Onn Stainless steel digital 4.5 L slow cooker £9 @ Asda

Onn Stainless steel digital 4.5 L slow cooker £9 @ Asda


these are fab things, great for stews and bacon puddings. :thumbsup:

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I haven't actually used one yet. So I will be looking for ideas!

Seems like a good deal because it has some of the more advanced features. For example timer, and auto keep warm etc.

Couldn't find it cheaper on google.

its a great price normal there about £20.00, theres so many things you can make with these, like stew, bacon pudding, chinese chicken and mushroom, soups, currys, not just main meals but desserts aswell, like rice pudding, christmas pudding, ginger pudding............. well the list goes on and on, have fun using it. their fab

these things are great although i tend to use mine more in autumn/winter. i got one out of argos for a fiver last year. mine doesn't have a digital timer though and i'm not sure how energy efficient they are tbh!

None in Asda Havant

What does ff mean on the display

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From memory I think it was just keeping the food warm? I got about 5 years use out of this thing and threw it away over a year ago now. Sorry I cant help that much
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