Open Water £1.96 Delivered
Open Water £1.96 Delivered

Open Water £1.96 Delivered

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This really freaked me out!
This nail-biting low-budget natural thriller directed by independent filmmaker Chris Kentis tells the simple tale of a married couple, Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and Daniel (Daniel Travis) who go on a diving trip while on holiday together. Both are experienced divers, and break away from the rest of the group to explore. Their dream holiday becomes a nightmare when the careless diving boat crew accidentally leave without them, stranding them with only basic scuba diving equipment in shark-infested waters. As time passes and their anxiety increases, the personal troubles inherent in the couple's relationship begin to surface, while the sharks draw ever closer...


I thought it was a dreadful film personally

Original Poster Banned


Decent film for that price.

Worst. Film. Ever.

Original Poster Banned


Worst. Film. Ever.

whether you liked it or not, for under £2, this is a [SIZE="6"]hot[/SIZE] deal

I appreciate the trouble to post but I can think of a good way of saving another £2 on this film.

After an hour in at the cinema I wanted that couple to be eaten. My only regret (apart from going to see it) is that I didn't walk out.


Well yeah would have been waste of money going to see it at cinema, take note of the reviews. But I paid around £7 for this and quite enjoyed the suspense, and I cried at the end.

So boring......

Film was pants.I was cheering for the sharks to hurry up to eat em and put everyone out of their misery !.Cheap price for anyone who wants it tho !.:)

Awaiting stock

awaiting stock ...anyway!

Terrible film, any price would be too expensive

infact I think the time wasted watching this offsets the price

Just as bad as adrift, good price but awful film!
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