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Oneplus 8T Pop up box bundle (Aquamarine Green 12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage + Case + Wireless Buds) £649 via OnePlus
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Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
OnePlus 8T Pop-up Bundle Aquamarine Green 12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage

Just had a go can't get the label up now so can't be sure but driver had no objection and tbh I didn't even know they were collecting the knocked when the Mrs was in and they took it box wasn't sealed and label wasn't even stuck on (lol)


Could you double check the label that they sent you, if possible? Is it up to 1KG limit?


Yeah sent back fine and refunded already couldn't fault the customer service in the same box it was sent out in on the lookout for a new phone again now


Did you manage to return it? I'm trying to return mine but the UPS label they sent me doesn't cover the size or weight of the box. I don't dare return it in case I get charged for shipping


Did you get it sorted out?

OnePlus 8t Warp Charge 65 • 120 Hz Fluid Display • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 and 5G Smartphone + Free Case - £549 @ OnePlus
Refreshed 16th OctRefreshed 16th Oct
Update 1
Free Case back in stock - 16/10
Sandstone case gift Students get 5% discount Pre-order a OnePlus 8T now for a chance to win a FREE case. Enjoy 50% OFF on Accidental Damage Protection Plan (Limited time). … Read more

Yeah I had an email from OnePlus last night to say it had been shipped, then this morning have had an email and text from DPD - the 8T will be delivered today. Seems that initial email which stated that it would be delivered yesterday was just a mistake


Says Tuesday now on tracking.


Yeah that is exactly the same situation as me. When I received no notification at 11 I emailed them and asked if they were able to estimate what time the parcel would arrive today. No response as of yet. The tracking has not been updated and still says they haven't even received the parcel yet. It is a bit misleading to send emails like that out the day before, as people will be taking days off work etc to make sure they are in. Not sure what is going on but I have gone from excited yesterday when I got the email, to confused today as I have no idea if I will get my phone today or not


I got this too, but have not received any tracking today, even though text said by 11am


I bought the pixel 5 and have been using it for a few days. Loved it at first. Especially the feel and the size. But I've decided to return it and go for the 8T instead. I didn't like the pixel screen. It kept going dark and adjusting brightness. Also taking photos hammered the battery and in the end I think the 8t is a better phone for the same money.. Plus face ID.

OnePlus Nord 8/128 in Blue or Grey plus FREE Sandstone Case and Tempered Glass Screen Protector £379 @ OnePlus
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Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
OnePlus currently bundling a free Black Sandstone Bumper Case and a free 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector with the Oneplus Nord. Free shipping.
Get deal*Get deal*

I heard the cameras on youtube reviews are really rubbish anyone here comment?


Should i go for this or get the oneplus 8? I dont play games other than emulators on my phone, maybe hearthstone or ghe xbox streaming app


go to their website direct or ask their staff instore direct but if you do not want to deal with a manufacturer direct, I see the logic of not getting stories direct


They have actually closed 8 of their stores already. Their stores were generating only half of what they used to.


Pffft, pure speculation. You could say that about any business right now during the pandemic. Besides, they've just reopened my Sheffield John Lewis. I'd rather deal with a company that currently has physical stores now than an online only trader with a poor returns policy.

OnePlus 8 256GB 12GB Smartphone Green + Free Headphone Adapter (3.5mm) + Bullets Wireless Z - £599 @ OnePlus
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Posted 6th SepPosted 6th Sep
Had a couple of these deals recently, but this one seems best value direct from the manufacturer, ships in 3 days. You get the phone, an extra 3.5mm adapter, and the bullets wirel… Read more

:) I'm hanging on to my cracked screen, rubbish battey life 3 year old Samsun Galaxy S8+ until Prime Day and/or Black Friday to see if any good smartphone deals come through. Anyone who has the One Plus 8 or Pro, or Samsun s20/s20+ , whats the battery life like on these? I had a P30 Pro (the infamous O2 refresh deal from last year :) ) but sold it as it didnt work with my Garmin watch. Loved its battery life though which seemed to last for ever. .


Poor offer compared to what is offered in the US


No it's just a higher number on a spec sheet.


What type of use would require 12GB RAM on a mobile phone? If it had 8 or 24 would there be any benefit with actual usage? Not saying it shouldn't have it, spec is just trying to keep up or beat other manufacturers but is it actually going to do anything at this level in a phone?


Haha great to know that's sorted the issue out! Same here, ofocurse these days, you got the fast refresh display, tiny bit faster and probably a better camera, but I guess it all depends how much its worth to you, I rarely use My camera and I'm pretty happy with the display and the overall performance :)

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
OnePlus Nord 128GB Smartphone + Creator Case - £379 @ OnePlus
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Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd Sep
freebie thrown in + 2 Year Warranty Features Video enhancer Reading mode Night mode Performance Operating System: OxygenOS based on Android™ 10 CPU: Qualcomm® Snapdrago… Read more

Huawei mate 20 x :D


Hi Mr Switch. I'm looking for the most powerful phone with headphone jack. Any suggestions?


Cheers, Expired not worth it for just the phone :D


All the freebies are now out of stock. So its just the phone for that price.


(lol) (lol)

OnePlus 8 Smartphone Snapdragon™ 865 90 Hz 12GB 256GB £599 + Free Bullets Wireless Z Extra Charger - £549 @ Oneplus
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Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
OnePlus 8 Smartphone Snapdragon™ 865 90 Hz 12GB 256GB £599 + Free Bullets Wireless Z Extra Charger - £549 @ Oneplus£549
Good deal :) Super Smooth Display – high resolution with a 90-Hz refresh rate – scrolling, swiping and switching through apps feels easy and effortless 16,6 cm / 6.55” AMOLE… Read more

I had OnePlus 7 for a long time. I recently bought a Poco F2 Pro. Unfortunately, it is much heavier - too much, great battery, cameras so-so, but ... the MIUI system is tragic for me. That's why I go back to OnePlus and bought the 7t Pro (similar to F2 Pro without punch hole display).


Better software experience and support along with a high refresh screen which make for a very smooth experience and day to day use. Of course if those are not important then Poco does have slightly better battery life and all screen design without any punch holes. Also has a headphone jack if that's important to you.


Still kinda crappy compared to what's offered in the US, I believe they get like $100 to $150 worth of accessories of your choosing


They are extras, as in you'll get two sets, I did the same kind of deal last year and got two cables and two 30w charging plugs


The wireless earphones and additional case are no longer being offered as free add-ons. Instead it's wired earphones only and bizarrely the charging cable and charger which are provided in the box anyway!