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Summer Clearance Sale - E.G PUMA Golf Grip Fusion Tech Shoes £29.99 (£2.99 P&P) @ Online Golf
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd Sep
Just bought a pair of puma golf grip fusion + 3 srixon gloves 45£ delivered Lots of other offers
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Shame they only have them in kids sizes (lol) I need to get some waterproof shoes, my Adidas are like mesh trainers, getting a bit sick of trench foot after 18 holes


£269 upwards !! Cheap you say lol


Motocaddy website has used and returned ones on their site, cheap and very good


😁 A true test then. Thanks for the response (y)


They are indeed. I should know, I’ve used them in Scotland in summertime.

PING ZERO GRAVITY WATERPROOF VEST £15 + £2.99 delivery @ OnlineGolf
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Posted 1st Feb 2019Posted 1st Feb 2019
PING ZERO GRAVITY WATERPROOF VEST £15 + £2.99 delivery @ OnlineGolf£15£19.9925%
Push yourself hard on the golf course and wear clothing that responds with the fantastic PING Zero Gravity vest. Performance driven fabric`s such as Pertex Shield+ 2.5 layer techno… Read more

Yes, I knew it was an Olympic "sport" ;)




Well to be honest it was the zero gravity bit that sold it to me...


There are also good for footy at this time of year


Golf was played at the last Olympics in Rio.

Nike golf polo shirts for Juniors reduced to £5 @ Online Golf free delivery with amazon pay
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Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
Nike golf polo shirts for Juniors reduced to £5 @ Online Golf free delivery with amazon pay£5
A couple of different designs at £5. Postage is £2.99 or free if order is over £30

Oh sorry you are right no free amazon delivery


Before checkout scroll down and there is option for amazon



No it's not.


Not sure as it was a comment above that alerted me to it

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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
OAKLEY RADAR EV PRIZM SUNGLASSES £30 @ Online Golf£30£14579%
A venturing further still into the heritage of performance, Radar® EV takes breakthroughs of a revolutionary design even further with a taller lens that extends the upper field of … Read more

Turned up in white not yellow, but at that price I don't care. Very happy bunny


Must have only had one pair left... Sold out!


Yeah. Out of stock apparently


I can't help thinking someone has put the 'save 115' and 'now 30' the wrong way round


Not letting you proceed with order

CALLAWAY GOLF DELMAR SPORT SHOES 2018 - £30 delivered @ Online Golf
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Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019
CALLAWAY GOLF DELMAR SPORT SHOES 2018 - £30 delivered @ Online Golf£30
The brilliant and comfortable Delmar Sport golf shoes are fashionable and are ideal for playing golf, with a spikeless rubber outsole for use both on and off the golf course. These… Read more

Ordered yesterday. Great deal for a summer shoe


I thought they were a good deal at a previous price of £35, but at £30 it's even better. Heat added.


Not to my taste aesthetically, but £30 for a Callaway summer golf shoe is good value.

Ladies Under Armour Links Trousers £55 down to £5 at Online Golf + 2.99 Delivery
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Posted 19th Jan 2019Posted 19th Jan 2019
Ladies Under Armour Links Trousers £55 down to £5 at Online Golf + 2.99 Delivery£5£5591%
Plus £2.99 delivery or free over £30 Lots of bargains - this Ladies under armour top also £5. Edit: The trousers are now oos but loads of other bargains in stock..
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On second thoughts , looking at that snug fit I wouldn’t have anywhere to tuck my golf balls.



What a great price, I’m a guy and I’m sure I could fit into those...except there is no chance to buying as out of stock.


I hate that I clicked your link and I don't even watch golf, let alone play it! This site is a nightmare. Heat btw.


Seems like the trousers have gone OOS. The shirt is still in stock and loads of other bargains.

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Callaway Polo shirt £5 + £2.99 delivery @ Online Golf
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Posted 19th Jan 2019Posted 19th Jan 2019
Callaway Polo shirt £5 + £2.99 delivery @ Online Golf£5
In blue or black. Different delivery options

I didn’t know that, but handy to know now (ninja)


That’s funny as they’re part of the same company


Only Adutls White Small now available.


Great spot, although white medium now also sold out (when checking out)


Thanks op, just ordered two white mediums, total cost incl delivery £12.99. I’d hate to think what American Golf would charge. Voted Hot

ADIDAS GOLF WOOL QUARTER ZIP SWEATER - £10 (+£3.99 Delivery) @ onlinegolf
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Posted 19th Jan 2019Posted 19th Jan 2019
ADIDAS GOLF WOOL QUARTER ZIP SWEATER - £10 (+£3.99 Delivery) @ onlinegolf£10
Available in all sizes in blue.



Maybe it should say quarter of a % of wool instead of... Golf wool quarter zip...




7% wool, how are they allowed to call it a wool sweater?


Thanks just ordered one, still £30 on Adidas website.

Under armour Golf 1/4 Zip Windshirt £20 @ Online golf
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Posted 1st Sep 2018Posted 1st Sep 2018
Under armour Golf 1/4 Zip Windshirt £20 @ Online golf£20
Under armour 1/4 zip windshirt, 4 colours available all at £20, still free delivery on all orders!
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They are very poor and customer service rivals Ryanair. This deal only in small of course


It's now 7 days and counting since I placed an order................STILL WAITING...... (mad)


Disgusting company


Agreed. I ordered from these last month. Prices were excellent and although delivery wasn’t exactly lightning, it arrived when they said it would. Can’t say fairer than that


I personally have had zero problems with American golf or online golf but understand others may well have. Recent purchases I have made have taken longer than normal to arrive (8-10 working days) but I’m not gonna moan with free delivery.

Adidas Men’s Golf Shirt - £10 delivered @ OnlineGolf
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Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
Adidas Men’s Golf Shirt - £10 delivered @ OnlineGolf£10£39.9975%
Adidas Golf Dot Print Polo Shirt, available in 3 sizes, S M L, bargain at £10 with free delivery!
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They have - American Golf bought them a couple of years ago. Been awful ever since.




Nag them.........constantly, that's what I'm doing


I'm sure American golf has something to do with this website.......nearly identical offers !!


Join the club. Online golf used to provide an excellent service but they're crap now. Have recently had two orders cancelled about ten days after placing them and hearing nothing from them. Placed an order on Sunday for some stuff in the sale, not heard anything and will not be using them again if they don't honour it.

Mizuno Golf S5 wedge’s £29.50 delivered @ Online golf
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Posted 26th Aug 2018Posted 26th Aug 2018
Mizuno Golf S5 wedge’s £29.50 delivered @ Online golf£29.50
Mizuno Golf S5 wedges, 50 or 52 degrees
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Gutted about missing out on this


Hope mine comes soon


Received mine, looks great and goes well with my set of clubs, will try to get to the range this week with it.


got mine today deliverd by Hermes have to say nice club at a great price!


I was going to ask the same question! I did get a sorry email saying they had received a lot of orders but will sen them out soon, and attached a 10% offer

Cobra Golf Max Steel Irons 5-SW £99.50 at Online Golf
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Posted 25th Aug 2018Posted 25th Aug 2018
Cobra Golf Max Steel Irons 5-SW £99.50 at Online Golf£99.50
Don't see many golf deals on here but saw these and thought they were a great set of improvement irons from a good brand. The 6 club set is priced at £179 so could be a misprice??

People who got them at this price will selling them for a tidy profit. You will be lucky to get them for £150 on ebay


If anyone managed to get a set and Changed their mind about them please let me know! Wanted to get Into playing Golf a lot more regularly and wanted a good starter set without breaking the bank!


order dispatched here..


Same, great deal adams238 👌:D


Another dispatch here (y)

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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
£10 DISCOUNT CODE: SPECIAL10 Perfect for mid handicap golfers, these excellent Cleveland Golf CG16 Black Pearl Irons 4-PW Steel optimise forgiveness, distance and control in every … Read more

Great set of clubs, these. An absolute steal at this price

niknak I posted this deal a wee while back that is still available & a good set for beginners as the long irons are hybrid design...


What would you suggest as a good starting out point? Thanks.


Yeah good shout there, not a great deal of offset, nice upgrade set though. Very tempting!


Someone starting out would need a more forgiving set than this surely? Great price though OP. Heat

WINDSHIRT/SWETTER for a good price and checkout TCB offers aswell - £5 delivered @ Onlinegolf
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Posted 29th Jun 2018Posted 29th Jun 2018
WINDSHIRT/SWETTER for a good price and checkout TCB offers aswell - £5 delivered @ Onlinegolf£5£34.9986%
Good once for a best price and have only few other products for 5£
Get deal*Get deal*

Arrived. Good for the colder days


Hmmm. Now its "save £5 now £29.99" Well done those that got one


out of stock now!


SWETTER *Sweater. Although I'm proud to say, I don't think I own a single sweater. (y)


Already posted and still a good deal

Up to 90% off Golf Clothing from as little as £1 with free delivery @ Online Golf
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Posted 22nd Jun 2018Posted 22nd Jun 2018
Up to 90% off Golf Clothing from as little as £1 with free delivery @ Online Golf£1
Some great deals if you can find your size . Palm grove sweaters reduced from £34.99 to £5 with free delivery with some colours such as Maroon and Blue available in all sizes. Sto… Read more

Everything is ordered arrived today, very pleased with my 20 quids worth! Thank you OPS :)


There’s still some Palm Grove tops at £5 but you need to do a search for them now


have you read the reviews and checked the prices ? . surely worth a fiver


I actually find palm grove to be better than Lyle and Scott. I have lost count of the number of Lyle and Scott jumpers that have started out a great fit but ended up massive, or polos that shrink in length.


Palm Grove.....................hmm...ok. Not my cup of tea but sure someone will find use for them.....don't expect them to hold up to too many washes and still remain in some sort of shape.

Masters Series 1 Golf Trolley £19.99 @Online Golf
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Posted 18th Jun 2018Posted 18th Jun 2018
Masters Series 1 Golf Trolley £19.99 @Online Golf£19.99
£19.99 for a Masters Series 1 Golf Trolley from Online Golf. Free Postage Next best is £24.45 from Amazon seller.

Good price, thanks for sharing. Now all I need are some clubs and a bag and a course to play on.

Cleveland Golf CG16 Black Pearl Irons (4-PW) from for £169 after code
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Posted 26th Apr 2018Posted 26th Apr 2018
Cleveland Golf CG16 Black Pearl Irons (4-PW) from for £169 after code£169
For anyone looking to kick off the golf season with a new set of sticks, you could do a lot worse than these. They've been around for a little while but you're getting 7 really go… Read more

Keep at it. Just got back into golf after an 8 year hiatus and now can't hit the one club I had confidence in off the tee.... Driver. Muscle memory helps with every other club but that one (lol) (lol) . I think golf drives me more nuts than the missus!


Keep at it! You’ll improve! (strong)


Just paid £100 for a set of used ones on Ebay the other day , didn’t realise these had been around as long as 8 years? Is that right or do you mean cg7? Btw I only started golf in April so I literally can’t even hit anything below a 7 iron ffs




Great price for a good set of irons... yes there are newer models. But spend the extra getting these fitted for you.

Footjoy Golf shoes £79.99 OnlineGolf
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Footjoy Golf shoes £79.99 OnlineGolf£79.99
Quality comfortable shoes for a decent price

A lot of good quality stuff goes cold... especially golf gear. This is a hot deal to those who are after some good golf shoes, unfortunately I've not long invested


To be honest i don't care if people think its hot or cold. Too many kn-bs on here think a proper, good quality shoe is expensive so they click cold without trying to better the price and would rather buy cheap sh-t that fall to pieces after a few rounds just because they are cheaper. To me they are a bargain as most sites have them for well over £100 so i only stuck them up to let other golfers decide if they want them or not. You can buy cheaper shoes of that i am 100% certain however if you want comfort, quality and long wearing waterproof shoes then sometimes you have to pay extra.


Great shoes, great price. Shame that the regular faceless @resh0les have voted cold.


Sure these were over £100 last time I looked. Why so cold :/

garmin approach s6 or any gps deal £222.10 @ Online golf
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Posted 2nd Jan 2017Posted 2nd Jan 2017
garmin approach s6 or any gps deal £222.10 @ Online golf£222.10
DEAL at Use code DECGPS10 til 3/1/17 for 10% off gps equipment. Also add code XMAS20 and get £20 more off! My deal; Garmin Approach S6 in white. Code is now J… Read more

JANGPS10 is now the code that gets 10% off. XMAS20 no longer works. Still worth a look for gps equipment on this site, although the S6 has been price hiked to £349.99!!!!

Garmin s20 Approach Golf WAtch with free 12 pack of Chrome Soft balls (worth 29.99)for £152.10 with code @ onlinegolf
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Posted 11th Oct 2016Posted 11th Oct 2016
Garmin s20 Approach Golf WAtch with free 12 pack of Chrome Soft balls (worth 29.99)for £152.10 with code @ onlinegolf£152.10
Good offer especially with the free Chrome soft balls Use code OCTGPS10 and also add the chrome soft balls to the basket

for reference I paid 159.99 and didn't get free balls


great watch I use one myself lovely weight and easy to use