Onn DVD player - HDMI/DIVX/Region free £29.00
Onn DVD player - HDMI/DIVX/Region free £29.00

Onn DVD player - HDMI/DIVX/Region free £29.00

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This is my 1st bargain pot, please be gentle.

Picked up an Onn DVD Player in my local ASDA (it isn't available online)

Black, HDMI compatible, plays Divx also played a region 1 disc without any hacking.

Cost £29.00.

Post, not pot!
- cybertiger


This sounds like a bargain!!

But I don't seem to be able to see it on the website. Is it in-store only?


But I don't seem to be able to see it on the website. Is it in-store … But I don't seem to be able to see it on the website. Is it in-store only?


Picked up an Onn DVD Player in my local ASDA (it isn't available online)


Do you get the HDMI lead with the player ?

Has it got a USB slot?

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Here are some alternatives:

eBuyer Divx DVD player ]£21.99 from eBuyer.

Umax Kazuki DVD-2700X MPEG4/DivX/DVD Player ]£24.99 from svp

Umax DVD-7600XTV DivX/DVD Player With Freeview]£34.99 from svp

Need to add delivery to the above prices, but you can get £10 off via Google checkout if you can make the order up to £30.

this is part of a new range in asda stores. most stores will put this out this weekend. when i looked at this dvd player i have to say it looks very good for for £29 its black and yes it does have usb port

sounds good will take a look today :thumbsup:

doing a quick search cant find much about this player (upscaling etc) or pictures. Apparently Onn is the new mid range electronics ASDA are bringing in to bridge the gap between 'Durabrand' and the real brand products. If someone could get a picture of the box and specs instore that would be great.
Good find though tiger

I work at Asda and have seen these in the back warehouse last week, they look pretty good. Onn are supposed to be replacements for the old Scneider brand. They are better than Durabrand. I'm sure someone will be putting on pics of this soon!

Dunno about this.

Having seen the Onn range of LCD panels and the rather poor build quality, nevermind the picture quality, I'd spend the extra few quid and get a Philips 5960 (although I think there is a replacement model out for that one now).

Would it be possible to play divx/xvid files off an usb mass storage device? If so I would definitely buy this! Voted hot.

They weren't in the Yeovil store today but they are changing their stock next Monday so might be in then.

Just picked one up from Asda Walmart in Swindon. They don't have them in West Swindon Asda.


Do you get the HDMI lead with the player ?

No. Not even a scart cable. Just the rubbishio red/white/yellow cables. Poor.


Has it got a USB slot?

Yes, on the front.


Would it be possible to play divx/xvid files off an usb mass storage … Would it be possible to play divx/xvid files off an usb mass storage device? If so I would definitely buy this! Voted hot.

There's a USB slot, so I'd assume so.

I've not had a chance to test it fully yet due to England match, but just burned off a Heroes Season 1 dvd (divx) and chucked it in and it played fine. First impressions are:

-Alright looking unit.
-Nice action on the loading tray.
-Very poor build quality (screws not screwed in straight, very light, and more)
-Decent enough picture but played widescreen video in letterbox format, thus stretching the picture... TV/player settings can probably fix this.
-Picture quality was okay through my own scart. Need to pick up an HDMI to test further.

Overall, I'd say well worth £29 but certainly not the £38 they say it's reduced from.

The ebuyer+google alternatives posted above are probably better, but if you're impulsive like me this is a hot deal. Heat & rep added.

Further to last night's note:

-Do not buy this unless your TV has HDMI. I must have been more drunk than I thought last night because the scart picture quality is unbelievably bad and I didn't seem to notice. It really is very, very terrible.
-HDMI output is watchable but no match for decent (>£50) DVD player.
-This player is definitely region free. Yay.

That is all from me.

Not tested mine yet but the manual says it only supports usb1 and only mp3 and jpeg via usb.

Thanks for the info jonney

Seen these at my local Asda.

Had wondered myself if it plays divx via USB - if it did then it would definitely be a deal maker as I've quite a few externals with divx stuff on.

Shame about no HDMI but they can be had for alright prices if you shop about.

Think I'll see what others say before buying (even if it is only £30).

BTW Does it upscale regular DVDs? If not then I may not bother as I can just use my 360 via VGA.

tes it will upscale up to 1080i i found picture on my bravia via hdmi to be quite good. I had previously been playing my divx through a shinto portable dvd player and picture is vastly superior to that. Also is def region free out of box all in all a reasonable player at a reasonable price.

Just bought myself one of these for the bedroom.

Just hooked it up and picture and sound quality seem good (connected to my main tv, a Tevion 32" LCD at the moment). Just using the leads that came with it at the moment (composite? - the yellow for video/red and white audio leads). Tried it with a scart and there was some ghosting (though this may have been cos I was using a £2 supermarket scart cable).

Bought a HDMI to DVI cable while I was in Asda (£30 down to £8!) so I'll give that a try (my bedroom tv has dvi rather than hdmi) in the next few days and see how it upscales.

Tried a few divx/avi files at it and it handled them fine.

All in all a good buy!


I wanted a DVD player that could do all the usual stuff plus -
Play DIVX movies
Has an alternative method of playing files using a USB port.

* DIVX compatibility means that I can play the avi video files from my video camera through the dvd player. With my old Apex player I had to convert them to MPG1 or 2 and that takes ages.

* The USB port will save having to burn countless discs so that I can view files on the TV.

Also, I am not forking out a lot for a machine that will record as well as play - I just want a player.

My choices came down to three DVD players (in Aberdeen) -
1. Onn SW2411A costing just 39 pounds (ASDA stores only)
2. Phillips DVP5960 costing 49 pounds
3. A Pioneer - but we will stop there cos the damn thing cost 99 pounds.

I bought the Onn model cos it was just so cheap. But boy did that word have a double meaning. The thing had a cheap feel about it. Then I tried reading the instruction manual and just gave up as it was poorly written; in a really strange format; and told lies!

Then I fired it up and discovered a new term - ghosting. The player was taken back and swapped for another. Same problem. Got a refund and bought another Onn from a different ASDA store. Guess what. Same problem.

I know that some folk will point out ghosting is a cuprit of pin 19 on the scart going to the TV. It can also be caused by poor quality scart leads. But my old player worked great with the set-up I had so it had to be the Onn machine(s) at fault.

So in the end I went for the Philips and although it cost a bit more I have not been dissapointed.

I haven't used this DVD player for DivX but bought a Pioneer DV-393 6 months ago and that is perfect for Dixv/XVid and standard DVD discs.

Check videohelp.com for Pioneer DV-393 or videohelp.com/dvd…=50

Scales everything perfectly apart from subtitles being a bit small. You can update the firmware for this though or use sub/idx for a change in subtitles softpedia.com/get…tml

Got mine for £50 but can't seem to find it on same site anymore. Look it up on web though. Very good!

I already have the ONN dvd player from asda, and am deperately trying to find another one exactly the same.

Asda don't seem to have it anymore, and I've been trawling the internet for ages for another stockist.

The player is exactly what I need, plays every format that I need it to, and i love the usb option. You must be able to still buy this somewhere in the world!

Alternatively, if anyone knows a player that is almost identical (region free, divx, hdmi, usb, etc) then any information would be much appreciated! Ideally below 40 quid!

Please help!

If you have a look for old posts I did for the Onn DVD palyer you will see that instead I went for a model made by Philips. This machine was a bit better than the ONN one and not that much more expensive. I am not home right now or I would tell you the Philips model number. I would suggest that you try some searches in Ebay for the ONN machine.
Hope this helps

Just got a Onn SW2411A

Now £25 in Asda stores. It looks to be based on the Tevion xvid player, similar layout and same Zoran Vaddis 888 decoder chip. Not sure if this is an updated player (Asda staff were placing new barcode stickers on as these new ones had a different code to the existing one on their system) for the previous ones talked about, but the manual says this player supports upto 1080i and I have read posts from June 07 about its lack of support.

My wife picked up one of these yesterday.
We've just bought a Samsung 50" HD Plasma and I noticed that the quality of picture via Scart from our existing DVD player wasn't great. In fact, on Region 1 DVDs it was very jumpy.
Watching a DVD via Xbox using the HDMI was great, but of course the Xbox is R2 only, hence the purchase of this ONN DVD player from Asda.

Plugged it all in last night, switched on and insterted R1 DVD.....
The result - no picture on my tv.
The instructions state that the default setting is HDMI, so there was no reason for me to get no picture.
Went round the houses trying to get a picture via HDMI, Scart and even the red, white & yellow cables that came with it.
Not one gave me a picture......

Thought it was the HDMI cable or something so plugged the 360 back in and got a picture straight away.
It would appear therefore that the player is sending no HDMI signal - in fact no signal of any sort.

It's going back on Saturday for a refund instead of replacement. I have 2 other DVD players that play R1, but it just means watching on a smaller screen.....

Maybe they are all faulty - hence the reason the staff putting blank stickers over the barcodes.... either that or they're going to reduce them even further!

Tested R1 discs and they play fine over HMDI cable.
The picture over HMDI is fine, though I found 1080i quite pixelated, unless that's my TV. Didn't like picture via the included composite (r,w,y) cable - too murky
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