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100mins, unlimited texts, 100 MB data sim only 12 month contract on O2, £9pm FREE after £108 redemption cashback! @ One Stop Phone Shop
Found 30th Jan 2015Found 30th Jan 2015
Was looking for a sim only deal for a new phone, came across this. It's not very much data or many minutes but it may help out someone.

thats the blurb on their page, not a statement of my own. i think my opinion is quite clear given my very first comment, and the one after that quote.


couldn't be simpler? you are kidding, right? spend money on recorded delivery, too? i did exactly this and never heard back from them. they also i lntroduced an email service and everything I sent either bounced or got no response at all. needless to say I'll never do that again.. all you end up doing is chasing them.. it's not like i haven't got other things to do..


This is a great deal. The cashback process is very simple and I have been doing these for many years now. You claim online is a really simple process and I never had any issues and do this for all my family phones. It was risky in the past using the postal services but not any more and it is very easy. You have an account page that informs you of the months to claim and then at that time just upload a copy of the bill. You get an email to confirm acceptance of the cashback within a few hours. I have only had one issue when a cheque did not arrived and I simply sent an email and it was resolved within an hour & the cheque was resent. The only risk is if the company folds and these CPW companies have been around for a long time now and have a good reputation, so hopefully you will be fine, especially for a 12 month contract. Lets face it, even if they did fold, £9 a month is not bad anyway


I looked at this deal and then opted to just pay instead after reading all the negative feedback on it. I'm all for a bargain but this much messing about just points towards them trying to trip you up IMO.


Looks like there is also £15 cash back on TCB site.

O2 4G Smartphone Sim Only 1GB 12m (1000 minutes, Unlimited texts, 1GB 4G data) -£192/12 months  (possible £114.13 (~£9.51/month) after cashback)@ OneStopPhoneShop
Found 25th Aug 2014Found 25th Aug 2014
O2 4G Sim Only Deal Minutes: 1000 Texts: Unlimited Data: 1GB Contract Length: 12 months Cost: £16/month (Total: £192) Cashback: £70 automatic cashback from OneStopPhoneShop vi… Read more

OneStopPhoneShop are part of Carphone Warehouse EliTom


Carphone Warehouse do the same tariff with £72 automatic cash back paid within 30 days. Seems a safer bet.


Actually a pretty good price for what you get, after cashback. My main concern is the fact you have to rely on them sending the cashback / not going bust. Also, 1gb of data isn't brilliant either.


so is this reduced or is this the normal price? also you cant do a thread involving cashback even if it is a "possible" deal

T-Mobile sim only deal - £22.99p/m with unlimited texts and data and 2000 minutes with 6 months free line rental @ One stop phone shop
Found 24th Jul 2014Found 24th Jul 2014
12 month contract, with 6 of these months being free! (so you pay half of what you would otherwise pay!) Nano Sim/iPhone deal only I believe After 'cashback' (the free line rental… Read more

Well, you're hot, and you posted a UK deal, seems like the point to me :)


Not sure that's the point of the website haha, but thanks anyway :)


Nope they really are bad !! Stay well clear of their home broadband unless you are addicted to headaches


Oh do tel me more? I was on unlimited and now I'm on 3gb? Not really an issue I guess but if I do go over I doubt the rates are pocket friendly


Ahh EE such an easy company to do business with ;) is it truely unlimited ? The retention team managed to switch me to a tarriff which is worse than the one I was on so gotta read the small print with these schmucks

FREE Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Refurbished - £14.88 P/M After CB Plus £27 Quidco (£21 P/M - Term £504) @ One Stop Phone Shop
Found 15th May 2014Found 15th May 2014
100 Minutes Unlimited Texts 100MB Data Line Rental: £21.00 Offer: Save £147 cashback by redemption Effective Cost: £14.88 per month Saving: £147.00
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and posted by, ironically, bestcashbackdealsfound, lol................................................just joking, I m sure the OP wouldn't mind, if not joining in him/herself.


Even at the effective cost this is an awful deal.

Lumia 1520, Free on £28pm @ one stop phone shop
Found 6th May 2014Found 6th May 2014
Found this deal the other day ordered it and got it the next day. It came from Carphonewarehouse it's unlocked with ulmd mins/txts and 1gb data, I know the data ain't alot but so t… Read more

why do you say that? i had no problem with?


One Stop Con Shop


The best Windows Phone out right now. No limitations...(micro sd/wireless chargin/quad core/4 HAAC microphones etc). Excellent price. Heat


Yeah thought it was awesome for such a phone. All I did was swap my three sim into it not I got unlimited 4g data and gave my mom the o2 sim.


Great deal. £5 cheaper a month than was available when I ordered a couple of weeks ago.

HTC One (M8) on O2 £49 + £33 x 24 for 5GB 4g, unlimited texts, unlimited mins. possible £27 Quidco... OneStopPhoneShop
Found 2nd Apr 2014Found 2nd Apr 2014
This is the best price I can find on the new HTC One (M8) £49 upfront and 24 x £33. You get 5GB of 4g data, unlimited texts and mins. £27 possible Quidco. Would make total cost … Read more

very good deal. I will recommend to a friend who is after a deal on a latest phone. edit :Looks even better as handset is free


looks good to me why so cold


Please justify the cold votes! I'd like to find it cheaper so if you have a suggestion....


Why is this cold? I thin this is a very good deal!

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£22 Per Month (£27 Quidco Bonus!) FREE Samsung Galaxy Mega Black Samsung Galaxy Mega Black 300 Minutes Unlimited Texts 500MB Data @ onestopphoneshop
Found 25th Jul 2013Found 25th Jul 2013
Straight Forward Deal Cracking Price ! Deal: O2 Smartphone �22 500MB 24m 300 mins + Unlimited texts Offer: N/A Saving: £0.00 Cost: Handset: FREE Monthly: £22.00 Effective: £22.00 … Read more
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Lower spec than the Note II with less RAM, older processor and lower resolution. A very good price though, hot.


we all have to make sacrifices in life. :-)


500mb for a phone like this tho, not enough


I have this and cannot rate ut highly enough excellent device and after one week u get used to the size just like my wife did..;-)


Where is it gonna end? bigger, Bigger, BIGGER! Samsung Galaxy S27 prototype below....

Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile Full Monty 500 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data 24 month contract £26PM - free handset @ One Stop Phone Shop
Found 15th Feb 2013Found 15th Feb 2013
I saw another deal today on one stop phone shop although I bought an iPhone from a previous post thought but looks like a really good offer. Full monty deal with T-mobile for £26 i… Read more

Freezing Cold!! Not Free @ All - Handset cost is £119.99 for this T-Mobile tariff


excellent deal. the s3 is an excellent phone. much prefer it to the I phone


Pretty good deal. I need a new phone and was looking at this one but may wait until S4 is realeased and hopefully the S3 will come down in price....

iPhone 5 Full Monty 500mins - unlimited texts and unlimited data - One Stop phone Shop
LocalLocalFound 14th Feb 2013Found 14th Feb 2013
I came across this deal on One Stop Phone Shop. iPhone 5 on the full monty plan with T-Mobile. Pretty good deal and cash back available through Quidco/TCB at £27. There is a £99.99… Read more

Hot Good deal. I would be very grateful gor the cold voters to post a better deal.


It's horses for courses with Android vs IOS. Me personally I love Android and dislike Apples 'walled garden' (I owned an itouch but sold it after a couple of uses)so would never buy an iPhone, but there are plenty of others who would do the exact opposite. I know you can jailbreak but why should you have to in order to get the most out of it? Haven't voted btw.


I don't like iPhones, but this does seem a good deal if you are after one


The S4 comes out end of March (I believe) I would wait for the Specs/Info on that before you get a new phone


HOT HOT HOT this has got to be the hottest mobile phone deal of the year sign up immediately before they regret it and withdraw the offer YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

Apple Iphone5, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1gb internet 26 per month. Handset cost 164.99 but possible 100 pounds cashback from Quidco @ One Stop Phone Shop
LocalLocalFound 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
Onestopphoneshop are offering Apple Iphone5 with O2 at 26 pounds per month on a 24 month contract. One time handset cost of 164.99 with a possible cashback of 100 pounds from Quidc… Read more

I come back after 4 hours and you guys just brutally destroyed my post... anywhere I can find a cheaper deal with similar minutes and internet?




Cracking deal for an iPhone 5 for a mere 800 bones, iPhone 5s coming out in a few months - the best thing to happen to the iPhone since Steve Jobs died.


O2 Line rental going up 3.2 % from 28th Feb 2013 :(


click on the "O2" tab. it defaults to "most popular" tab.

500 minutes, texts and internet on iPhone5 @ OneStop £26 p/m £99 handset charge but chance of £100 quidco cashback
LocalLocalFound 8th Feb 2013Found 8th Feb 2013
Just saw this offer on One Stop Phone Shop, they are part of the carphone group I believe. Tmobile £26 per month for unlimied data, 500 minutes and texts on the iphone 5. 24 month… Read more
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Quidco £100 confirmed today - Thanks again OP!


Sadly I don't think there is anything you can do if the transaction was attributed to a different company than Quidco. In my opinion Quidco should make it absolutely clear that you need to clear your cookies before logging in to Quidco and making a purchase. This is the only to way to make sure the purchase is not tracked by some other company. I do it as a matter of course when buying through any of the cashback sites, it doesn't guarantee the purchase will track but it does mean any subsequent cashback claims are less likely to be declined. As my decline reason is along the lines of 'We can't find a record of your transaction' I am appealing my OSPS decline. I have forwarded all my OSPS emails as requested by the Quidcare escalations team who are now going to investigate with the retailer which apparently can take a few weeks. I will update with any progress.


What can we do about it, it's obv a rip off!!!!!


Marekuk72 - The decline reason you and the others in this thread got sounds like a cookie issue, did you clear your cookies before visiting Quidco? This step is essential in my experiance as otherwise transactions may be attributed to other sources such as Google, if for example you searched for OneStopPhoneShop in Google and then visited the site via Google. If you then went to Quidco then the tracking cookie left by Quidco is never touched by OneStopPhoneShop as Google's cookie took precedence so the sales lead is attributed to Google rather than Quidco which means money for Google (not £100 worth though) and not you unfortunately. My decline reason is different and it seems like they were unable to match my order to the Quidco click-through. At least it has not been attributed to another company or marketing stream as I was careful to clear my cookies before visiting Quidco. I've since been asked by Quidcare to forward all my emails from OSPS, which I've done, I also gave them the OSPS customer account page and said they can login with my Order Reference Number to confirm my order did take place. Sorry to hear your outcome. Still, think of it this way you are paying the equivalent of £8.92 per month for the line rental which is very cheap, assuming an Iphone 5 would cost you £510 if bought outright.


I raised this back to them but got the following message:- I'm sorry to tell you that on this occasion your cashback has been declined by the retailer because they cannot track the sale back to your Quidco account. We know that you made a purchase from them but if the retailer is unable to track this back to our site they won't pay us a referral fee to be passed on to you as cashback. In this case that fee has been paid to another referrer due to a cookie from that referrer having been present on your browser at the time of your purchase. This can usually be prevented and I have provided some information to help you with future purchases at the bottom of my message. I do realise that this will be very disappointing for you but I'm afraid that on this occasion I am unable to take this any further for you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seems well fishy that everyone has had the same i really dont accpet the answer but nothing i can seemingly do.

samsung galaxy s3 £55 upfront £22 per month @ One Stop Phone Shop
LocalLocalFound 2nd Feb 2013Found 2nd Feb 2013
good deal for the s3, double the mins of previous posts 1000 mins 5000 texts unlimited net £22 per month + £54.99 for the handset = £582.99 dont forget poss quidco of £27 or tcb o… Read more

On the flip side I've been with three since the Motorola A925 and I've never had a problem leaving and returning under new contracts. Off course they try and get me to stay, or offer me brilliant deals that are the same as there website but I just repeat my request until its actioned.


Thinking of getting this deal, however before I do I have a question which i hope someone would be able to answer. Once purcahsed, would I need to ring onestopshop customer services or Three if there are issues with phone and the network?


I went for this, thanks. Its a fantastic deal! Forget what I said 2 posts up.. It's the black one which is more expensive. I'm finding my Galaxy Note annoying too large lately, it annoys me. Looking forward to getting this.


mine just arrived ,pretty quick considering I've ordered yesterday.


£24 now.

£20 pm, 500 Minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited Internet and Samsung Galaxy S3 Red (phone £59.99 for the phone) at Onestopphoneshop)
Found 1st Feb 2013Found 1st Feb 2013
This is my first post and submitting on my phone so apologies for no photo. Found this morning on Onestopphoneshop 24 month contract £20 pm 500 Mins 5000 Txts Unlimited Internet … Read more

I for one can not wait for my contract to end so I can get shot of their substandard network, substandard customer service. I have never before been outright called a Liar by a company before. Especially as it was them telling the lies to me. My experiences with Three have actually put me off even getting a contract ever again. Please Please Please DO NOT JOIN three. I made that mistake 21 months ago and I am paying for it now.


thanks for info......gone with o2.......keep same number,good cs and i know the signal strength albeit not fanatastic its reliable. got the 26 permonth deal with 2gb and a phone for £25......but noticed they have gone upto 199 now!.....hmmmmm.....curious now!


Make promises they can't deliver, then lie to cover it up. I was with them a lot longer and never had a problem, but that changed this year. I hope you are never put in position I and hundreds of others have been put in.


me 2


I went to 3 because of the all you can eat thing, ok for a while then suddenly drop-outs across the boerd. CS also leaves a lot to be desired, i certainly wouldn't recommend them!!:(

Samsung S3 £95 upfront £18 per month £27 cash back Quidco @ One Stop Phone Shop
Found 7th Jan 2013Found 7th Jan 2013
Hi i have found this deal for a Samsung S3. its 300 mins, unlimited text and data 18 per month. £95 upfront. it is a 24 month contract. plus you get £27 quidco cash back. in total … Read more
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anybody know if one stop phone shop is reliable?


Does anyone know how long this deal is on for, thanks.


I think so. I pay £10 for this package (plus unlimited landline calls). This means you are effectively buying the handset for £340 (I guess it is a 24mnth contract). Consider it an interest free loan. If I could keep the unlimited landline and get an LTE capable handset I would be interested!


Samsung Galaxy S3 White, £100 for handset, £21p/m, for 600 min, 500 txts, unlimited internet on T-Mobile, is it any good? for upgrade?


size does matter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (RED) , 300 minutes, 5000 text, unlimited data - three network (handset price £49.99) from @ 18.00 per month
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Credit to OP for description and me finding the deal. £3 pound more than the earlier posted just with 300mins instead of 100 mins which to me is a little more practical (well for … Read more

Seem to be a lot of Samsung deals voted cold. Perhaps the iPhone fans?


lol HUKD gone bonkers? If the seller has gained good reputation since ^ then there is no need to avoid such a bargain. Great deal, shame about the minutes


Link seems to be from 2003.


i wouldnt.....


1 reason this is voted cold is because its a copy from another thread, merely mentioning a different colour..

Samsung Galaxy S3 , 100 minutes, 5000 text, unlimited data - three network (handset price was 79.99, depending on color)  from @ 15 per month
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Price has gone up to £109.99 ... but I think still the best deal around :) ------------------------------- This deal is only for people who dont use more minutes, but need unlim… Read more
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I quite like 3 too but their deals for customer loyalty are really expensive. It might be cheaper for me just to buy myself a new phone and stick with my existing plan. I'm not bothered about extra minutes and 5,000 texts is more than enough. The unlimited data is the big thing for me and I don't want to lose that. Quite often I use around 20Gig in a month!


I had the same problem. It is quite frustrating because I still like three in terms of connectivity and the cheap data packages compared to most networks. But they do not give you good upgrade deals. Plus now they offer all deals to every customer so loyal customers that have stayed with three will not get a better deal than that of a new customer. I think all I got extra was the free 300 mins to other three users. Anyway good luck


I'm actually having difficulty starting a conversation with 3. I tried calling them a several times and went through the automated system but when I got to the last stage I kept getting told that there was a problem and to try later. I have also tried their web chat a few times but every time there was a queue. I waited patiently but when I finally got to position one again I kept getting told that there was a problem and to try later. I'm pretty fed up with 3 right now as I can't seem to engage them in conversation.


What did you go for in the end? I decided to just get the sim only plan with three. I was thinking that it would be better to get a PAYG phone with a cheap sim only. Also not tied to a two year contract so might just be better than getting a phone on contract.


My contract ends on the 4th i.e. in less that an hour. I can't see a decent deal that doesn't cost a lot more at the 3 website so I'm thinking of going somewhere else. My priority is unlimited data. I'm not too bothered about the minutes but I would like a fair amount of free texts. Any recommendations?

SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI @ one stop phone shop only £17.83/ month on 24 month contract plus possible £26.76 TCB
Found 9th Dec 2012Found 9th Dec 2012
Samsung galaxy mini 24 month contract. on Vodafone. 300 mins, 3000 texts and 250 mb data. Effective monthly cost is £17.83 but with the TCB this could come down to £16.71 a month .… Read more

Where do you get £7.50 for a sim card. networks dont charge for sim cards on contract or 30 day sims and if payg they are £1-£1.50 max! I wouldnt want to lock in a contract on that phone for 24 months.


As far as I remember, the Carphone warehouse is deal is on the Samsung Galaxy Ace which is a much lower phone than this one. If it was the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, then that would be a different matter as the Ace2 is much closer to the S3 Mini. (Same Dual Core processor.)


Yes, then add a £7.50 sim card, the cheapest available which, over 24 months comes to £479, which is at least £51.01 more expensive, or £77.77 more expensive after TCB, so your point is what, exactly?


DEALWARRIOR (seriously?) Please please please show me where you can get this phone ANYWHERE on a £7.50 plan with a free phone. We're all waiting with baited breath.....


Or buy phone sim free for £299!