Onken Biopot Yoghurt (450g) better than half price only 50p @ Tesco

Onken Biopot Yoghurt (450g) better than half price only 50p @ Tesco

Found 1st Feb 2010Made hot 1st Feb 2010
Many flavours including Wholegrain strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Wholegrain Peach, Mango Papaya and Passionfruit, and Rhubard and Vanilla. Available online or instore! Usual price is £1.19.



whoa great deal

It is only for flavoured ones not for the Natrual set.

You little beauty. I can't get enough of these strawberry ones. 50p for a party in the mouth- and everyone's invited.

Love these, thanks for the tip!

Yum my favourite.


Good price, even though it's Onken.

The coconut flavour is the best.

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The coconut flavour is the best.

It's SO yum!

Good deal, added it to my online shopping earlier on.

Whats so great about these?

I've never tried these so I went to Tesco Covent Garden, but they were not marked down (I didn't bother trying to scan it as the ingredients were mostly sugar/syrup)

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You were looking at the ADDED ingredients! The main ingredient is yoghurt! For 2 of the 3 flavours I have in my fridge the 2nd ingredient is fruit, then third is sugar. Other way around for the other one. In any case, it's usual for yoghurts to have either sugar or sweetner added.

Bought four pots in my local tesco the other day after seeing this on here & there were hundreds in all the flavours available. Went back to buy some more today & there was not 1 left in any flavour.


shame this offer isn't on in my local tesco express

Does anyone like the wholegrain ones - I can't get past the "bits" - they dont taste right...

The other ones I just love! Cherry is awesome. The first time my sis-in-law tried mango, passionfruit and papaya she went bonkers and bought 8 pots!

I got about 10 of these as I love them!!!!!!!!!!!
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