Only £5 Joining Fee @ The Gym Group Luton

Only £5 Joining Fee @ The Gym Group Luton

Found 20th Sep 2014
It is usually £20 Joining Fee.
Join the Gym before the midnight on Sunday 21st September 2014, and you will only be charged £5 joining fee.
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Sorry, I thought that the offer was nationwide
pity it isn't .. could do with cheaper gyms to get more people healthier
No sign up fee for most of the 24 hour gyms
voted hot, will be useful to some

(I joined The Gym Colindale last week and I think there was a £20 joining / setup fee, so this is a good saving)
Off thread a touch but we have a Lifestyle Fitness Gym opening near us soon. Does anyone have any experience of them?
Cold.. Shouldn't have to pay for the privlidge of a money making company to spend 2 mins to fill in a data just so you can then give them more money on a monthly basis
I agree...shouldnt have to pay a penny. Why not have £0 joining fee and have a big influx of customers?? Would draw a lot more in thn this offer!!
I prefer to stick to Bannatynes Luton instead alot better
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