Open Farm Day: Sunday 7th June 2015

Open Farm Day: Sunday 7th June 2015

Found 1st Jun 2015
We do this every year and it's a fab free day out for the family.

I've popped a link in post 1 so you can find your local / nearest farm.

Open Farm Sunday is the farming industry's national open day managed by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming). Hundreds of events ranging from farm walks through to full open days will take place on 7th June 2015. Get involved! Open your farm or visit a farm on Open Farm Sunday.

Open Farm Sunday is one of the farming industry's biggest success stories. Since the first Open Farm Sunday in 2006 over 1000 farmers across the UK have opened their gates and welcomed people onto their farm for one Sunday each year. It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food and managing the countryside.

Take time to listen to the birds, soak up the scenery, experience the smells of the farmyard and really get in touch with the land that feeds us. So come and feed your senses on Open Farm Sunday.

Each event is unique with its own activities - based around the farm’s own individual story. Activities during the day may include a farm walk, nature trail, tractor and trailer rides, pond dipping, activities for children, a mini farmers market or picnics.
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Thanks we've got a farm about 5 minutes down the road from us that's taking part so think well drop by
Do you have to register for a specific farm?
Thanks - didn't know about this.

Do you have to register for a specific farm?

No, we've always just turned up
Is there any farm nearby London for strawberry picking?
Thank you
(Heat added!)
If the farm has an entry charges, will it be free on 7th June?
Thanks for the reminder, been the past two years to this. Nice to see a real working farm, rather than a "farm park" which seems to have happened to the majority of places near us - turned them into money making machines and detracted from their purpose.
Backwards fox hunters evidently think it's Open Farm Day for most of the year.
I thought these were supposed to be free. Nearest one to us wants £5 each entry.
Thanks op
Activities during the day may include GET OFF MY LAND
Seems to be getting smaller every year :-( Only 1 within 10 miles of us this time ... and they had their open day yesterday!

Is there any farm nearby London for strawberry picking?

Garsons Farm near Esher as pick your own strawberries (not nose).:)

Activities during the day may include GET OFF MY LAND

Good day out went to one last year in Harrogate, obviously they can get busy though....
Have been to one of these before, and found it very interesting and informative.
Thanks for the reminder... heat added.

If the farm has an entry charges, will it be free on 7th June?

Mine states a small entrance fee... So not free then.
Am new to this can't wait to start exploring
Went to our local farm in Coleshill last year and it was packed. Nice way to spend a few hours on a sunday afternoon.
Thanks for the reminder.
Lots aren't free, this should be moved to deals.
Nothing coming up for Northern Ireland
Shame my nearest farm is half-way around the M25 - still very moooving deal
You can always help Ted sort the drainage in the lower field...
Children - Free with password - The secret password is ‘Love your food'.

This is sadly not free for Adults
this will be brilliant for the kids, thank you, I didn't know about this, great find.
Thanks AndyWedge. I came across this post this morning. So now I am rushing around in house before i go to the farm. It's a lovely sunny day today (Sun 7/6):-)
Off to our local farm this afternoon to eat some strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate... yum, yum!
Thanks for this. Never heard of it but went today and it was a lovely day out! We only spent an hour there as the local farm was pretty small but we had a tractor ride, saw some cows being milked and got some fresh air. My son loved it!

We paid £3 (my son is under 2 so was free).
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