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Onward £12.21 @ Meta/Oculus Quest store

£12.21£18.9936% off
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To celebrate the release of the latest up date , which adds a new map and 2 new weapons (both sub machine guns/machine pistols), this game has gone on sale. Not quite the lowest ever price, but still a great saving.

Easily my most played game on the Quest, this is a military sim rather than your normal run & shoot CoD style game. Use tactics and teamwork to win in this most realistic shooter available on the Quest. Highly recommended if you want to play a serious shooter. Fortunately the number of annoying kids playing has dropped, possibly due to the new reporting system introduced at the end of last year You will still get the odd few kids, but now it doesn't take long to find other serious players.

This is now cross-buy, so if you own the Quest or Rift version, you will get the other for free.

(Please note that the pictures are from the PCVR version, the Quest version is still good, but lower quality graphics in comparison)

Experience the most immersive tactical first person VR shooter game. Join your squad for a wide variety of competitive PvP, co-op PvE, and solo game modes, including intense 5v5 multiplayer battles or 4-player co-op missions. Realistic weaponry and combat mechanics will push your survival and combat skills to their limit as you engage in gritty infantry combat across a large variety of maps and combat situations, with platform cross-play fully supported. The only way is Onward.

This is the hardcore multiplayer VR game you’ve been looking for. To succeed on the battlefield, you must communicate, coordinate, and strike with your squad. Defeat may be swift, but victory is sweet. Challenge yourself and your friends with the most realistic infantry combat game.
Meta / Oculus More details at Meta / Oculus
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    If it helps anyone, a user over on Reddit keeps an updated spreadsheet of all player numbers on Quest2 games HERE. Onward is one of the few games in its description that actually states the player numbers.
    Worth noting that those numbers refer to PvP games in Onward, the Co-Op games only allow a team of up to 4 players.

    But good resource, thanks
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    Great game. I've had mixed experiences with the community though. They're either really helpful or toxic . I'd say it's definitely worth a buy though, especially at this price
    I must admit I have experienced the same, from seasoned players as well as new ones. If anyone joins a game and says that they have just got the game I will usually make an effort to give them help and advice (and time to change their loadouts in the lobby, something that a lot of people don't do ).

    The game is so much about teamwork, especially when playing against elite bots. so it is always great when you have 3 other people who know how to work together, even if we are all strangers.

    Of all the multiplayer games I have played on the Quest, this game has given me some of the best laughs and times I have had
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    Lame game. Pavlov much better. This is old retro game for grandad
    Would have agreed but Pavlov full of kids messing about now and no updates
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    Thank you

    It's nice to have my favourite game on sale, it's an easy one for me to get passionate about
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    Intense and epic. Great price op!
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    I've bit the bullet on this one thanks (for making me spend more!)
    No problem, anytime

    If you want any help/advice on how to play, give me a shout
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    The 30% off codes works on this strangely, £8.55.

    Know this game was cheaper on BF but I doubt the code would’ve worked then?
    30% off codes? ("WELCOME30"?), or did you mean the 25% discount links?
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    Went for it. Thanks op
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    HEAT OP I have been playing the game since the Quest 1 release. It's such a great game ! Lobbies are sometimes full of toxic little kids that shouldn't be even playing the game and kick players because of there K/D. You will not be disappointed in the game when you team up and play the game and how it should be played. I play a lot of uplink, see you on the battlefield 😏 Also check out VRML on Twitch !
    Since the new update the AI animations have been redone, but it has also made them react to any weapon sounds now (even suppressed), it makes Co-Op hunt much more difficult now and makes you rely on teamwork much more. Yes it has made it more difficult, but for that reason, it has made it more fun too. (also reduces the number of kids playing as now they have even less chance of winning )
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    Has anyone tried the new map and weapons yet?

    The new weapons are actually pretty good, I didn't think I'd like them, but I do.

    The new map, I like it, a lot more detail than other maps, but the AI seem to swarm towards you even when using supressed weapons, makes it a very difficult map to play Hunt on (unless there's at least 2 players)