Only Fools And Horses - The Christmas Specials [Box Set] DVD £8.93 @ TheHut

Only Fools And Horses - The Christmas Specials [Box Set] DVD £8.93 @ TheHut

Found 12th Oct 2009
The Christmas Specials

If They Could See Us Now!: "Our credit rating is so low we can't even pay with money!" It's been 5 years since those loveable siblings, Del & Rodney, drove off into the sunset to the tune of £6.5 million. Now they're back and thanks to a dodgy South American investment, Trotters Independent Trading Company has been declared bankrupt and forced to move back to Nelson Mandela House. Before long their novel money-making schemes are evidence again - Del's about to appear live on the TV gameshow 'Goldrush' and Rodney has a plan to boost his and Cassandra's love-life...

Strangers On The Shore: "For all we know, he could be part of Al-Qaeda!" Times are hard again. Bankrupt and back to selling dodgy Slovakian log-effect gas fires, Del's even driving for Boycie. Trotters Independent Trading Co. needs capital - pronto. So when the brothers decide to travel to Normandy to represent Uncle Albert at a war reunion, a 'nothing-to-declare' visit to a wine warehouse with Denzil's new van seems a cushty option. But chamboussiz nouvelle! France is like a foreign country: the reunion town is full of Albert-a-likes ("more Captain Birdseye's Banjo than Captain Morelli's Mandarin"), they bring back an illegal immigrant and somehow become the internationally-hunted 'Gary Gang'.

Sleepless In Peckham: "As they say: women are from Venus, men are from Peckham." After 22 years in Nelson Mandela Towers, the Trotters face eviction by the Official Receiver. They're in desperate need of some dosh and its certainly not going to come from expectant-father Rodney's Oscar-winning screenplay or Triggers new invention - portable chopsticks! Meanwhile, down the Nags, previously flat-chested Marlene appears with a pneumatic bosom ("Call up Twickenham and see if they've got a couple of balls missing") and they turn up an amusing old 60s photograph including a chap (Freddy the Frog, the Raffles of Peckham) who looks uncannily like Rodders...

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