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20/6 Silk White completely sold out! (told you!) 16/6 Emergency bootloader fix!! Gearbest price now £414! > TWO day shipping now * Oneplus 6 Pre-Order & Order links "All in One" Thread - 64gb & 128gb Mirror Black Midnight Black Silk White Deals!
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Silk white completely sold out worldwide!! Midnight Black now BACK in stock at time of this update, so if you missed the 8/256gb they have them on nextday again! If you have pur… Read more
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20/6 Silk white variant completely sold out worldwide! Midnight Black back in stock at time of this comment!


UPDATE for all oneplus 6 buyers here: Suggest you get your bootloader flaw fix asap, firmware 5.1.8 will fix it properly for all OP6 handsets, but not out yet, only in alpha fix build!!!


Yep, was going to get the white, but decided against it.


I can't comment on the oneplus 6, but having used my daughters honor 10 for a good while, I'd say its possibly the perfect smartphone in its price bracket. Mega storage, mega smooth, camera is great, its lovely looking and I got it for £369 with honor Bluetooth headphones, which are currently fetching £19 on ebay, they'll probs sell for £25-£30 if I'm lucky, and so will have paid around £330-£335 for this phone, which she will keep for two years (hopefully) (cheeky)


Best way to buy anything that is either hyped up OR you will be using for stuff you want it for, I still have not actually got myself a new Nokia 7 Plus or Mi Mix 2s, still comparing for a month now, as there pros and cons with all handsets. Did you go for the 128gb? Would ask someone who has had or has both, try @Mrswitch in comment above this reply 8) Added to OP thanks (nerd)

OnePlus 6 from £445.55 (with student discount 5%) NOW LIVE
Refreshed 17th MayRefreshed 17th May
Cheapest price so far i've seen for the oneplus 6 but you need to have a student beans account to verify that you are a student info here… Read more
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Does anyone have a student discount code that I may use please? Studentbeans can't verify my email. Thank you


Happy with my gloss black, ordered from 02 in-store with 10% student discount with Nus Card, paid £480 for the 128gb with a £15 pay go sim.


Student discount worked after 24 hours. I guess I am just stuck behind in the queue ofg orders to be fulfilled now.


I had this same error at first. Was really annoyed as I wasted most of two hours trying to get hold of One Plus. When I did, I was informed that there was an error with the system applying discount codes and with its general working. I told them that I thought it was shambolic that they did not put out a message on the site or on email to inform customers to try again in a few hours. Anyway, its all fixed now. The website is now working just fine


Maybe why it worked on the mobile fresh platform no old caches

Oneplus 6 £469 / £519 / £569 + FREE £69 Bullets Wireless Headphones for all ticket holders! Even if you did not go to the boring launch!
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
For anyone else that may have gone and missed the FREE extra giveaway, if you buy ANY variant from the website, you will get the brand new v3 bullets wireless Blueto… Read more
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After about 50 times trying to get the order to go through, I bought a 128GB one with 4 days delivery.


Is there even a chance of being able to buy the silk white version?


If you have a ticket stub holla


Anyone have a spare ticket 🎫 code they are not going to use so I can get my hands on some free headphones, I will forever be in your debt ♥ (angel)


"To obtain the free bullets, you need to enter your ticket stub # on the pre-order page, which should be live on the 20th May @ midnight ((or before if its hidden!))" I do not get how to do this? Can you explain this please as i recieved a code for the headphones from attending the launch event but from the email i recieved in regards to redeeming these free headphones was to use it in the promo code section. I would love to be able to use this code along with my student discount. Thank you!

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One plus 5T, 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage great phone £499 @ One plus
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Looked this phone last price as my mate bought. Looks & feels really great. Specs are superb and it has got Face ID, finger print .... everything else red color looks cool.

500 note for a Oneplus (skeptical)


This is not a deal. Cold.


No deal here move on...


Didn't they cut this to 5%?


But it from O2 instead?

OnePlus 5T now with £0.01 off - £448.99 (read the description)
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Was looking for a black friday deal on OnePlus 5T and came across this - definitely the best deal i've spotted all week. About to go Arctic, but take a read through and tell me y… Read more
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Use discount code CHEAPSKATE


If anyone wants a discount code please PM me. Thanks.


Sam likes this one or does she? You decide


They need to get off their high horse. Don't they offer a student discount?


So what phone would you then recommend? That isn’t like 700£+?

Oneplus 5T 10% off with Student Discount for £404.10
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
10% off making the oneplus 5t £404.10 before shipping. You need to have student beans to get access to the discount. The phone is due to be for sale on the 21st
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Good discussion from the above posters


Mister35mm In October 2017, a researcher caught OnePlus silently collecting all sorts of data from its users. Now, a new report says that there's still a OnePlus app that can grab data from the phone and send it to servers in China without a user's knowledge or express consent. BGR reports: The French security researcher hiding behind the name Elliot Alderson on Twitter detailed OnePlus's data collection practices back in October, and he has now discovered a strange file in the OnePlus clipboard app. A Badword.txt file contains various keywords, including "Chairman, Vice President, Deputy Director, Associate Professor, Deputy Heads, General, Private Message, shipping, Address, email," and others. The file is then duplicated in a zip file called pattern alongside six other .txt files. All these files are apparently used in "in an obfuscated package which seems to be an #Android library from teddymobile." Now, TeddyMobile is a Chinese company that works with plenty of smartphone makers from China. The company seems to be able to recognize words and numbers in text messages. And OnePlus is apparently sending your phone's IMEI number to a TeddyMobile server, too. It looks like the TeddyMobile package might be able to grab all sorts of data from a phone. Even bank numbers are apparently recognized. OnePlus has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Other chinese phone manufacturers are know for similar activities.


Hi bit late to the party but oneplus are offering the 5t sandstone white edition from there website which I want to purchase, my brother goes to uni and sent me his email address but before I can put it, it's asking to log in. So do I put my email address to register them after words I put his email address or should I put his uni email address as a register email. Can someone please help me how I go on to do this. Or should I just tell my brother to purchase it for me lol


It is an awesome phone!! If you want a extra promo code for 20$ of use my Link and click "redeeming" and you get your code you can use when buying the new oneplus 5t! It helpes me out to! I get some points.. Here is the Link:

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10% off student discount on any order at one plus
Found 29th Aug 2017Found 29th Aug 2017
Simply verify your student identity with Student Beans and enjoy 10% off any order (maximum one OnePlus 5 per order). Should bring the price of new one plus 5 down to £405
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What other regions can I get it from where it's cheaper? No where that get import duty, btw.


At least the dual camera works, the OP secondary camera only work in good light. The OP camera Also has focous, white balance and colour reproduction issue. Mediocre is the word that fits it best.


Most phones are better "value" than the note 8 but they are nowhere near as good.


If this was an NUS-based discount, I probably would have taken the plunge. For me, the OP5 failed to deliver after some huge hype and was overpriced for the spec. The 'student discount' makes it almost reasonable, but given it is already available direct from manufacturer in other regions for less and given I cant get a student beans account, ill let this one slide. Its not significantly cheaper than the S8 can be bought for and given the Samsung warranty and support are far superior, I cant bring myaelf to pick up this handset unless it feels like im actually getting a good deal.


This now makes the OP5 a good deal and is really the maximum price OP should have charged for a device very similar to the previous OP3T. It seems any member of the household can buy this phone as long as they have access to the Student Beans family member's account. I wonder where this leaves potential O2 customers who are students, are O2 going to price match this deal?

Oneplus 5 £449/£499 64GB/128GB £449 @ Oneplus shop
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
Just came out, use code "Clearer Photos" for Early Bird access 64Gb 6gb Ram 128Gb 8gb Ram
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So you're all whinging about a brand new high end feature packed well supported smart phone costing £500? Remind me again how much a new iPhone or a new Samsung costs? Wake up you morons, Apple have got you brainwashed and Samsung are trying to do what Apple are doing. There are leaders and there are followers, the Apple and Samsung brigade are sheep, "Must follow, Must follow" The OnePlus brigade are the ones that dared step out of line, and are very happy having done so. As Bruce Lee said "Don't concentrate on the finger, or you'll miss the heavenly beauty above"


If it had passed certification, they'd have advertised it.


Maybe water resistant


Got my Oneplus5 in France on Monday for €499. It camfrom Hong Kong via Poland! I like it but I've decided to send it back and have ordered a LG G6 for €370 from Eglobalcentral which I think will suit me better as I've been using a LG G3 for the last few years. The charging on the Oneplus 5 is really amazingly fast but it feels slippery in my hand and there are too many control buttons. I'm sure I'd get to like if but I want to compare it to he G6 side by side. Btw I took out insurance for shipping for the G6 even though I thought the sender is liable until you receive the item. Seems like a bit of a scam to me.


Had mine for a week now. Amazing phone.

Dash Car Charger £25.99 - OnePlus 3 in stock!
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
In stock. Price includes code which was included with the new phone. Charger and cable.

Did it work then?


​Braver person than me... Good luck!


Guess I did read as an idiot in that post. But you're wrong in thinking I was mistaken. I'm aware of what it is and that it is proprietary I and even said so. I also own a 3 and a 3t tyvm. People are converting qc to it currently and claiming 90% of dash speeds, as a result you can buy dash cables and chargers for very cheap. Edit: This thread put me onto them. Figured I'd they'd crack that then they'd be cloning the chargers. Chinese phone supplier sites are full of claimed Dash chargers since Feb. So figured for £2.65 it's worth a go, I'll let you know if it worked.


​Not dash charge as it is proprietary only works with the 3 and 3t not the same as qualcomm fast charge or another other...


​This is proprietary nothing else works with it apart from 3 and 3t the

One plus 3t  128gb back in stock at OnePlus uk - £439
Found 14th Feb 2017Found 14th Feb 2017
Just ordered one of these, delivery within 7 days
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One Plus deliberately juke the phones to cheat in benchmarks. COLD.


So if you go to O2 you buy the phone on pay as you go, and then use can use the other sim, in my case monthly with iD with 1gb? On Refresh don't you buy the phone but then afto take the airtime?


I was really tempted when this came out, but did not go for it in the end as really wanted at least a 2K screen minimum due to I think it helps slightly on a screen of that size (especially when using it with VR) and also I've heard the camera is not the best (I use mine to take a lot of photos of the kids and want fairly decent ones (I know they are never going to be as good as a propper camera, but it's handy on the phone)). Im going to see what the OnePlus 5 has to offer in a couple of months.


great phone, best price available. the only reason I didn't buy it when I was looking for one end of last year is because it was out of stock


Yes, I picked up the none T version for only £336 from O2. What a bargain.

Oneplus 3t 128gb - BACK IN STOCK £439 on its website
Found 26th Jan 2017Found 26th Jan 2017
Oneplus 3t 128gb - BACK IN STOCK

link please ?


Talking about any One Plus phone, you have to speak from experience. The 3T 128gb is the best Android phone as of today. I have used the original One Plus One ever since it was released; and believe me, it is still working fine. Not only that; it was 5.0 when I got it, but it has updated to 6.01 as of today. In other words, it is as good as any of the latest phone. One Plus was about the first mobile phone with 64gb and that is the one I got. I am now going in for the 3T which still remains the best among its peers. If you haven't checked it out, please do so now and you will find that apart from 64gb and 128gb, it comes with 16mpx for both front and back camera. This is first of its kind. Don't be misled. One Plus has been rightly rated as one of the five best smartphones on the market.


Finally bit the bullet and have purchased this today.....went for 128GB, partner has got a S7 and will be interesting to compare


bought mine from oneplus at this price. no regrets, was a Samsung s7 edge and other android phone user. always love the oneplus phones and the 3t holds that up well. no slowdowns and looks the part. The 3t is by far one of the best looking and spec phones for its price. screen is beautiful. battery life has been really good too. fast and smooth. good to look at.


Whoever are hitting cold on this obviously have never used one, I have had mine for 3 months and they are brilliant phones and easily one of the best I have owned (and believe me, I have owned some of the best) with virtually the spec of the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7, but half the price of them both. What's cold about that? And if any of you are thinking "I voted it cold because it's a Chinese phone', check to see where your iPhone or Samsung is made.

OnePlus 3T Phone now available from £399
Found 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
I'm fully expecting the cold votes but just a heads up for those that are interested that OnePlus 3T's (both 64gb and 128gb variants, but in Gunmetal only) are now available to buy… Read more
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For those who may want the phone before Xmas. Now out on pay as you go @ o2 online.


​you bit. see south park season 20 for lessons on the art of trolling.


Nice one f2k8, I'm thinking of ordering one. I've emailed oneplus to ask if android auto works with no issues.


My One Plus 3T 128GB came through today finally! :D Been on it all day, absolutely love it, it's snappy as hell, I'm upgrading from a trusty LG G3 so I'm bound to notice a difference but it's actually scary how fast it is, the fingerprint sensor is ridiculous, it unlocks so quick, gone are the days of entering a password! haha I'm on Three and I have unlimited 4G data, have taken it with me while driving and I haven't dropped 4G once, I've even been using my google maps and usually I lose gps signal around certain parts of my city with my LG G3 but not at all with the OP3T, as well as that, my app reaches speeds I have never seen before. Well chuffed with it, the build quality is very impressive, bought a Karbon case along with it and the case is minimalist enough for my liking, and looks/feels gorgeous! Updated it as soon as I turned it on to the Nougat beta and I'm enjoying the new features quite a bit, battery life has also been pretty amazing, and the speaker/earphone sound is far better than most modern day phones that I've tried out prior to buying this. I'm a big fan of stock Android, and this is very stock, had doubts about OxygenOS but there's actually a lot of handy things in there and it's not as bloated as my LG G3 was at stock and a few other phones on the current market. Genuinely glad I went for this phone, for the price it's brilliant, any questions regarding the phone then just ask :)

OnePlus 3T Just Released for £399
Found 15th Nov 2016Found 15th Nov 2016
The OnePlus 3T is a turbocharged OnePlus 3 that has been announced today. It will be available on November 28th for £399. Specs: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 3,400mah battery Dash C… Read more

Forget the usd v GBP cost, look at the euro v GBP cost where no other sales tax comes into it, the UK is getting screwed over by about 20 quid more! There's NO excuse for that at all! *EDIT* Just checked the exchange rate and it's £25 MORE in the UK than the rest of Europe!


Have you seen any of Edward Snowden's revelations? Beware of spyware installed on American phones, or British ones if we made any. All the governments are at it.

madcap a little competition for the OP3T...I think this will be a lot cheaper too


I'd recommend you buy the OP3 from O2 NOW if you're interested in it. Do it before OP3 stock totally dries up. Buy the handset outright with a plan and then cancel the plan. £399 vs £336 is totally not worth it for what amounts to a slightly better processor and battery (unless you want 16mp selfies...).


Beware of trolls.

OnePlus Sandstone Case for iPhone 6/6s £4.79 delivered @ OnePlus
Found 11th Sep 2016Found 11th Sep 2016
That Never Settle feel

Excellent case. Arrived Tuesday from Poland.


Sorry too late now


Lucky lad, can I be your son too?


Wish come true. Son asked for OnePlus 3 as a first phone I got him IPhone 6s and bought this cover so both happy. Thx ocz for this link.


Ordered. Free upgrade to priority shipping too

Better phone than the iPhone 7 hype -  OnePlus 3 £340 @ Oneplus
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
get a better phone than the iPhone 7 hype as they try to catch up with the android phones
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​You can, in O2.


​Yeah, my oneplus one has lasted longer than any phone I've ever had, still not planning on upgrading anytime soon


Did the homework. Not the one that goes on fire ? ?. :(. Ordered, on way, due next week. Great phone, bargain for £329.00. delivered. Thank you for posting "angusjenkins". Ps:- Never mind about the HEAT leave that to Samsung. :D.

daver77 job done :)


Good points. ​Easily looked over when the price is low. If these where as good as they make out, you could buy one on the high street.

Oneplus 3 SD820, 64gb, 6gb Ram , NFC,  (Oneplus website) £309
Found 14th Jun 2016Found 14th Jun 2016
Brand new just released Oneplus 3 £309 for a Snapdragon 820 cpu 1080p amoled 6gb Ram 64gb storage Metal unibody and invite free!!!! will update with all the information as it's av… Read more

Any discount codes around?


Upgraded from nexus 5, I'm pretty impressed likewise. Still running oxygen OS 3.2.4


Going to probably buy a second OP3 for my OH once prices start to drop in a few months - that's how impressed I am with mine after a few months. How is everyone else doing with their OP3? Did anyone try the 3.5 uodate or even the HydrogenOS?


My missus was sortof holding out for the iPhone 7, or possibly the next Nexus, but she likes my OP3 so much she's caved ! Just ordered the new gold colour (anyone else got one?), plus a 5 pack for £12.99 - OnePlus 3 Orzly® Multi-Pack of 5 Colour Protective Flexicases - OP3 in grey and gold versions


I bought the OP3 to replace my launch day N5. I wanted a phone that should last me a few years, and wanted a phone that had potential to be supported by xda & their devs. It took me a while to adjust to the larger screen size, but everything else has been a significant improvement. The screen is better. The camera is better. The battery life is better. The speed is better. Bootlocker easily unlocked. The price is better (N5 cost me £350 + del). For what I want in a phone, the OP3 may as well be a Nexus in everything but name. I was going to hold out for the 2016 Nexus, but it is looking like it'll be more or less the same thing as the OP3, but with a resolution I don't want, and likely to be a higher price. The only reason to buy a Nexus over the OP3 is the software updates. OP3 is still a risk, unless you don't mind relying on devs (and if you have a Nexus, then you probably don't mind relying on the devs).

One plus one for £179.99
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
So oneplus UK has the original oneplus one back in stock. This was once a flagship killer, now it's a well spec'd mid range handset. 3gb ram, 5.5", Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 proce… Read more

I had one for a long time and it's a great phone, not sure why voted cold, definitely hot for me


​64gb wasn't out of stock at time of posting!


​From oneplus support via Twitter re. MM for oneplus X (3/6/16) "We're working on it and will provide more information in the coming days. Please stay tuned! Thank you."


Marshmallow for OnePlus X and soon for OnePlus 2 also.


64gb out of stock, and it has no SD card support.

OnePlus X for £189 & OnePlus X Limited Ceramic Edition for £209 incl. delivery @ OnePlus
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
Hey guys. The OnePlus X (and the OP 2) got cheaper. The OnePlus X is at £189 now (was: £199). The Limited Edition is at £209 (was: £269). The OP 2 is only price matching Amazon, … Read more
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​Get a xiaomi


​or a bank card with NFC


Yeah, I know but phones have got to critical mass, my needs are pretty primitive as I don't play hard end games I certainly won't pay more than 100 for a phone now. Once you've had cyanogen you won't go back. Maybe I can find someone to put mod on for me. After buying the oneplus one it was way overpowered for what I need. I've rationalised what I want and pay for a phone so have others I believe. I picked up a battered m4 aqua for 21 on ebayand it's perfect as a walking phone so might even go that route now


​There is a cm13 for the redmi note 3 pro iirc


that's not what i wanna hear lol. good to know though.

OnePlus Loop VR Headset suitable for OP3 Launch - £2.99 at OnePlus
Found 23rd May 2016Found 23rd May 2016
There's 30,000 of these to give away for the OnePlus 3 Launch. Just pay postage, I went for the £9.99 priority shipping. Enjoy! Back in stock as of 9:20am, Wednesday 25th May! -… Read more
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Did anyone actually buy a OnePlus 3?


Pricing in India converts to approx.£294, but obviously we will pay more! Oneplus 2 price is 3% more in UK than India, but Oneplus X is 18% more (all very approximate!) So I would guess at somewhere between £299 and £349, probably the higher end though as we are bound to get ripped off. At that price I’ll probably leave it for the time being and at least wait for reviews before deciding


more details here on amazon india


That's is the weirdest thing ever....... any who.... of to ummmn...... make a drink.... yes, make a drink.... *bedroom door slams"

OnePlus 2 - 64gb - including cover - £249 @ Oneplus
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
Great deal. Basically a premium handset at a very sensible price. I think marshmallow update is available for it now. Marshmallow is in BETA (Community build available on forums… Read more

word of warning- their CS is terrible. bought this phone but refused delivery (as instructed) as I saw the huawei p9 offer. DHL returned the phone to their London warehouse a week ago and they've not spoken to me since. opened a PayPal dispute and voila, a reply from them saying they'll not resolve the issue internally anymore as I've opened the claim. don't expect any proper CS if anything goes wrong


It's true the dirty flash process results in NO data loss.


Then explain how you don't lose data. The dirty flashing is really dirty.


I have this phone since last year. I paid £210 used but like new for it from eBay. It had loads of problems such as an unresponsive fingerprint scanner, lots of freezing, camera issues and crap battery life. Ever since they released the Marshmallow beta update it has transformed into a a totally different beast. No more freezing and stuttering, the fingerprint scanner works perfectly. The battery life is still ropey though, I get around 3-4 hrs sot. I'm using a Galaxy S7 now but still have the OP2. Great phone for the price. Heat added.


waiting for the mi5 at a similar price. much higher specs at roughly the same price. supports UK 4G bands except O2. I use EE so will be fine