ONKYO TXSR608 - Delivered for £351.22 from Amazon Germany
ONKYO TXSR608 - Delivered for £351.22 from Amazon Germany

ONKYO TXSR608 - Delivered for £351.22 from Amazon Germany

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There are a few deals on this item that have been posted in this forum so doing a copy paste of description from there, but this is the cheapest so far. Basically, you need to follow the link, add it to the shopping cart, login to your Amazon account and when it asks you, activate the Amazon currency converter to lock in the exchange rate. That's pretty much it. The price in UK is about £399 for this excellent receiver ( A decent review here http://www.trustedreviews.com/home-cinema/review/2010/08/25/Onkyo-TX-SR608/p1). And yes, the warranty will be valid in UK.

P.S. - If you have Halifax Clarity card, you don't need to activate currency converter as the Halifax exchange rate is a tad better than Amazon (you would save a few pence)

Following on from the already massively specced TX-SR607, the TX-SR608 offers an impressive specification, regardless of the price. In terms of connections, the TXSR608 easily competes with, or even exceeds, AV receivers costing twice as much. No fewer than 6 HDMI inputs are on hand, with one being front-mounted for occasionally connected sources such as HD camcorders or games consoles. Not only are these sockets more than capable of handling the most complex of home cinema systems, they are also version 1.4a sockets and therefore fully compatible with 3D TV. A highly unusual feature but welcomed by many is the addition of a VGA PC input. Finally, you can now route your PC's video signal through your home cinema system. You'll also find twin optical and twin coaxial digital inputs and the full complement of component, composite and RCA phono sockets that you'd expect. In addition to a front-mounted mini-jack for easy connection of any portable with a headphone output, the TXSR608 features a universal port at the back for Onkyo iPod dock connection or DAB+ tuner upgrade module.

Then there's the processing power to consider. As you'd expect, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus are all standard. In addition to this, the latest Onkyo AV receiver comes with Dolby Pro Logic IIz. Pro Logic IIz is the latest processor from Dolby that spatially enhances sound by incorporating front height channels. With the latest Faroudja DCDi Cinema technology, standard resolution analogue signals can be upscaled to 1080p for the highest quality viewing. In recognition of the Onkyo's outstanding ability, it has been awarded THX Select2 Plus Certification, meaning it meets exacting standards set by the Lucas Film studios - again, that's highly impressive given the price.

When it comes to setting the TXSR608 up, the standard Audyssey 2EQ system is there to help out. This not only automatically calibrates speakers, but also corrects room acoustic issues. The upshot of this hi-tech processing is ideal sound quality, whatever the room.

Finally, there's the sound quality. There's little doubt here that the TXSR608 is still one of the best in its class. If you were wondering what the "7.2" channel output meant, that's explained by the TXSR608's twin subwoofer outputs. When used in this way you get a better spread of bass and can use two smaller, but "faster" sounding subwoofers for a tighter, better controlled bass. The powerful sound of this amplifier is helped still further by the three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry, jitter-cleaning technology, WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) Pure Audio and Double Bass Function - not to mention the impressive 120 watts available to each speaker.

Powerful, well-connected and handsome. The Onkyo TX-SR608 is not going to be popular with its rivals! The best has just got better.


Original Poster

And please, those voting cold please do have the courtesy to explain why that is the case?
Is it because:

1. I can get this item in UK for a lower price
2. Germany??? Where the hell is that?
3. I don't trust ze Germans
4. Onkyo? I would rather buy a quality Sony product instead
5. Don't really need an A/V receiver but hey, £350 is a lot of money for anything

Here are some images of front and back, showing connection options


Edited by: "arbitrabbit" 24th Dec 2010

Gotta be number 4.

How about, you will have no warranty.

Onkyo will only provide warranty for UK units bought in the UK and only from APPROVED UK Dealers (See Onkyo website for list).

Sony? - No thanks, I have a Yamaha (DSP-Z7).

Edited by: "TheBiker" 24th Dec 2010

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Well, no, you will have warranty. According to EU directive 99/44/EC , a good sold in EU has to have warranty throughout EU


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Surprised at how much liquid nitrogen this deal is attracting, without any valid reasons. Come on guys, don't expect you not to vote cold but at least discuss why that is so?

Cold because it only has 6 HDMI inputs. I need 7. And it only does 7.2? WTF?!?



Gotta be number 4.


Good deal and you would get a warranty but from germany(you have to ship back to onyko germany) You can get both colour finishes from creative-audio.co.uk with 2 year warranty for £369.99 and next day(after christmas) delivery .
Edited by: "ebury" 25th Dec 2010

Original Poster

No, Onkyo UK would service it... it is a manufacturer's warranty, irrespective of service centre. That was one reason why you don't have to ship your car to germany if you buy it from there and drive in france

By the way ebury, do you mean 269.99 or 369.99? If it is 269.99, it is an absolute steal
Edited by: "arbitrabbit" 24th Dec 2010

Sorry,slip off finger! Price is £369.99 but having spoken to onkyo uk last week,they say that they would only service a uk certified seller and this is not(??)

Is it worth trying to save £25 ish to find out??
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