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Fujifilm X-E3 Camera Body (Silver)  £448.54 @ one stop digital
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Fujifilm X-E3 Camera Body (Silver) £448.54 @ one stop digital. £719.99 on amazon

Tempted to sell my x-t20 to get this. I find the viewfinder awkward on the x-t20. Seems the main differences are x-t20 has adjustable screen and built in flash x-e3 has Bluetooth (real-time GPS tagging phone mobile)and extended iso and bracket modes. Smaller but flash is not built in( one included in the box) Doing the Inca trail next year so also looking to get an rx100m5 when a good deal turns up


I have Fujis with and without and whilst I like having the feature, I rarely use it. A quality EVF has become far more useful to me. A T20 may meet your needs.


Looks like a decent camera. Shame no articulating screen otherwise would have been tempted.


Wonderful camera



Canon EOS M3 with 15-45mm & 22mm Lenses OR 55-200mm Lenses - £439.61 @ One Stop Digital
Found 22nd Feb 2018Found 22nd Feb 2018
Canon EOS M3 with 15-45mm & 22mm Lenses OR 55-200mm Lenses - £439.61 @ One Stop Digital
Canon EOS M3 with 15-45mm & 22mm Lenses OR 55-200mm Lenses available in white or black. (This is price for Body + 2 lenses) Company is from HK but very good and definitely leg… Read more
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purchased from them before...also get a further 5.99 with their voucher + quidco cashback better deal for those that only want 1 lens !!


Not only a scam website but also a single lense - no thanks



Don't forget PayPal offer money back on return shipping costs. I think you get 12 in a year and it's something like upto the value of £15.


That is a good price, get this on John Lewis price match and you're good, except... This is for Body and 2 lenses: 15-45 and Prime 22mm or Kit 55-200mm (which for extra £40 you get lens worth £200+) Depends do you want international camera.

Nintendo Switch (Grey) Bundle WIth 1-2 Switch Game Only £299.95 @ Onestop
Found 25th Apr 2017Found 25th Apr 2017
Nintendo Switch (Grey) Bundle WIth 1-2 Switch Game Only £299.95 @ Onestop
Ordered mine the other day and it came today. So definitely a legit deal and with the RRP of the console the 1-2 switch works out at approx £20 which is better price than anywhere!… Read more
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Canon 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 III Lens - £75.11 Delivered @ Onestopdigital
Found 23rd Jul 2015Found 23rd Jul 2015
Canon 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 III Lens - £75.11 Delivered @ Onestopdigital
Great beginner lens with good reviews - cheapest I have found it new. Free standard delivery too. The lightest 4x telephoto zoom lens in its class. Ideal for sports, portraiture,… Read more
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wow - makes it even better it usually gets slated and i assumed was mainly due to optics but must be due to no IS personally whenever i use a long lens its something thats needing a high shutter speed anyway so IS isn't such a big factor on this i thought


For ~£50 it's not too bad although as previously mentioned the lack IS is a bit of a strange omission, but then I guess it's intended for bodies with sensor-shift. Also according to DXO mark it comes out as slightly better than the 55-250.


what you taking pictures of in the woods that wouldn't need high shutter speed for anyway? i guess in the woods you could use a gorillapod or similar also


What a crock of poop. This doesn't even have IS...hardly any use for the photography virgin. How often do you see a photography intern lugging around a big tripod round the woods? At a sporting event?...or anywhere? Complete waste of time, it's not bitching - grow up you defensive numpty


i think as many give up after a bit then this could be a decent buy, seems to sell for 50+ on ebay so not much of a loss if want to upgrade etc not really a case of 'a lot of mediocre' - this and kit covers most to start so its one additional cheap lens the usually recommended (i think) 55-250 is not too expensive though and much better rated for those more sure of themselves

Nicky soft touch 18 x luxury embossed 2 ply  rolls £4.00 at Onestop
Found 1st Sep 2013Found 1st Sep 2013
Nicky soft touch 18 x luxury embossed 2 ply rolls £4.00 at Onestop
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Home Bargains sell Nicky Elite (3ply) toilet rolls 9 pack for £2 or 18 pack for £4.


Same price in Farmfoods, has been for years.


Also at Home Bargains 9 for £2 and 18 for £3.99 - regular line The bests quality loo roll for the cheapest thick and soft much better than many of the usual brands in my opinion

Fuji X100s £827.99 delivered @ onestop digital
Found 7th Jul 2013Found 7th Jul 2013
Fuji X100s £827.99 delivered @ onestop digital
good price from a great company cheaper than the recent digital rev deal

Great camera, sign of things to come. Loving mine


Jeez £800 plus... Give it a few months youl get it for £600


They didn't mine. Said the receipt (from Onestop Digital) didn't quality as a VAT receipt. Sorry, but cold from me on account of experience. ****EDIT**** Mine was an X100, not an X10. The rest still stands though.


fuji uk honour warranty they fixed my X10 no problem :)


Haven't used them in a while but good to see they still have the no customs charge commitment in their t&c; think I'd need to know the warranty on these hk imports was valid in the uk - it's a great price but less so if you have to send it to Hong Kong for any repairs.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6 G ED VR DX Lens £98.99 or £108.98 with 7 years warranty at Onestop Digital
Found 12th Jun 2013Found 12th Jun 2013
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6 G ED VR DX Lens £98.99 or £108.98 with 7 years warranty at Onestop Digital
Great price for a great lightweigt compact zoom lens that works with all Nikon F mount DSLR's, has decent reviews too. Could not find Onestop Digital on TCB or Quidco but they ha… Read more
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Nice lensfor the money. I paid £120 from Amazon recently.


This is a good lens...voted hot.


I have the 70-300 F4.5-5.6 AF-S VR spotted this up while looking for a good deal on the 35mm F2


Think you'd be better off with this..


Good Warranty !

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon (Other Mounts as well) £304.00 @ onestop digital
Found 3rd May 2013Found 3rd May 2013
Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon (Other Mounts as well) £304.00 @ onestop digital
Hello, I am after this lens for a long time, came across this deal thought will pick up others thoughts over it as well. This seem to be cheaper than US prices as well. And for a … Read more
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Brilliant lens at a good price new. I bought mine mint second hand for £250 as my friend was selling his to upgrade to the newer constant f3.5 version.


Thanks, this makes sense now. I am planning to buy one, and wanted to understand what should I go for, and this just helps me in making the decision.


I'm after a UWA lens. I'm leaning toward the Tokina 11-16 F2.8 (limited zoom range but fast). £599 from WEX or as you don't seem to mind grey imports £420 from Hdew or £417 at ProCameraShop Links to the new DX II version - the older model is cheaper. I can't speak as to the service of the latter two shops. Just another option.


It's difficult to get heat for a HK supplier as so many people don't like buying imports. This lens is ~£350 on Amazon, so I guess a lot of people will try and find the extra ~£40 to buy from a UK supplier. You should check the dpreview review and the the-digital-picture review There are plenty of sample shots here too


I prefer Sigma over all the other 3rd party DSLR Lens' makes. Not sure about this one, though, bit of mixed reviews. If you want an in-depth analysis of DSLRs and related accessories, then you will be best advised to research Cheers.

Nikon SB-400 Speedlight TTL Shoe-Mount Flash £87.71 @ OneStopDigital
Found 23rd Apr 2013Found 23rd Apr 2013
Nikon SB-400 Speedlight TTL Shoe-Mount Flash £87.71 @ OneStopDigital
Was on the lookout for a good entry level flash for my Nikon and came across this. Seems to be cheapest I can find. The company ships out of Hong Kong but offer a VAT guarantee s… Read more

Arrived from Currys outlet on ebay with case and manual. Looks fine


Better indoor photos?


Why would you want a flash mounted on your shoe?

bfreesun I've just bought one "unsealed" from Currys ebay outlet for £89.99 inc delivery and I assume VAT paid. Buyer pays return postage is easier to Currys than Hong Kong and no vat or duty hassles


5-6 weeks is the free post option you can pay £10 for 2-3 day the camera will be marked with low value thats why they offer to pay duty if you get stung you are supposed to declare the full value to hmrc otherwise its fraud

Canon 7D Camera Body £673.99 @ Onestop Digital
Found 14th Mar 2013Found 14th Mar 2013
Canon 7D Camera Body £673.99 @ Onestop Digital
Pretty good price for this from a company with good reviews.

Thanks for your post agalk - most useful. How did you process the Canon Cashback? Did you encounter any problems with Canon as per "Specific seller exclusions" ?


I have got cash back on onestopdigital before from canon ,just printed out the email invoice and posted the cash back form with it included , happy days


you have to go to their site and next to the price is the link to the 3% discount rule, unable to paste the link here as I've received an infraction for breaching HUKD rules regarding self promotion, very funny considering I"ve bought my 7d from them in October and wanted to share it with others as I thought this website is for it!!!


How do you get the 3% off ?

ivan1996 Check out "shipping" - "All orders are shipped from Hong Kong."

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £458.88 @ OneStopDigital
Found 5th Mar 2013Found 5th Mar 2013
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £458.88 @ OneStopDigital
Next cheapest on camerapricebuster is £610.90 (Amazon) Although onestopdigital ship out from Hong Kong they offer a VAT garantee, therefore there are NO import charges to worry ab… Read more

True. Someone ran a comparison review against the stonking NIkon 14-24mm - it actually fared incredibly well for quality. Personally speaking if I upgraded to a FF I'd not use my Tokina 11-16 ( on it unless a situation demanded it (and I'm more likely to have sold it to cover a EF lens :)


The Tokina is an excellent lens on a crop also and prices have come down since the release of the MkII. It also has the advantage of f/2.8 throughout but lacks the reach of the Canon and as stated it can be used on FF but as a prime at 16mm


Good price, just can't afford it at the moment!


Local, perhaps, if you live in Hong Kong.


I love my 10-22mm!

[Price Drop] Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens £112.88 @ onestop digital
Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
[Price Drop] Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens £112.88 @ onestop digital
Was umming and ahhing about the old deal (at £124.59) now it's dropped again to £118.88, bit of a steal! Edit: Dropped again, £112.88 now!
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Good deal. I've ordered once from them and would recommend them to anyone who doesn't care about their trying to evade tax/customs. Would be even better if they matched the US price (you get it for $149 (£91) in almost every major shop that sells photography equipment, in most states without sales tax) but they won't.


Your words not mine! haha




That's the main reason for it really(well, not the main but one of them), it's a great lens if you enjoy snapping people going about their day-to-day business without your camera standing out like a sore thumb!


would you buy this if you had the nifty fifty ? it would be handier for a subtle walkaround setup

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens - Onestop Digital - £459.95
Found 25th Nov 2012Found 25th Nov 2012
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens - Onestop Digital - £459.95
Online only Just about to buy this as it's the cheapest I can find and over £100 less than Amazon. But, before clicking, I thought I'd post here and see what the community though… Read more

do people get the extended warranty when they buy from onestop?


Got an email from Canon telling me I'd been a very naughty boy for buying from a grey market and that they would be investigating. Not heard anything since. Cash back is a definite no no I'm afraid.


any luck with cashback??


Price has come down to £449.88 at Onestop Digital.


Ordered 2 days ago and got in from work this evening to see it sitting on the kitchen table. Great care in packaging. Product in perfect condition. Have applied for cashback, fingers crossed I have no issues with that. DigitalRev are a great company, I'd highly recommend buying from them. Great price.... Now back to my new lens :)

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pencake Lens 124.59£  @ OneStop-digital
Found 2nd Nov 2012Found 2nd Nov 2012
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pencake Lens 124.59£ @ OneStop-digital
Amazing lens in amazing price. I ordered mine on Tuesday at 8pm and it came today at 11am. Price is 40£ cheaper then amazon. Although I paid extra 10£ for express delivery. Onesto… Read more

Can't believe selling for £179, while Amazon US selling for $149!!


Why not ?


Hk import. Do not buy


This sounds like a good deal. The UK price is £179 (from Wex), £54 premium, or 43% of the price. If buying the UK stock just for the warranty then it implies that you're thinking more than 43% of the chance you'll get the lens repaired within a year. Canon won't survive if it's true.


Great lens. I have one for doing video. Focus is inaudible in video. Not the quickest, but it's a trade off. The 40mm makes it more like a 50mm if you have a crop.

Nikon D3200 Camera Body £419.99 Delivered @ Onestop Digital
Found 19th Jul 2012Found 19th Jul 2012
Nikon D3200 Camera Body £419.99 Delivered @ Onestop Digital
The Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera is a professional imaging machine in the truest sense. It captures stunning high-resolution JPEG and RAW still photos and HD 1080p video via its … Read more

Great amateur camera with tonnes of new features, not so sure about the Non-UK seller.




"The Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera is a professional imaging machine in the truest sense" Erm, No it's not.


Have used them in the past to buy lenses and would do so again - no sure I would buy a low-end camera body though - more to go wrong in which case you are reliant upon their '12 months "Return to Hong Kong" warranty'.

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £505.99 delivered @ OneStopDigital
Found 29th Nov 2011Found 29th Nov 2011
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £505.99 delivered @ OneStopDigital
Next cheapest: Dixons @ £576.61 (Amazon not in stock) This is a fantastic price for a great lens, thought I picked up a bargin last year when I picked it up for £540. OSD has fan… Read more

This is a great lense if you own a crop sensor Canon. (controversially) I recomend it as the first purchase after a kit lense for anyone looking to build a collection - it's great for any situation where you are going to be close to the subject and as a beginer you are going to be in the wrong place a lot, this lense is very forgiving. The quality of the build will give you a bit of a taste why spending a little more on a lense is worthwhile. I recomend it over the sigma or other cheaper solutions - because it holds it's value really well.


Your not a proper snob, if you were it would have to have a capital "L" after the name. :D


Yes have done..just in case..


Just FWIW, I own this lens (bought it for £650! :p) but I don't begrudge it as I wanted it to take away on holiday the next day and I've taken some truly great shots with it, then and since. A wide angle lens isn't needed by everyone, but allows for some pictures that just wouldn't be possible with the 18mm or so provided by a kit lens. Just be careful if using the wider focal lengths for portraits - the results can start to look unflattering if you're using the edge of the frame!


The same yorkshire cameras as maybe?

Nikon D3100 Kit (with 18-55mm VR Lens) £381.09 @ OneStopDigital
Found 5th Oct 2011Found 5th Oct 2011
Nikon D3100 Kit (with 18-55mm VR Lens) £381.09 @ OneStopDigital
bargain !!!! The Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera is an affordable, compact, and lightweight photographic power-house. It features the all-purpose 18-55mm VR lens, a high-resolutio… Read more
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used onestopdigital few times. their service is great. good prices too. delivery on average 2-3 days (depends what time of day you buy) yes, and it's from HK !


You may be better off buying from other places such as Best Buy (with Quidco) or look here


You'll probably be charged customs import tax as well.They say in their terms that they will refund it but just try claiming it back!

PintMcPint The next cheapest is Pixmania. I have never used them but they are not too liked by people on here.


great !!! , its "Sorry, this is temporarily out of stock and not availabe for email when stock is back" seems they are not going to stock it anymore ... can u find cheaper than this any where else ?

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £539.99 @ OneStopDigital (Pricematch)
Found 17th Jun 2011Found 17th Jun 2011
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens £539.99 @ OneStopDigital (Pricematch)
Next cheapest on camerapricebuster is £610.96 This wide angle lens is currently £559.99 on one stop digital but they are pricematching to £539.99. I ordered this l… Read more

Never mind, goods are shipped from HK


are these guys UK based selling UK stock?


As CameraBox currently have no stock, OneStop won't price match sadly. Which is unfortunate, as I'd also like to purchase this! :p


Direct bank transfer has zero protection for online fraud. I would rather pay an extra 2% to be covered by my credit card.


At least this is one item of digital camera equipment that doesn't lose it's value.

Canon speedlite 430EX ii E TTL Shoe Mount Flash - £182.99 inc P&P @ onestop digital
Found 27th Jan 2011Found 27th Jan 2011
Canon speedlite 430EX ii E TTL Shoe Mount Flash - £182.99 inc P&P @ onestop digital
Been looking around for one of these and this looks to be the best deal out there. (although I'm sure 'someone' will tell me otherwise!) United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland, 10 … Read more
Ollieeee have got this at £179, ordered from them a couple of times and never had any problems.


amazon do this for £189. May be a safer better. This is where I have bought it and it arrived in 2 days!


Wouldn't make any difference to them anyway, as they will refund any such charges. See FAQ's 8, 9 and 10. Haven't bought anything from them for a while myself either, but have done lots of times in the past and the import duties refund was never a problem [most stuff came through unscathed though] With the HK connection, the only consideration might be warranty issues - whether local only or worldwide - depends on the manufacturer and what you buy.


i actually got my first flashgun from onestop a long time ago.... i recommend them.. but i dont know what its like now with vat and customs being tighter or something...


Onestop digital have a good reputation but buyers should be aware that they are based in Hong Kong & that's where your goods will be dispatched from. Not voting hot or cold.

Canon fit Telephoto Sigma 120-400mm, delivered with 7 year warranty @ OneStopDigital
Found 21st Jan 2011Found 21st Jan 2011
Canon fit Telephoto Sigma 120-400mm, delivered with 7 year warranty @ OneStopDigital
As title, seems like a great deal with 7 year guarantee. This Sigma 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM APO Lens is an ultra telephoto zoom lens ideal for nature/outdoor or sports photo… Read more
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Cheap price but lens not as good as the 100-400mm f/5.6 L Lens for sharpness. Then again BIG price difference.


I have used OneStop Diginal many times in the past for my Canon gear. They are both cheap and extremely reliable.


Good for price but Sigma QC is rubbish! So do read OneStops T&Cs on returns for focusing issues.


Best price on CameraPriceBuster is circa £600, so this is a good price. Only goes upto 192-640 on Cameras below 5DMKII. (ie, is still 120-400 on full-frame bodies). Technically, it isn't going up to that focal length, it is simply cropping from the full imaging circle of the lens. Means you're using just the sweetspot, which isn't a bad thing. Would prefer a f/2.8 lens, but who can afford those eh?


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