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Trade-in your old device for one plus 7 for up to £690 discount and £40 cashback @ OnePlus
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
OnePlus wants to lure you over to its 7 series so much that it's offering cash incentives and money off if you trade in your old iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei, which it will presumabl… Read more
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Didnt want my Nokia 8210 330 for S10


490 for an s10+ 512g b silly prices


130 for iPhone 6splus


It gave me an offer of £0 on a like new Note 8 lol. Oneplus must think people are stupid!


You must be doing something wrong, because the note 9 is £300

Oneplus 7 Pro Almond - Limited Edition Now on Sale - £699 @ OnePlus
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
The new almond colour of the Oneplus 7 Pro is now on sale. It's the 8gb Ram + 256Gb Storage Edition. If you check Ebay there's loads of free links to get £10 or £20 off your pur… Read more

Red magic 3 had.a 90 hz screen first also so I don't see a £300 difference, especially with the Magic 3 having superior performance and a bigger battery But yes ech to their own ;) And the camera is not top notch so saying it won't change the that, even Youtubers are finding it hard to blag it and the word average is now being used. That magic firmware Dxo had, still hasn't turned up yet. (:I


Each to their own as I say. Red Magic 3 as I say like any other Fhd Oled screens, I like QHD Oled Notchless display and with the bonus 90Hz making it a good buy for me. There will be few clumsy ones just like how some drops their phones on hard floors or somehow damaged the screen and so on... Well to me it's top notched but as i say I am no 'PRO' photographer. "IP certification also covers dust and dust in the camera lenses is being reported" that I never heard or seen that report but will check, I know I see dust 'on' my camera (front) but just a wipe and it goes away


The camera is not top notch, that much has been established no matter what OP have done. 2 reports of water damage on the forum, I bet they wished IP certification was included with a minimum of $250 repair bill if it is only the Mobo. IP certification also covers dust and dust in the camera lenses is being reported. With the Red Magic 3 at £419 direct. £700 for a OP Is looking rather expensive.


Well person differs from person I am happy with buying off contract phones :)


£700 for a OP, really I wouldn't pay £700 for the S10+ unless it was a contract deal £700 + a decent sim will see 2 years at around £1060, you can get any device for that kind of money with a big data package.

Oneplus 7 Pro Mirror Gray 6 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage - £649 / 5% off £616.55 with 'student' discount at oneplus
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
With the oneplus store you can get 10% off any OP gear & accessories and 5% off the device itself. To get this discount all you need is a Student Beans account which doesn't ma… Read more

This looks interesting! (cheeky)


u can buy student emails if u know where to look that work with unidays and the likes for as little as $2


I'll be doing the same. My 5 has been faultless, so much so that I'm contemplating not upgrading.


Nice upgrade from a 5 , massive change in design etc.


Samsung S10Plus is £899 for 128GB Just ordered the oneplus 7 had the 5 for 2 years never had a single issue with it and never had to reset my device in the full 2 years no slow downs atall great phones

Student discount on One Plus (including 7 pro) - 5% off a handset and 10% off accessories with studentbeans
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Not sure if everyone is aware but students can get 5% off a handset and 10% off accessories with One Plus using their studentbeans account. Worth mentioning considering how ridicul… Read more

I created a Student Beans account, but left it without verifying the email (as I don't have one) then made an account on OnePlus. Then went onto the OnePlus student programme page where it asks you to log into your student beans account. I clicked log in, typed in my student beans account details, then SB asked to verify the university email, but I closed the box down. When it went back to OnePlus, it said it had accepted my log in and gave me a code.


How did you do it?


I'm not a student but I managed to glitch the OnePlus website into giving me the student discount (y)


Or £10 off accessories with a referral link. 👀

Oneplus 7 Mirror Gray  - 6GB RAM + 128 GB Storage £499 or 8GB RAM + 256 GB Storage £549 @ Oneplus
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Good prices for the 6t 7 Dimensions 157.7×74.8×8.2 mm Weight 182g Back Material 3D Glass, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Colors Mirror Gray / Red(CHINA&INDIA only) Operating Sy… Read more
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This. MIUI is a terrible skin. OxygenOS is rated number 2, number 1 being Google's pure Android itself, which says alot.


Really shame that one plus heading the wrong way with their pricing scheme ...


Is it two times as good as the pocophone? No. Is it priced at twice the price of the pocophone? Yes. Oneplus started off as the cheap alternative to big companies, but is slowly and surely joining them as well. Xiaomi is the new Oneplus.


Only thing I dislike about the Honor View 20 is the rear fingerprint scanner (just found out ;( ). It even has an IR blaster which I loved on my LG G4. I keep on coming back to the P30 Pro,unfortunately. Too expensive for me though.


The view 20 with its bigger battery is a big selling point for me. There is only really the P30 Pro that beats it, flagship phones anyway. The Honor 20 will be interesting.

OnePlus 7 Pro Snapdragon 855 6GB 128GB 4000mAh - £649 @ OnePlus
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Amazing price for the specs. One of the best cameras on the market (according to DxOMark), Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and more!
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looks like a cool project to mod to a clear back case so you can see the mechanical moving parts #steampunk


There is an update for the camera already,news-30103.html


The screen looks amazing I just worry about battery life with it on max settings.. and so it'd be a waste to have a better screen. Saying that I still want one (y)


dont understand the constant back and fourth about the screen when a lot of reviews say it actually feels more fluid and the camera itself imo actually looks pretty good when watching the whostheboss comparison with p30 pro and s10+ i'm gonna get it and if it doesn't live up to it especially the battery then ill just return


Don't forget you can get a 5 percent discount buying direct from oneplus if you have a Student beans account.... And 10 percent off of accessories..

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OnePlus Fast Charge Car Charger - direct from OnePlus £12.49 / £17.48 Delivered
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
OnePlus Fast Charge Car Charger - direct from OnePlus £12.49 / £17.48 Delivered
One fastcharging port so that you can charge your OnePlus phone from 0 to 60% in 30 minutes flat - take the superior Fast Charge experience on the road. Crafted from a single slab… Read more

Thanks TopTrump. Great find and ordered


O2 branch had no stock (apparently due to throttling of stock from OnePlus) and was trying to get me to buy a Belkin unit claiming that it was more powerful (which was complete BS as he was quoting the sum of both ports' power output as available to one device - he was winging it). Same sales staff said he couldn't price match anyway. Lack of knowledge is what's killing the high street. O2 have got it on their site for full-extra price @ £29.99, but you might want to try calling them on 0344 809 0202 to see if they'll price match.


O2 sometimes run promotions on OnePlus's accessories 25% or thereabouts off. I presume you've got the 6T, as the 6's protector £14.36 @ OnePlus. It is worth getting the genuine though to not ruin the user experience. Fit n finish is superior to the next best brand I found, Orzly which wasn't quite right (non-chamfered edges, non-matching screen bezel borders and a couple of air bubbles). Maybe they've improved for the 6T?


That's good enough for me Waiting for the glass screen protector to come down in price it's £18 + pounds 😳


Site's product description "In the Box: 1 x OnePlus Fast Charge Car Charger 1 x OnePlus Fast Charge Type-C Cable" Not sure of the cable's length though.

Oneplus Special 5th Anniversary Offers - Including Up To Half Price Accessories Prices from £499 @ Oneplus
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Oneplus Special 5th Anniversary Offers - Including Up To Half Price Accessories Prices from £499 @ Oneplus
As well as the new Mclaren orange 20gb oneplus 6t. They also have some 5th anniversary offers on, as well as up to 50% off accessor… Read more

Lol (lol)


Wow $700 for a OP device. (shock) this price is going to put the 5G $800+ I wonder what it will be here? ,£649 -£679? McLean £747-£779 for the 5G I think we have now gone well past the affordable tag. Carl will be in for the hard sell any day soon. (pirate)


Make sure you get the car adapter too! The fast charging is just as quick as it is in a regular socket.


Thanks I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I'll try CEX in the new year for a genuine cable for my car.


Their official cables are extremely sturdy as long as you don't tug at the cables all day long. My one has received a lot more abuse than my iPhone, Samsung, Nexus and Pixel ones but has still held up unlike the others. Quite a few times I've forgotten the phone was in charge, I've then tugged at it hard which pulled the charger out, but still, never had a problem and I've had this charger for a couple of years now.

Oneplus 6T Mclaren Edition 10GB RAM + 256GB Storage - Speed Orange £649 @ Oneplus
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Too much for a oneplus? You decide I guess, speed orange with 10gb ram, yes 10gb, overkill? 10GB RAM + 256GB Storage Tech Specs Optic AMOLED 6.41 i… Read more

The Oneplus 6T uses LP-DDR4X memory modules. These are available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 8GB capacities. 6GB version = 4GB+2GB LP-DDR4X 8GB version = 4GB+4GB LP-DDR4X 10GB version = 8GB+2GB LP-DDR4X Assuming there is an advantage to running LP-DDR4X within dual-channel mode, the 8GB version may hold a small performance advantage when >4GB is ram is needed. Of course, if >8GB should ever be required then the 10GB version will hold an advantage.


When I put phone in basket, I had a voucher for a free accessorie, got a free phone case voucher aswell.


How did you get them I only got a free case for first time registering


Ooh, we like free goodies, good on you :D


Ordered this last night. 2 week wait as expected but recieving a free backpack and an additional protection case.

Oneplus Deals - FREE Stuff - On The Road Bundle/Double Power Bundle/High Power Bundle @ Oneplus - £499
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Oneplus Deals - FREE Stuff - On The Road Bundle/Double Power Bundle/High Power Bundle @ Oneplus - £499
As you don't really get discounts on the phones from the oneplus site, they do these deals every so often, and this just happens to be thier black friday/cyber Monday deals... On… Read more

I don't believe there was a code.


Was there a code to use on this. I ordered one and it only came with one charger. Kevin Bob on chat has refused to give me another one as I did use a code.


Additional 5% Discount on this price if you are eligible for the Student program. Just ordered the OnePlus 6T Double Power Bundle for my son at £502.55 (down from £529)


Cex sell them dirt cheap.


Disappointed there's no discount on official charge cables (annoyed) . Anyone know the best place to get them?

Oneplus Black Friday Deals (Oneplus 6 - £399 & More)
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Oneplus Black Friday Deals (Oneplus 6 - £399 & More)
Doing some googling and found the oneplus black friday site, most of the prices are live from what I can tell apart from the Oneplus 6 at £399 Deals: Oneplus 6 - £399 Oneplus 6 ac… Read more
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Agreed, even the slow option is £4! Joke Also, the OnePlus Fast Charge bundle is reduced, but it comes out much cheaper to buy the charger and cable separately! Bundle is either £27.53 (100cm cable) or £32.28(150cm). Buying the charger + cable separately comes out at £21 (100cm) or £26 (150cm). Lol Even the OnePlus 6 cases are not much reduced - especially since it's a six month old phone, you would think they would.I got the Nylon + Sandstone cases from AliExpress for almost the same price (inc delivery) as the reduced Nylon price on the Oneplus site - and that does not even include delivery!


£7.99 delivery! They're having a laugh


Is a good price for the handset, when you can pay £94 less? And also pay £119 for a MI8.


You do know the pin configuration is different to normal type C (shock) I would not use a OP charger on anything other than a OP or an OPPO. Just saying. (y)


For an Android phone or this Android phone?

Oneplus 6T Student Discount 5% | 6GB RAM | 128GB - £475 @ OnePlus
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Posted 29th Oct 2018Posted 29th Oct 2018
5% discount Via Student Beans on devices or 10% on anything else. Also for anyone who is not a student it is possible to join student beans if you have a .edu, email and s… Read more
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I don't think creating trial accounts is illegal. More of a loophole if you have more than one email address.


How much for?


Its a shame that it's available from Carphone Warehouse but with contract only and contract price with OP6T is big joke


Which you can buy on ebay ;)


I don't think you can unless you have an email address

OnePlus 6T | In-Display fingerprint | Android Pie | 6/8GB RAM | 128/256GB | £499 @ OnePlus
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Posted 29th Oct 2018Posted 29th Oct 2018
OnePlus 6T | In-Display fingerprint | Android Pie | 6/8GB RAM | 128/256GB | £499 @ OnePlus
New OnePlus 6T, waterdrop notch and in-display fingerprint reader Specs; AMOLED / 6.41" / 2340x1080 / 19.5:9 Android 9.0 Pie / Snapdragon 845 / Adreno 630 / 6/8GB RAM 16MP + 20MP … Read more
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I ordered the thunder purple today


Yep, having been around when a mobile cost hundreds and you were charged to receive calls as well as make them even an iPhone X represents good vfm. We need to lose the Phone tag, I get fed up with "...for a phone" comments, it's a pocket computer that has a phone app. I use my phone every single day. The daily cost over its life span is a pittance!


And the complainers spend £5 a day on coffee :) I have the One Plus 6 from day one or nearly day one and it has been fine. Battery lasts over a day unless real heavy use and it reboots in seconds rather than a minute and all apps seem to work in unison given the 6/8GB RAM.


Which branch of O2 was this and name of assistant por favor?


Hey guys, so I was very lucky yesterday to bag the 8gb ram 256gb midnight black from O2 yesterday for £478.20 in-store. Long story short, guy on tills didn't seem to know or care what he was doing and applied 20% student discount off the handset rather than the usual 10%. So £579 plus £15 top up minus £115.80 = £478.20. Anyway onto the phone itself, I upgraded slightly from the 6 which my other half is having. The 6T is an even more beautiful phone with the display, (big fan of the tear drop) don't know why but seems ever so slightlly brighter and vibrant than the 6, I was a little worried about the In-display fingerprint sensor being slow or not working with other apps, banking, PayPal, however am pleased that all those apps work and that the fingerprint sensor after setting up a few of my prints works relatively well, not as good or as fast as a dedicated one but with software updates I'm sure it'll improve. Build quality for the phone is excellent as usual, sound quality is good and loud enough, just ashame no dual speakers. The cameras are pretty much the same in terms of quality of photos taken as the 6. Lastly the software and UI is as fast, slick, stock like as always. I recommend the phone but probably not worth the upgrade for those going from a 6 or even possibly a 5T. Lastly just some advice, the pre-applied screen protector on my device had about 7 bits of dust under the protector which looked like dead pixels, I was convinced they were until I removed it but relieved that they'd all disappeared, just a heads up.

New Bundles Added - OnePlus 6 Midnight Black/Silk White/Mirror Black - 256/128/64GB + Free Accessories - Inc Bullets/Cases/Chargers - Starting From £469 @ OnePlus
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Posted 22nd Sep 2018Posted 22nd Sep 2018
New Bundles Added - OnePlus 6 Midnight Black/Silk White/Mirror Black - 256/128/64GB + Free Accessories - Inc Bullets/Cases/Chargers - Starting From £469 @ OnePlus
New Bundle Added including the Big Storage Bundle Which Contains: 1x OnePlus 6 Midnight Black – 256 GB 1x OnePlus Bullets V2 (Free) 1x Karbon OR Sandstone Case (Free) … Read more

OK you are right, the OnePlus does not have USB 3.1 but honestly who cares? That is not a deal breaker for me and probably for many people. Even though I load up my phone with movies and tv shows, the USB port speed has not been an issue for me. OnePlus already offers fast charging via USB so I'm happy with that. As far as screens go... it's fine that you like LCD screens but I for one love OLED. I love the contrast, the over colour saturation... it looks better to me. So no I don't agree about the screen on the P20 being better (though I agree it is a beautiful LCD screen). Cameras are comparable... maybe the P20 is better at some things, maybe the Galaxy S9 is better at others, maybe the OnePlus is very good... point is, I would argue that the difference is so small, it doesn't matter (at least to most people). The pictures on my OnePlus are great, and I'm very happy with them... and I also understand that to take good pictures means knowing how to take pictures, as the camera cannot do everything for you ( i.e. understanding composition). I do not want my phone to be used as a computer, mainly because Android is not designed to be a desktop OS. I'm happy to use Windows (on a laptop) and Android on my mobile device. This is something the Microsoft never understood (trying for years to put Windows on tablets), and Apple seems to get (OS X and IOS continue to be separate). Try not to focus on one particular feature (like USB 3.1) keep in mind that if you use your phone as a desktop you are in the minority, and look at the whole pictures (including price). That's how I judge a good phone. Having said all that, the P20 is an amazing phone and I'm sure I would be happy to own one.


Worcestershire sauce


No, they are both worster than amd ryzen.


Then you can use camelcamel etc which are just for price comparison . This site is for review and feedback as well. I have right to my opinion and dont care about Oneplus sheep like you. You have not even posted any local deal on this site so i dont think you live in uk . Chinese Carl Pei and Pete Lau will love you to make them another billion selling old and inferior ONEPLUS phones at high prices. Caveat Emptor.


Intel makes i7 and Celeron as well. Are both same speed and quality ?

Fed up of Apple/Samsung's prices? - look at the alternatives! Smartphones/Tablets/Watches/Laptops
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Posted 19th Sep 2018Posted 19th Sep 2018
Fed up of Apple/Samsung's prices? - look at the alternatives! Smartphones/Tablets/Watches/Laptops
Getting fed up of Samsung and Apple's high prices? Looking for some ideas for Christmas? Do you appreciate value for your money more than your status? Below are some examples… Read more
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have a look through their deals - posted shortly before this one may be hard to find as they post so many though (cheeky)


Got a link? Trying to find it but not luck so far


Possibly, but the Ticwatch S was at that price before for a short period of time, I haven't bought neither because they aren't really waterproof though some say they went to the shower ok with it.


Is the ticwatch s reduced because of the new C2? The C2 is £132 (was - now £162) on pre order: Initial impressions seem good for the price. Includes latest wear os and nfc:


Mobvoi has the Ticwatch S smart watches(black, green and white) all reduced to £142.39 GBP now On Amazon they are slightly more but also £30 off until tomorrow:

Get 10% off Oneplus Wireless bullets (now in stock for a limited time only!!) Student Program
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Get 10% off Oneplus Wireless bullets (now in stock for a limited time only!!) Student Program
Freedom from wires. Freedom from charging stress. The Bullets Wireless offer you an exceptional audio experience. Just 10 minutes of charge gives you up to 5 hours of sound. Makin… Read more

These are much better in quality. The best at this price.


Is it better than lovehoney?


Anker wireless headphones are good from Amazon, and a little cheaper.

OnePlus 6 - 256GB / 8GB Big Storage Bundle: Bullet headphones + Case £569
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
OnePlus 6 - 256GB / 8GB Big Storage Bundle: Bullet headphones + Case £569
Not sure if this has always been available, but I don't think I have seen before. The dashcharge bundle is available for £469, but that comes with 64GB and 6GB RAM. This comes … Read more
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I have an S8 Plus and I am ditching it for a OP6. The software is miles better, dash charge is unrivaled, build quality just as good, better camera and speakers, better update stream and faster unlocking capabilities. Honestly don't care about the gimmicky crap as it's a decent daily use phone. Marketing plays wonders with selling features most don't use everyday. Yes the screen is better on the S8+, but the battery life isn't. You win some you lose some, but the OP6 is pretty decent all things considered.


Now it's the my friend said thing, you what that is? Rumour without something to substantiate it. What type of repairs? Broken screen? Broken glass back? Shock damage? The 5T was a midranged phone no more, with a second rate 1080P screen that had touch latency and .a second rate camera. It s just reshelled OP5, it was ok nothing special quality or technology wise.


Lol OP had exploding and expanding batteries too. :D Infact nearly every Oem has (y)


You have a selective memory, remember this? Samsung battery fires


OnePlus 3 user of 2+ years here. Incredibly happy still. No issues whatsoever and the updates still coming thick and fast. Best phone I've ever bought, although it was slightly cheaper at 330 back then. It's also definitely paid for itself being on a 10 quid a month sim only contract.

OnePlus 6 Mirror Black 6GB+64GB + OnePlus Bullets Earphones + Dash Type-C Cable (100cm) 1 Version 100cm + Dash Charge Power Adapter - £469 @ OnePlus
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Posted 12th Aug 2018Posted 12th Aug 2018
OnePlus 6 Mirror Black 6GB+64GB + OnePlus Bullets Earphones + Dash Type-C Cable (100cm) 1 Version 100cm + Dash Charge Power Adapter - £469 @ OnePlus
Not very often you get a nice bundle from oneplus, or discount for that matter. You get the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black 6GB+64GB OnePlus Bullets Earphones (wired v2) Dash Charge Power… Read more
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Seems to be out of stock right now. Not sure how long for.


Bizarrely hot for them throwing in a few accessories


Shouldn't I be getting seven devices? Sounds like false advertising otherwise.


Still ugly lol


It's oppo's next phone and they are owned by the same company as OP.

BACK IN STOCK: OnePlus Bullets Wireless - £69 @ OnePlus
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Posted 10th Jul 2018Posted 10th Jul 2018
BACK IN STOCK: OnePlus Bullets Wireless - £69 @ OnePlus
Now back in stock: Possibly the best wireless headphones for the money. OnePlus is most known for its “flagship killer” phones like the OnePlus 6 , but the company also makes hea… Read more
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Yes there are the favourites, but OP are gaining presence. Well, for as long as they remain competitive I guess. I remember having the OnePlus One. Presentation of packaging and materials used kick the likes of Apple out the water.


I’m still yet to see anyone or meet anyone with one :/ I’d say 75% of people I see have iPhones and Samsung’s, about 10% huawei now and then the remainder usually Sony etc.


I just came from an S8+ to the OP6 and the small things I've sacrificed were worth it. Just need these bullets now. 5 hours power in 10 minutes charge. I love my airpods, but even they don't rival that!


Top stuff just ordered cheers.


They are back in stock again.

20/6 Silk White completely sold out! (told you!) 16/6 Emergency bootloader fix!! Gearbest price now £414! > TWO day shipping now * Oneplus 6 Pre-Order & Order links "All in One" Thread - 64gb & 128gb Mirror Black Midnight Black Silk White Deals!
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
20/6 Silk White completely sold out! (told you!) 16/6 Emergency bootloader fix!! Gearbest price now £414! > TWO day shipping now * Oneplus 6 Pre-Order & Order links "All in One" Thread - 64gb & 128gb Mirror Black Midnight Black Silk White Deals!
Silk white completely sold out worldwide!! Midnight Black now BACK in stock at time of this update, so if you missed the 8/256gb they have them on nextday again! If you have pur… Read more
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20/6Silk white variant completely sold out worldwide! Midnight Black back in stock at time of this comment!


UPDATE for all oneplus 6 buyers here: Suggest you get your bootloader flaw fix asap, firmware 5.1.8 will fix it properly for all OP6 handsets, but not out yet, only in alpha fix build!!!


Yep, was going to get the white, but decided against it.


I can't comment on the oneplus 6, but having used my daughters honor 10 for a good while, I'd say its possibly the perfect smartphone in its price bracket. Mega storage, mega smooth, camera is great, its lovely looking and I got it for £369 with honor Bluetooth headphones, which are currently fetching £19 on ebay, they'll probs sell for £25-£30 if I'm lucky, and so will have paid around £330-£335 for this phone, which she will keep for two years (hopefully) (cheeky)


Best way to buy anything that is either hyped up OR you will be using for stuff you want it for, I still have not actually got myself a new Nokia 7 Plus or Mi Mix 2s, still comparing for a month now, as there pros and cons with all handsets.Did you go for the 128gb? Would ask someone who has had or has both, try @Mrswitch in comment above this reply 8) Added to OP thanks (nerd)