Only Here For The Beer Men's T-Shirt £7.99 (size XXL only) @ Play.com
Only Here For The Beer Men's T-Shirt £7.99 (size XXL only) @ Play.com

Only Here For The Beer Men's T-Shirt £7.99 (size XXL only) @ Play.com

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you need to read this guys review from play-
Do you like beer? Do you think drinking beer is cool? Do you want everyone to know you like to drink beer? THEN WHY HAVEN'T YOU ALREADY BOUGHT THIS T-SHIRT?!?!

When I came across this t-shirt I was in shock....there were still some left in stock! For a long time I've liked to drink the occasional beer and people who know me knew this, but random people on the street did not. As you can imagine, this was not an acceptable situation. Since buying this t-shirt, I can just see people looking at me in awe, and so they should.

The best thing about this t-shirt is probably its conversation-initiating qualities. Previously, due to my 'different' facial features and 'voluptuous' physique, I felt very nervous speaking to women. Now I have a weapon that they are helpless to resist. When I explain to them that I like to drink beer and love a pun, I can actually see their knees get visibly weaker. If I only I didn't still live with my mum I'd be rolling in women!

In addition to it's pulling power, I must add how this t-shirt enhances your friendships. Because people can see without me even opening my mouth that I love beer and I love a joke, they are immediately more receptive to me. My friends love this as well because they know that people who see them out with me know that they must have cool friends.

For anyone who wants to make abundantly clear to everyone who sees them that they like a laugh, this t-shirt comes highly recommended. Buy now while stocks last!!!


Is that supposed to be funny?


Blimey this is older than me...............

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Oh where's your sense of humour? I thought the review of the tshirt was funny . And it's down in price too .

Oh great, grown men wearing saddo novelty t-shirts.

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Oh great, grown men wearing saddo novelty t-shirts.

Not just grown men - you can get them for your kids too

Limited to use in occasions or events in which the facilities stock alcoholic beverages, however I'm sure it would raise a smile or incite a small riot if worn at alcoholic's anonymous meeting.

That review is pure class...........mmmmmmmmm....beer...

In this case 'size XXL only' isn't that limiting, as the only people interested in this deal would require an XXL anyway.

Genius review!! Love it x

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When i posted this ( for a laugh ), they had all sizes, so many people have voted cold ,but obviously some people have gone and got one of them . that makes it worth posting.:3
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