Only Fools and Horses: The Complete Collection R1 £99.47 @ AmazonUS

Only Fools and Horses: The Complete Collection R1 £99.47 @ AmazonUS

Found 28th Jan 2009
This is the american version with the least cuts compared to the uk version.

All episodes including the specials.

possible customs charge of around £20

$248.98 reduced to $124.49
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think the customs charge has gone but I could be wrong
was really cheap in zavvi abd had additional 20% off but cant remember exactly how much
Was it the American version?

think the customs charge has gone but I could be wrong

Customs limit has been raised to £105...
...but VAT still applies on anything over £18
It was 32 quid in Zavvi when the discount was applied.
This is the uncut American Edition. The British DVD release is cut to shreds. If you want the complete set, and are a true fan, you buy this version which is more expensive.

The cheap one sold in Tesco, Zavvi etc is unworthy of a release
to all the cold voters. i challenge you all to finding a cheaper place. no posting the £30 cut to pieces UK versions.
the American least cuts version
how do you know for certain the american version is uncut? or at least not as much as the uk version. can this be verified by anyone who's actually bought the us version or does everyone just believe it because it's always said.

i want to buy the complete series but not a pathetic politically correct version with dubbed over soundtracks.

EDIT - just found this review of the american version.

Does contain Cut episodes and music changed also in episodes, November 4, 2008
By Chris "Chris" (UK) - See all my reviews

Even though it was reviewed by others in the UK and USA that the USA version has uncut episodes, this is infact wrong. Having ordered the USA complete collection. Have found some of the following things.
1. Yes it does contain all episodes including the last 3 in 2003 and all special hour long ones etc so you won't need to buy any other DVDS to get the official released versions.
2. The episodes from the USA DVD set are cut and music changed. Some noticeable bits include:-
a:- Jolly boys outing, 7 mins cut just before they realise Raquel is on stage. (this includes how Boycie and trigger end up being in the same club as del and rodney watching the magic act with raquel... this where they talk while a singer is in the background singing and most annoying, you miss out on delboys great line "the singer will be on in a minute". once the singer has finished.
b.nightclub scene with rodney and cassandra where rodney asks cassandra to dance and chris De Burgh song should be playing but it has been cut and another music track put over it and annoyingly, they have removed rodney / cassandras voice which is noticeable where she yes to the dance question from Rodney etc. you see lips moving but no voices. (due to them talking when chris de burgh sony started in original recording so they had to remove the voices also I guess. ) VERY ANNOYING
c. everytime Rodney sees Damien etc. some scenes and you hear the music (devils music or something like that), has been changed (eg. when damien born and rodney holds him etc etc. Have replaced music with other music and is bad.
d. 1 thing which was added in and not cut I believe, on the hand gliding episode, rodeny asks del over dinner with debbie I think was her name , Rodney asks Del about the faulty timer on the sun bed, don't remember it in original episide, maybe wrong though.

just beaware, we also had to pay £20 in customs duty when the DVDS arrived fro the USA so with the episodes being cut, music changed, customs to pay, Is it worth buying this from the USA for a UK buyer, would say no/
OP, H&R upped 4 u:thumbsup:
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