Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 April 2023.
Posted 20 April 2023

OnePlus 10T 5G - Smartphone 256GB, 16GB RAM, Dual Sim, Jade Green - £444.20 @ Amazon

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Update 1
Now £444.20

Very low price for the beastly 16GB Version, jade green, a further temptation

Features & details

  • 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition - A day's power in 10 minutes and double the battery lifespan. An AI algorithm intelligently learns your individual charging schedule to deliver the fastest charging speed.
  • Flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform - The fastest Snapdragon mobile platform delivers ultimate performance at your fingertips through 10% higher CPU and x4 Faster AI Speed.
  • 6.7" 120Hz FHD+ Fluid Display - With up to 120Hz adaptive frame rate plus always-on HDR10+ and 10-bit colour for superior brightness and colour accuracy.
  • 16GB RAM and the Always Alive feature deliver uncompromising multitasking. Run up to 30 apps smoothly in the background. Plus HyperBoost Gaming Engine with GPA Frame Stabilizer and GLC (GPU Load Control) for the most compelling gaming experience.
  • "OxygenOS 12.1 - Focus on and move seamlessly between work, rest and play. Accelerate to next-level fast and smooth performance that embodies Never Settle. 5G Compatability may vary with carriers. Check with your service provider for further information.

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  1. trimjon's avatar
    Much difference in the 8T and 10T? Worth changing?
    Walkerscrisp's avatar
    I'm in the same position and trying to resist changing my phone unless I really need to these days as upgrades can be so incremental, that once the shiny new novelty wears off, you aren't really gaining too much.

    I think the 10t would offer faster charging than the 8t, and a better camera by all accounts, but not market leading. Don't think OnePlus could ever be considered market leading in terms of camera on any of their models?

    You would get a longer lifespan from this in terms of security and software updates. But would also lose the alert slider, which I never thought of use. Until I got a phone that had one, and now I do. All the time.

    This 10t would also off double the ram and double the storage, if that's what you need. My 8t is only around 50% full, so don't need 256gb currently, and the 8gb ram is still keeping things running very smoothly with the help of the 865 Snapdragon.

    So I definitely don't need this. But doesn't stop me being seriously tempted to get myself something new and shiny . (edited)
  2. shane8960's avatar
    @MrSwitch on paper, this looks better than the Oppo X5 Find... Just wondered your opinion on which is better?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Better canera on oppo certainly
  3. MMT786_'s avatar
    Phone arrived today, just a FYI for anyone, it comes with a European 160w charger
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Go on chat, tell them you want a partial refund as it came with an EU plug.
  4. Vintage670's avatar
    If the OP 11 comes down around this price or thereabouts I will go for it. Called me old fashioned but it isn't a One Plus phone if it doesn't have an alert slider.
  5. Joshfount's avatar
    Very good price for the 16GB version of this well reviewed phone especially as from Amazon ♨️
  6. Zerobob's avatar
    Has this expired in less than a day?

    Absolutely fed up of Amazon and their flash pricing. Don't they realise nobody will buy this phone now, unless they drop it to around £470 again?

    Flash sales and constantly fluctuating prices aren't necessarily a good thing, and only benefit the lucky few. Meanwhile, everybody else is left frustrated after missing the deal, or angry having already paid £200 more (RRP) for the phone.
    innocent's avatar
    Totally agree with your comment.
    Further, with regard to "Don't they realise nobody will buy this phone now, unless they drop it to around £470 again?", anyone who posts a deal for the same phone at current best price will directly go into the freezer and don't I know it well from experience while posting for other phones.
  7. cp1's avatar
  8. SnayBear's avatar
    This or Google 7 pro? I'm still rocking OnePlus 8 great phone still...
    cp1's avatar
    I would say if photos are remotely important then the p7 pro.

    If you want to game all day with 10 mins charging between sessions then get this.
  9. sdaniaal's avatar
    Not worth it if you have the OnePlus 8 or newer. Basically no improvements and have let us down compared to previous generations.
    MrAkagi's avatar
    What do you mean no improvements?
  10. Reggie111's avatar
    For extra £60 you can get a oneplus 10 Pro for 512GB from Wonda mobile.
  11. Jawz's avatar
    I currently have the 7T
    Unsure how these compare?
    My needs have changed over the years.
    Not too much concerned on gaming. Mainly screen quality and photo quality now.
  12. shockwaver13's avatar
    Showing as £670 expired??
    innocent's avatar
    What a jump, shocker
  13. FumezFK8's avatar
    Wow man. The price jumped from £463 to £670, more than the pricing on the official website. What's up with Amazon and their crappy pricing
  14. dave0258's avatar
    Bought this phone for £439.76 got a partial refund as no charger in the box £45, bought official charger 160w from OnePlus £69 I'm happy with that.
  15. MrAkagi's avatar
    Cut it out man, it's not even payday yet.
  16. mushmsush's avatar
    Is it dual SIM?
  17. cheapo's avatar
    I might be a disorganised idiot, but I need 512gb for my next phone.
    Bighairedbob75's avatar
    Definitely the way to go....I opted for a 512gb S21 ultra. Comes with 16gb of ram as well. Think you can get a pristine one off 4gadgets for under £500 if you don't need the latest and greatest!
  18. Honda123's avatar
    Does this has a decent camera compare to Poco F1( I am looking for an upgrade)?
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    It's Definitely an upgrade.
  19. Rumcajs_9's avatar
    Is it worth to consider that model when currently I'm using S20FE? To be honest that S20FE is still great.
  20. FumezFK8's avatar
    Is this a legit buy tho? I was browsing this earlier and there is not a single UK based review. All in Spanish or French, no mention of a charger or its charging capabilities and only images of the device itself. Was about to go for this as well. Should've worded this better you guys misunderstood me (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    I mean I'm not really a fan of this youtuber below, but he is one of the biggest, and therefore, yes it's a very legit buy

  21. Sandmannn's avatar
    Is that the folding phone?
  22. JonSno's avatar
    Wasn't this the model you can literally snap in half?
    FumezFK8's avatar
    That's the 10 pro, this one is quite a bit stronger
  23. ggidd's avatar
    Amending your own expired and more expensive deal after I posted a new deal at a cheaper price. Such a @MrSwitch
    All jokes aside, it was nice to see it a little cheaper and I plumped for it
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    I didn't touch the deal fella.
  24. cp1's avatar
    Ah rubbish. I did wonder if it was going to come from one of the EU Amazons as all the reviews are in European languages and the delivery time was always a few days rather than next day.
    FumezFK8's avatar
    That's why I held off. Not a single review from the UK. I think you can get a refund for the price of the original charger tho if you speak to them
  25. Hurgz1976's avatar
    Hi Switchy hope you're well. Sorry confused regarding the European charger comments. Is the phone and charger different,/incompatible in the UK? Any downsides we should know about?
    Also was wondering how this compares to an oppo X5 find. As that's the phone i have right now
    Cheers mate (edited)
  26. upps_1's avatar
    Bought the phone, just need a case. Anyone know where I can get hold of an original oneplus Jade Green cover?

    The oneplus website only has black version.
  27. Andy2222's avatar
    Amazon customer support refused to give me the £69.99 refund and asked me to return the device asap. Maybe I just got unlucky?
    ggidd's avatar
    Try again, different rep sometimes different response. After all that fuss I'm sending mine back, I have a 8 week old and the reality is my money is better spent on her currently (no more purchasing just for the hell of it for me). It was fun to see the charge speed though
's avatar