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Up to 38mbps Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband £19.95 per month inc Line Rental (one off £9.99 router fee) - 12 month contract - Onestream
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Up to 38mbps Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband £19.95 per month inc Line Rental (one off £9.99 router fee) - 12 month contract - Onestream
Just seen this deal from an ISP called Onestream who are offering Jetstream Fibre Unlimited broadband with download speeds of up to 38mbps, for only £19.95 per month and this is on… Read more

Very happy so far! Nice to have a nice stable WiFi connection now. Nothing to fault at all although it is early days. My brother signed up past week, his waiting for the switch over now. Best price he could get it for was £23/month but I saw an ad online over the weekend and it looks like the £20 deal may be back on. I'm near Braintree, Essex. One thought on a negative is they hike the price up to £35 or something after 12 months so will need to change then. But it's a 5 minute job to switch nowadays, will just need to find another deal and maybe get more cashback too!


Hello! I thinking on sign up with them. What's your experience so far? where do you live? ;)


Geyser does anybody know how to get away from this broadband company I'm 6 months into a 12-month contract and I haven't had any broadband and I spent about 5 hours on the phone you have to hold for a lease in our it's to get through to them just to be fobbed off


I've switched to these (from Vodafone, their 38mbps went up to £25 for me and the router was terrible so didn't try to negotiate a deal). Connection date was today and still no router so went on live chat, had to wait over 5 minutes to connect with an agent but within 2 minutes they said it was due today and have me a myhermes tracking number, the router arrived 20 minutes later. Far to early to say much but connection seems good so far. Happy at the moment, hoping things will stay stable. I also went through broadband choices website for £30 cashback. Trustpilot reviews were 5.2 or something but couldn't find many isps with a similar rating for a decent price. Vodafone were <1! Onestream to seem to get slated on here but I think on the whole it's because of trustpilot reviews which are higher than most isps.


Couldn't agree more. Moved from Plusnet to this shambolic company and they sent me a router when I requested during set up not to receive one. Then they had no record of my order and so had no internet when my changeover date came, then when I finally got internet I was getting less than 1Mbps on an ADSL2+ line whereas I was getting close to 18-19Mbps with Plusnet. Then took ages to cancel and spent countless hours on the phone to their clueless support who tried to blame me for it... I've since gone back to Plusnet but would advise everyone to avoid this company. I hope that helps.

Unlimited Broadband  £11.99 per month / 12 months contract £9.99 router delivery 11Mb speed. Line rental include £153.87 @ Onestream
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
For the unbelievably low price of just £11.99, Onestream is offering up its standard unlimited broadband package. That’s average speeds of 11Mb for roughly £12 a month – no catches… Read more

Delivery cost slightly more than the value of the router then


I'd suggest start the switch procedure a couple of weeks before the contract end date. You can call onestream to check. Good luck if the call gets answered though. My switch wasn't smooth at all: Since I was swithcing to them, I was expetcing them to take complete ownership of switch however they asked me to call my previous provider to stop the cease on line. They sent device by post with installation date for engineer visit. On the day of visit, since noone came, I called my account manager and she mentioned I just need to change the router to new router myself and it will be done. It did work however I escalated as I had to take a day off. Good point was that my TCB with broadband choices was tracked and was paid in a week of switch. No problem with speed and broadband yet in last one month. My experience with the router is its better than my previous sky hub 2.0 Overall Meh experience however definietely cost saving.


Anybody know how I move to this but stating a specific date? My PN contract ends on the 20th and dont want them to switch too soon meaning I break contract! Cant see any way of putting a changeover date and cant get through to helpline!!


Now tv haven’t mentioned that to me


I hope not (flirt)

Standard up to 17MB broadband and line rental £9.99 a month 12m @ onestream
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Standard up to 17MB broadband and line rental £9.99 a month 12m @ onestream
9.99 a month cheapest product on the market for standard broadband Top Download Speed: 17 Mbps Average Download Speed: 11 Mbps Top Upload Speed: 1.4 Mbps Average Upload Speed: 1 M… Read more

They've cancelled mine...


This was supposed to be a limited offer to the first 500 customers - or so the sales speak says. Maybe contact them a few days after placing an order just to confirm?


now that ive clicked the black friday link from paolo everytime i visit the homepage it shows 9.99 but if you clear cookies it goes back to 24.99, clearly they only offer to those that know about the offer, so if you see 24.99 on the homepage click paolos link above.


your the real mvp (y)


12 months broadband 17mps for £9.99 p/m +  £9.99 for router @ One Stream
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
12 months broadband 17mps for £9.99 p/m + £9.99 for router @ One Stream
Great little deal imo for normal users. Never heard of the company so don't know how good/bad they are. £129.87 for full year which includes router delivery.
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Oh my. I posted this deal. So far they have taken £20 from me, delivered the router AFTER the start date and after i cancelled within the 14 days cooling off period due to failure of router delivery


Avoid the worse company I have ever dealt with.


I'm sure this was posted yesterday and the reviews are bad (shock)


great deal, too bad my contract is not ending until April 19 :-(


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.have some heat :)

Broadband for £9.99 per month. From Onestream, £9.99 router delivery. 11Mb speed. Line rental included.
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Posted 17th Nov 2018Posted 17th Nov 2018
Saw this this morning but didn't have time to post - really surprised nobody else has yet. I've never seen broadband for a tenner a month before. Got a friend whose on Onestream a… Read more

I payed the fee of £9.99&it came out my bank account and I have not received any box or some sore of gagget for wifi


just a long shot.. what BB buying is a"subterfuge" for collecting cc details?.. I could be wrong of course!


It is from my experience.


So many complaints on TP regarding this offer - sounds awful.


I did and after 18 days and 2 lots of £9.99 disappearing from account AND no broadband or router CANCELLED THE ORDER. Absolute shambles of a company in onestream. I must have rang them around 8x and sent emails. They are all liars.

Onestream CHEAPEST UK broadband - 11mbps £13.99 + £9.99 postage - £177.87
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Posted 13th Oct 2018Posted 13th Oct 2018
Onestream Flow Unlimited Broadband Including Line Rental costs £13.99 for the first 12 months and then £24.99 a month after that. The minimum contract period is 12 months. Your su… Read more
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My Plusnet ADSL contract ends in a few weeks. 4Mbps does me fine. But Plusnet won't budge on a renewal contract at £20 per month. I wince at that, for 4Mbps. I'm tempted to go with Onestream, but they claim that their 0333 xxx customer services number is free. As they've got that wrong, I dread to think what they are like as a company.


It is their 'super dooper' router, but to be honest more or less any modern router can provide an 11 mbps service and reliably.


Anyone know what the router is that they provide? I might be interested as 11mbps should be fine for my usage.


To run constant iperf speedtests just because you can (330x50Mbps) :D


I've been with them for 8 :o I've always used the Indian based online chat retention dep judging by the names of the rep which maybe why I got a different outcome. I contacted them 2 weeks in advance before my prev deal end and was prepared to ditch them. Are you gonna give these guys a shot? Less than half what you'll paying and a £1 cheaper per month than what I managed to get. If you do, let us know how you get on as reviews of these are thin on the ground and I may have to turn to someone like them next year if my luck runs out :)

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