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Carobella Duo Spread (carob) - £2.22 + delivery @ Oneclickpharmacy
Found 14th Aug 2012Found 14th Aug 2012
This stuff is lovely as an alternative to chocolate if like myself you are allergic to cocoa. This is 32% off normal price and I think its a great deal and tastes so yummy!
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Thanks - guess i have to take the plunge.


I have never found any health store which stocks this and have always had to buy it online - even with the delivery charge this is the cheapest i have found


I can't eat cocoa, gives me migraine, so this looks a treat. The delivery charge makes it too expensive though. Do you know anyone else who stocks it in store?

Fluconazole Thrush Treatment 150mg Capsule £0.64 delivered @Oneclickpharmacy
Found 11th Aug 2012Found 11th Aug 2012
Thank you to Gr1zz1y89 who posted the free delivery code for Oneclickpharmacy and RabiaBilal123 for reminding me means you can get this Fluconazole 150mg Thrush Treatment which c… Read more

Or just go to your Doctors and get a prescription. Free in Wales.


Please be careful when buying this (and any other medications) online, fluconazole interacts with a huge range of medications. If you take any other medications check with your pharmacist before taking this.

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1 pack of Allergy & Hayfever Relief Cetirizine 10mg Tablets x30 for £0.64 (RRP: £10.43) deleivered @Oneclickpharmacy
Found 11th Aug 2012Found 11th Aug 2012
FREE DELIVERY VOUCHER CODE: OCPFREEDEL Maximum Quantity allowed per order: 10 Buy 10 pack of Allergy & Hayfever Relief Cetirizine 10mg Tablets x30 for £6.27 including discoun… Read more
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brill! thanks


Arrived today, these have a date of 2014.


that was funny bless you!


great offer, got free delivery too, luvly(_;)


You can get Cetirizine hydrochloride tablets (same active ingredient as "Piriton) and Loratidine tablets (same active ingredient as "Claritin") in Home Bargain for 79 pence for 14 tablets. (one per day).

Casio Casio Baby-G (BGA110/7BER) £9.65 @ One Click Pharmacy
Found 18th Jul 2012Found 18th Jul 2012
Just ordered a few.. They have lots of Baby G and G-Shock between £6-18 pounds. Clearly an error so be quick! Product Features: LED light Shock resistant Neo-display World time f… Read more
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the thing that bugs me is the out and out lying, instead of honestly saying they are not honouring after a price glitch.


order cancel by oneclick :( Thanks for your order. Unfortunately the item you have ordered is no longer available and we are unable to supply it to you at this time. Sincere apologies about this. Your order has now been refunded and the funds returned to your account. It can take up to 3 working days for the funds to appear. Please get in touch again if there is anything else we can do for you and apologies again. (Fanatical Support provided by OneClicker: Steve)


I haven't had email so here we go waiting for refund


awaiting refund on my account, havent recieved an email though!


Skemo go one click pharmacy and check ur account it will tell u on there refund due

Brand New eyepad only £2.35 + £2.85 P&P @ One Click Pharmacy
Found 25th Apr 2012Found 25th Apr 2012
Safe & Sound Adhesive Eye Pad - pack of 3

fantastic made me and the family laugh. my daughter says u can get a full apple for about 20p!!!!!!


yep sad I know ... sorry


All I could think of 'brand new? Who's so cheap that they're buying second hand eyepads?' Wasn't til I got to comments I got what was going on!


Does if you blink really quickly :)


COLD. Doesn't do flash.

Toni & Guy TGST2971UK Mascolo Signature Straightener. rrp £69.99 now £17.26 del @
Found 29th Feb 2012Found 29th Feb 2012
Bought these on a recommendation from a friend of mine to replace my Mother's cheap straighteners. They receive great reviews on Amazon and Argos with lots of people buying them wh… Read more
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For the record, there were none of the sample-sized bottles in the package (which arrived within 2 day) and after calling them it appears that it was an issue with the packages as I was the second caller in 2 days with the same issue. They were happy to offer me an instant refund which took the price to £14


I got the rrp from an Amazon listing Your text here


rrp £35.99

Special Formulae 5-HTP 60 Tablets - £5.58 *after voucher* @ OneClick Pharmacy
Found 29th Dec 2011Found 29th Dec 2011
Use voucher OCPFREEDEL for free delivery. Seems like a good price compared to what these cost elsewhere (£10+)... In numerous studies around the world, 5-HTP was shown to: • Su… Read more

Mmm...anybody use this lot (One Click Pharmacy) before? :|


I'm tired with waking up with headaches every day (I think I grind me teeth in my sleep?)... and starting my day off with painkillers can't be doing my liver much good, so may as well give these a shot as an alternative! I've been reading around and they seem to be well regarded. They recommend you take them before you sleep by the way, and definitely not before driving as they can make you drowsy?


im always a bit down in the new year as all the good things like xmas and new year have passed and the jan/feb weather never puts a smile on my face , so these supplements could be the answer IF they work

Pampers Wipes Sensitive Refills 2 + 1 Value Pack £1.45 @ OneClickPharmacy
Found 29th Dec 2011Found 29th Dec 2011
Pampers Wipes Sensitive Refills 2 + 1 Value Pack for £1.45 which works out at 48.3p per pack. You need to order over £35 for free delivery or you can use the coupon code OCPFREEDE… Read more

Another order cancelled :(


Also, because it will take them two weeks to communicate this to you. Bunch of cowboys. The majority of the people here have had the same issues:


order cancelled, Got my email address more junk mail


I just got a cancellation email and refund too :(


I got an order cancellation email :(

Ashton and Parsons Teething powder £4.94 Delivered @ One Click Pharmacy
Found 19th Nov 2011Found 19th Nov 2011
As per title much sought after, it appears stock is available dont fall for the rogue sellers that try flog this on eBay for 5 quid plus

They were taken off the shelves a while ago because drug dealers were doing that. Scumbags making poor babies suffer!


I go to the factory where they make this and they can't produce it fast enough,apparently it's also popular with drug dealers for padding out they're fine white powders...could that account for the shortage?


My little one is 18 months old and still getting teeth, it seems four at a time poor little mite. I should have shares in Ashtons. I'd like to shake the inventors hand for sure. Boots is where we always buy it and certainly had no trouble getting it there.


I'm doing something wrong then as I can't find any stock anywhere! They were readily available when I had my son in 2009 but recent baby I can't get them for. I will have to keep a closer eye on boots and hope I can get some as they are always oos when I look!


boots always get them back in, just do what i do and buy 8 at a time for £22.85 and get them in store...

Allergy & Hayfever Relief Cetirizine/Loratadine 10mg Tablets x30 only 60p & 69P @ One Click Pharmacy (£2.49 delivery)
Found 29th Apr 2011Found 29th Apr 2011
Allergy & Hayfever Relief Non-Drowsy (Loratadine) 30 Days £0.60 same active ingredient as Clarityn or Allergy & Hayfever Relief Cetirizine 10mg Tablets x30 days £0.64 Sa… Read more

wasnt aware you became the Hotukdeals chief lecturer after 2 posted deals - this site is full of a-holes who just criticise and whine about others deals and never post anything to help others


Yes just continue being an utter twunt, don't learn anything. :)


It was in the description from start and is in the title now - what do you want me to do walk round with a placard shouting OH YE OH YE - Knobhead


I think if postage is mandatory, then it should be included in the title and in the price. Seemingly, that is usually the way it works; frankly you have been lucky this deal hasn't been moderated. It's a shame you are being such a tit about it though as this is a great deal. :)


yawn, stop commenting then and trot on

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel Triple Pack £4.92 plus £2.95 P&P if under £35 spend @ Oneclickpharmacy
Found 7th Jan 2011Found 7th Jan 2011
Seems to be a misprice, was looking for some Verruca treatment and came across this triple pack for the same price of a single pack. Single pack here: http://www.oneclickpharmacy.… Read more

I wasn't suggesting buying the freeze stuff. The chiropdist I went to promised to re-treat if they returned. 12 years later, no sign of them. Cheers Simon


Hi all, this does not work, nor does freezing them off, i have treid every solution going & the only thing that got rid of them was apple cider vinegar, soak a bit in cotton wool put over wart or varrucca then cover with a plaster, leave on over night or for a few hours, do this every day til they die off. I had spent pounds on stuff, none worked, freezing hurts like mad, was really painfull for over a week & still didnt get rid! this is the only thing i have found to work.


I took a scalpel blade to mine a few weeks back. It started bleeding a lot and now it's much smaller and not painful when I walk. Have tried bazuka doesnt work really but softens the skin, and that freeze stuff you can buy is as much use as a chocolate teapot.


Grandson had his frozen and still has them. Bazuka didn't work either. Anyone know of a treatment that works.


Wait for the corny jokes. :|