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OnePlus 3T "Refurbished Like New" SIM Free - 64GB version £149/128GB version £159 - From GiffGaff (£10 top up reqd if not GiffGaff user)
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OnePlus 3T "Refurbished Like New" SIM Free - 64GB version £149/128GB version £159 - From GiffGaff (£10 top up reqd if not GiffGaff user)

Posted 4th Jul

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

OK I know this phone was released two and half years ago, and the specs are now showing their age. But for anyone who is not a major gamer, and just wants a well rounded phone solid aluminium phone with decent storage, a nice AmoLED screen and a reasonably decent camera, I personally don't think you can go far wrong. it will still run all major apps with no issues and be a great workhorse.

OnePlus are still supporting this phone and are saying it will get Android Q when this is released.

Main Specs
Snapdragon 821
16MP Rear Camera
Finger Print Reader
1080p (16:9 Ratio Screen)

The 64GB version is £149 and the 128GB version is £159, plus a £10 top-up if not currently on on GiffGaff.

I recently purchased the OnePlus 5T from GiffGaff, which I was going to post on here, but seem to have sold out for £199. It again came as "Refurbish Like New", and did not come in the original box. But the phone was genuinely like new, with the OnePlus manufacturer stickers on the rear of the phone.

Points to bear in mind, GiffGaff sell the phone on its own with only a USB-C cable, and will not come with the much loved speedy "Dash Charger", OnePlus are renowned for. It still charges perfectly fine with any normal USB charger, however at a more glacial pace!

Phone comes with a 12 month warranty and are completely unlocked, using mine on ID Mobile with no issues.
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Don't forget the £50 Topcashback when you activate a SIM!!
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Hi @g-diddy your oneplus 5t is showing as in stock. That's probably a better deal
That 5t is tempting. :/
Is the battery new? My 3t battery isn't very good after 2 years.
Freezing cold and there will be no Q from Oneplus on this devices.
That battery has got to be poor. My 5t started to show its life after 1.5 years
I'm still running the 3 and it's just as good as day 1. Granted this phone wont get Android Q, but how many other £150 phones will?

Even though the design now looks dated with big bezels at the top and bottom, an 800 series CPU and 6GB RAM, still makes this phone a beast. As a casual user, I get either 2h of screen on time, with 3 days between charges or 3h of SOT with 2 days between charges.
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