

    So irrelevant some EVs won't work for 1% of households for a few days of the year (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Deal of the century if you can get a USA coast to coast trip for to that kind of money. A younger me would do it in a heartbeat.
    Agreed - this is pretty awesome for the US ones if you can get it!
  20. Avatar
    Surprised no one has commented yet (prior to me) on numbers 3, 14 & 17 with them writing he/his instead of he/she/them/they/themselves etc lol (edited)
    Rules only apply to those who use he/him pronouns then? Simples
  21. Avatar
    One way? Is there an axe murderer onboard?

    Asking for a friend. (edited)
  22. Avatar
    £2000 deposit is a little eye-watering, especially for folks on here, hunting for a £5 road trip.

    Great deal if you can swing it though (and don't get any damage...)
    you get to drive around a 30K camper van with a deposit of 2K - people just want everything for free.
  23. Avatar
    Any way of seeing what £5 or cheap offers are available besides filling in random dates?
  24. Avatar
    I've won, apparently. Doesn't really feel like it with that deposit mind you.
  25. Avatar
    Brilliant deal, would love to take some of these journeys on. Bloody work getting in the way of leisurely exploring for a bargain price!!
    Yes, not something that can be done in a week or so. Need months off for such trips.
  26. Avatar
    £2000 deposit
  27. Avatar
    This is a scam for the £5 application fee.
  28. Avatar
    Just got a response. They want $725 for my dates and only 75 miles a day. Hmmm
    Did you request any additional days from what was listed? Or did they say why it would be more than £5?
  29. Avatar
    Best deal I found so far
  30. Avatar
    So has anyone recieved a email yet confirming they have the slot?
  31. Avatar
    Checked out some of these routes, and typically a 1500km allowance only gives 300km spare. So you will pay per km over this eg 30p in Austria (diesel will be about 13p/km) or you can buy a package for an extra 100km day for £14 per day.
  32. Avatar
    Has anyone heard back?
    Submitted 3 applications yesterday, nothing yet!
  33. Avatar
    Does anyone know of any other companies doing this with campervans or cars in Europe? I looked on imoovea but they don't have any listed in Europe