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OnePlus 10T 5G (UK) 8GB RAM 128GB Storage SIM-Free Smartphone with 150W SUPERVOOC - £479.84 @ Amazon

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£140 off new direct from Amazon

Features & details

  • 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition - A day's power in 10 minutes and double the battery lifespan. An AI algorithm intelligently learns your individual charging schedule to deliver the fastest charging speed.
  • Flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform - The fastest Snapdragon mobile platform delivers ultimate performance at your fingertips through 10% higher CPU and x4 Faster AI Speed.
  • 6.7" 120Hz FHD+ Fluid Display - With up to 120Hz adaptive frame rate plus always-on HDR10+ and 10-bit colour for superior brightness and colour accuracy.
  • 16GB RAM and the Always Alive feature deliver uncompromising multitasking. Run up to 30 apps smoothly in the background. Plus HyperBoost Gaming Engine with GPA Frame Stabilizer and GLC (GPU Load Control) for the most compelling gaming experience.
  • "OxygenOS 12.1 - Focus on and move seamlessly between work, rest and play. Accelerate to next-level fast and smooth performance that embodies Never Settle. 5G Compatability may vary with carriers. Check with your service provider for further information. "

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    Details on camera, sd card slot?
    From what I gather, average camera and no SD card slot
  2. Avatar
    Odd combo of RAM and storage. Generous with the RAM, but not the storage.
    Pretty standard now

    8GB 128GB
    12GB 256GB
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    Storage is a deal breaker for me. I like to store files locally and can't imagine being stuck with 128gb. I know they try to push cloud services but 256gb should be minimum for flagship phones since they killed microSD slots.
    Agree. I have the oppo neo 256gb & half is already full. My wife has Samsung A51 with 128gb which is full. I put at 256gb sd card in it & all pics, etc. saved locally. In short, 256gb should be minimum nowadays.
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    Nice little phone Switchy.
    It actually is, I had it albeit for a month
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    Hot 🔥 deal from Amazon for the recent OnePlus 10T
  6. Avatar
    my 8t still rocking strong. battery still great after 2 years of 65w fast charge. briliant phones.
    Me too. Great phone for the £349 I paid for it 18 months ago. Camera not great but more than useable under most circumstances and pretty decent in good light. And the 65w charging still blows my mind . And doesn't seem to have impacted battery life.
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    Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
    Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
    Me mind on fire,
    Me soul on fire
    Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!
    All da people,
    All around me
    Feelin Hot Hot Hot!
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    I have a budget of around £600. Been wondering whether to get something like this, or wait for the pixel 7 pro to drop in price. Battery capacity, camera and clean OS are my most favourable features. Loved my Nexus 5 and my 1+ 5t
    I thought the same! Sold 1+ 8t, bought Pixel 6. It was a huge mistake! Pixel is a mess in compare to 1+ OS.
  9. Avatar
    unfortunately already settled.. with colour os
  10. Avatar
    bought cheers mate!
  11. Avatar
    Can be found cheaper on Ebay
  12. Avatar
    Camera sucks. All chinese area phones are really weird with their cameras, it seems like the photoshopped look is what sells phone in asia.

    Pixel is light years ahead of them

    otherwise this phone is great
    yea camera does suck for anything 10meters away.
    good phone otherwise (edited)
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    Guys BE WARNED, ESPECIALLY if you're interested in rooting/modding your phone, OnePlus has changed drastically in the run up and since it's acquisition by OPPO.

    Flashing/rooting, and even in some cases normal OTA updates have left this phone irreversibly bricked. This is due to the "emergency recovery"/EDL(Qualcomm emergency download mode software, not the English defence league 💀💀) being locked for use by only authorised users (i.e. officially licensed repair centres, usually only accessible through a warranty). It's been a year since the 10 pro was released, and nobody has figured out how to make use of the bootloader due to recovery tools requiring oppo server side authentication using credentials that afaik are controlled and monitored by OPPO.

    At least with OPPO phones it isn't possible to unlock the bootloader, implying that recovery is difficult, whereas OnePlus phones still allow bootloader unlocking with ease, and with their stance as a free to mod, community oriented company (at least before being acquired), this precedent is risky.

    My advice, avoid OnePlus altogether, awful company, built on a community now left in the shadows
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