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O'Neill Offshore Polarised Sunglasses Navy/Tortoiseshell and more

£4.99 from United Kingdom ·
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Nice price for polarised sunglasses.

Product Detail:
  • O'Neill sunglasses the classic summer go-to style.
  • Printed branding.
  • Plastic frame.
  • Polarised lens.
  • 100% UV400 protection. Sun category 3 protection.

O'Neill Offshore Sunglasses Gloss Tortoiseshell


MandM More details at

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  1. Petereef's avatar
    I have a pair of these and they are extremely lightweight and optically very good and clear.
    Only negative is that because they are so light and plastic, they break easily so purchase a hard case for protection. Heat from me 🏻 (edited)
    bimbani's avatar
    How long are the arms? Any help I would be grateful for. Thanks.
  2. stickyricky's avatar
    Haircut_100's avatar
    Come on, if you are going to claim that a product is rubbish then at least take a few seconds and use some words to explain why you think that is. (edited)
  3. KageCom's avatar
    I own a pair, my go to sunglasses as they're light so don't slide down my snout like my more expensive shades. you can't go wrong for this price, heat.
  4. highdon's avatar
    Some other styles also available for the same price. Thanks OP.
  5. Haircut_100's avatar
    I bought a pair of O’Neill polarised sunglasses (styled very similar to Oakley Frogskins) for £20 at TK Maxx recently and they are great, they make superb value for money sunglasses at this kind of price.
  6. Mick_Thorpe's avatar
    Ive had a pair of these for 2 or 3 years, still going strong.
    Tk maxx about £18 back then
    haiderinho's avatar
    They £15 now
  7. rrr99gp's avatar
    Damn you. I started browsing and ended up spending £100!
    Kingmart's avatar
    It's always worth spending an extra £80 to get free delivery
  8. Paperlantern's avatar
    Great thank you - have ordered, seems a decent price.
  9. Tei's avatar
    thanks OP. Ordered O'Neill Mens Windmills Polarised Sunglasses Black
  10. BillRawls's avatar
    Cheers OP, I was kind of in the market for a pair so good that these popped up. I also opted for a pair of the Bells model too
    Tacavas's avatar
    You're welcome
  11. DOW91's avatar
    I have a couple of similar pairs bought over the last couple of years. Nice and lightweight, not prone to sliding off my nose. Thoroughly recommend these as they are good quality for the price.
  12. DanielsanDeals's avatar
    Done with MandM regardless of the deal, customer service is the worst.
    Haircut_100's avatar
    What issue did you have with them?
  13. DucksCourage's avatar
    These are good
  14. Mart_1968's avatar
    Question, will these come with some sort of case?
    DOW91's avatar
    Mine bought two years ago came with a soft drawstring case.
  15. nosherfj's avatar
    Cheers I can loose my aviator sun glasses now lol
    Got the windmills as there the priciest at £65 so £20+£5 delivery saving £40
    Nice one. Why buy pricey Berkley when you can get decent for £25. (edited)
    yespleasesir's avatar
    Im not much of a smoker to be honest
  16. MerryLittleGoat's avatar
    I have three different pairs of O'Neill sunglasses from MandM and they're excellent. I wear dark glasses all the time when away from home, so they get good use in sunlight, shops, waiting rooms etc. I even wore a pair during recent hand surgery at our local hospital. I wasn't worried about being awake for the operation, but was dreading the blinding white lights. Happily, my O'Neills were sterilised by a theatre technician and all was dim and muted for my 30 mins of surgery!
  17. tonyspoons's avatar
    Had a few pairs of ONeill sunglasses for around this price - decent enough quality and much better feeling than the plasticky Vans tat that has been posted before.
  18. timboslicey's avatar
    I have the head of a pigmy. Will these look silly?
    timboslicey's avatar
    Bought the wooden look ones. Do what I want. (edited)
  19. SmokeyNegroni's avatar
    Mine just arrived and I'm glad we heard the driver as they were trying to push them through the letterbox. They are just packed in a little bubble wrap and the blue plastic delivery bag. Edit: My instructions were to leave them in a specified bin if I didn't answer the door, but this is evri, soooo (edited)
  20. bermudaviper's avatar
    Had some but snapped on the frame and lens fell out.

    Not the strongest but decent if you can avoid breaking them.
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