Onward on Oculus Store (Free Weekend + £10.99 Offer)

Onward on Oculus Store (Free Weekend + £10.99 Offer)

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Found 26th Jan
Spied this on the Oculus store, game is on a free weekend until 8am on 29th Jan and then it’s on offer for £10.99, usually £18.99.

Looks cool, seems like a serious shooter a-la CS or ArmA ... but with VR.

Worth a shot for the free weekend.
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Will be downloading this as soon as I get home!
After playing this game i don't think I'll ever be able to play a conventional FPS ever again.
You really need proper roomscale for this, ideally with a 3rd sensor.

Watch a bit of Shroud getting to grips with it on Youtube, some people are insane on it lol.
Just bought it myself after playing the trial for around 20mins, seems really cool so far for an Early Access thing. Yet to try online yet though.
Cracking game on the Vive.
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