Online Only - Save £95 on Philips Avent Classic+ Breastfeeding Essentials Kit £50 Boots

Online Only - Save £95 on Philips Avent Classic+ Breastfeeding Essentials Kit £50 Boots

Found 25th Nov 2016
Philips Avent Classic+ Essential Set


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Black Friday - Online Only - Save £95 on Philips Avent Classic+ Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

Product description

Philips Avent Classic+ Essential Set

The Philips Avent classic and essential Breastfeeding Set has been designed with both parents and baby in mind, containing everything needed to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeds.

The award-winning Avent Natural bottles feature a wide breast shaped teat, encouraging baby to naturally latch and easily move between breast and bottle feeding.

All Philips Avent bottles can be attached to the Comfort Manual Breast Pump, so there is no need to transfer breast milk and zero risk of wastage or spillage.

Everything you need for your little one when combining breast and bottle feeding as well as a nipple cream and soothersSterilise 5 bottles in 10 minutes removing 99.9% of bacteria with steamSit comfortably and express more milk naturally with our Comfort Manual Breast PumpAvent Breast Milk Containers make it even easier to express and store breast milk to feed your babyAll Philips Avent products are made from BPA free materials

Key Features

More milk naturally, with the Comfort Manual Breast Pump:

The Natural Comfort Manual Breast Pump features an innovative soft massage cushion with warm-feel stimulation petals to make expressing milk easy and comfortable.

Pump directly into any Philips Avent bottles or use the VIA adaptors to pump directly into your Breast Milk storage containers.

Happy baby with Natural Anti-Colic and Classic British Bottles:

The Philips Avent Natural Bottles have been designed to help mum combine bottle and breast feeding with ease. The breast shaped teat features an innovative petal cushion designed to encourage natural latch and give baby a more natural feeding experience.

The advanced anti-colic system uses twin valves to vent air into the feeding bottle rather than baby’s tummy. This design reduces colic making feeding a comfortable experience for both baby and you.

Fast and easy sterilisation:

At Philips Avent, we understand that feeding a baby may be one of the most meaningful things you do as a parent.

Sterilising is all about protecting your baby from harmful bacteria until his immune system is strong enough. In this set we have included a microwave sterilizer and a sterilizer bags which is ideal for single bottle sterilization.

Conveniently store milk:

The Philips Avent Breast Milk containers come in a set of ten with lids. Ideal for storing breast milk or baby food. Attach the adaptor for use with any of the Avent breast pumps and teats.

Expressing breast milk into these containers means less cleaning, sterilising and time spent. There’s no need to transfer any of your precious breast milk to another container, simply use the adaptor and a bottle teat to feed your baby. This eliminates the risk of spilling or wasting any precious breast milk.

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